How to find overlapping blogger audiences

How to find overlapping blogger audiences

Audience overlap is a problem advertisers often face when they want to order ads from influencers.

Audience intersection is useful to know in two cases: when you are looking for bloggers to advertise, or when you are evaluating its effectiveness. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this metric, as well as how audience overlap affects the end result of a promotion.

What is blogger audience intersection

Imagine that you have two ad groups, A and B, and you spent $ 10 each on each ad and got 10,000 reached users.

If the audiences are not divided, then some of the followers will see two ads at once. The number may vary, but with limited geo, such a situation is inevitable.

Why define overlapping audiences

Before buying ads from bloggers, you need to analyze the audience. Often, the intersection indicator is missed due to ignorance or misunderstanding of why it is needed. One-day stars drag the same subscribers, and you, in turn, overpay for impressions.

By removing the audience overlap, you can:

  • optimize ad budget;
  • evenly distribute the flow of customers among different categories of goods and services;
  • avoid a wave of negativity among the audience (if the product will often flash among bloggers with an identical audience, potential customers will quickly change mercy to anger).

But there is one more scenario. You can select multiple bloggers with a high overlap percentage. What will it do? The same people will see your ad post from several popular influencers at once, which will create an effect of brand relevance and increase conversion to sales.

Why is it important to remove audience overlap?

The most popular pay-per-view model for social media is CPM .

If you do not divide the audience, then today the same user will see your post from one blogger, and tomorrow – from another. Therefore, he will only click on one ad, and you will pay for 2 impressions. What if you sell 5-10 categories of goods or services at once? It turns out that quite a tidy sum goes into the abyss.

By dividing the target audience you:

  • get average clicks;
  • use the same advertising budget for products and services;
  • eliminate competition between products.

How to find the intersection of the blogger audience

Via trendHERO

trendHERO helps to calculate the intersection of the audience of bloggers on Instagram (up to 5 accounts at a time). This way you can see how many accounts have a common and unique audience. To build the intersection, the service collects a report for each blogger.

Через trendHERO

Also trendHERO has an intersection matrix.


This example shows that bloggers 1 and 5 overlap the most in terms of audience (they have 6.73% of the audience).

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Other ways

In order to calculate the intersection of followers on Instagram, you need to unload the audience of two accounts and compare these two files. We recommend using the Instaplus service:

  • go to Instaplus;
  • create a data collection job;
  • select a user audience and enter the login of the first profile;
  • check “Take from subscribers”;
  • enter the number of audience more than it is currently subscribed to;
  • uncheck the box “Skip users with whom Instaplus interacted” and check “Public and Private”;
  • after the end of the collection, upload the file.

Repeat for the second profile.


Next, compare the data through the molbiotools service:

  • put Number of lists 2 (or more if you plan to compare more than 2 profiles);
  • upload the two lists you got from uploading to Instaplus;
  • click Compare to see an audience intersection diagram.

If you click on the numbers, the service will provide you with a list of these users.

Through similar accounts

Another not-so-obvious way to check for audience overlap is to look at ready-made Instagram recommendations.

похожие аккаунты

The thing is that thematic accounts have recommendations, while regular profiles do not. Recommendations sometimes collect up to 80 profiles from one blogger.

They are formed based on who else the followers of this account are subscribed to. It is for this reason that an ordinary doctor from St. Petersburg will include popular St. Petersburg accounts and other doctors in the recommendations.

Examples of intersections

If you put 5 bloggers in the intersection, then trendHERO will show the best options for 2, 3 and 4 accounts from this list. This will help you exclude influencers from your ad campaign based on your goals:

  • if you need the maximum number of touches from the target audience, then select the top options for the number of intersections;
  • if your goal is maximum reach, select the top options for a unique audience.

For example, you want to advertise fitness bars so that potential customers think, “since everyone eats them, then I want to.”

In this case, you choose the top option by the number of intersections and the service will show you the best set.

по количеству пересечений

From this graph, we can understand that bloggers 1 and 4 are suitable for our goal (more touches), who have the highest percentage of intersections.

If you want to increase your reach, then you need to put the top options for a unique audience.

топ варианты по уникальной аудитории

In order to correctly distribute the advertising budget and not overpay for impressions, you should choose blogger 1, 3 and 5, since their audiences do not coincide as much as possible.

Evaluating Advertising Results

Unloading and checking intersections allows you to determine what effect the ad has brought. This is especially important to track if you run an ad campaign with several influencers at once.

Suppose, on March 10, you launched ads with 3 bloggers at once. Then it will look like this:

  • On March 10th, you unload your followers and blogger subscribers;
  • On March 14th, unload and summarize the results again.

First, compare your data for March 10 and 14 to find out what the increase was. Then you compare your 14 data with that of bloggers (this way you can understand what the increase was from each influencer).

By the difference in growth, you can understand organic growth (the percentage of people who subscribed to you without advertising).


So let’s summarize. Each campaign can have 2 goals:

  • reach as many people as possible;
  • get the maximum number of touches with a potential client.

For example, if we are introducing a new product to the market, then the priority will be coverage (so that a large number of audiences know about the product / service). If we have a well-known brand that we want to remind you of and increase loyalty, then it is important to spread the advertising message among different influencers with the same target audience.

Therefore, audience overlap data will help us effectively allocate an ad budget (select influencers with different audiences in reach campaigns, and with overlapping audiences in branded campaigns).

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