How to find the best hashtags for your Instagram account?

How to find the best hashtags for your Instagram account?

The use of hashtags has changed a lot over the past few years on Instagram. Beyond just adding them to post captions, it’s possible to post them on our Stories and subscribe to some of them.

And because the rules change over time, throughout this article I will offer you concrete advice to harness the potential of hashtags for this year and those to come.

1) Ensuring the relevance of your hashtags is essential

Instagram has for some time given the possibility to follow hashtags , this means that instead of carrying out research and scrolling an endless thread of publications, your content could be displayed automatically on the user welcome flow, which potentially allows you to gain new subscribers .

Although the Instagram algorithm has always favored the use of hashtags specific and relevant to your industry, the functionality of subscription makes this practice almost essential because users have the option of flagging content they don’t want to see.

While this information is meant to tell Instagram’s algorithm what type of content the user likes, having too many posts flagged could negatively impact your other photos / videos.

2) Vary your hashtags to avoid being identified as a spammer

Copying and pasting the same hashtags on your posts over and over again will not only impact your engagement rate , but will refer you to Instagram as a spammer.

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding which hashtags to use is to think about which ones your target audience scans in Instagram search. It’s also important to avoid hashtags used over a million times as they fail to develop a highly engaged and qualified audience.

Instead, look for niche hashtags that are specifically relevant to the content you are posting. I advise you to choose hashtags only if they have only been used a few thousand or tens of thousands of times , in order to have a qualitative approach to the integration of hashtags in your captions. of publications.

Observe what leaders and influencers in your industry are using as hashtags inside their posts: you could very well use them as inspiration for writing your captions.

3) Tools to find new ideas for Instagram hashtags

There are many services online for finding new hashtag ideas. Here are a few below:

4) What is the correct number of hashtags in an Instagram post?

There isn’t really a written rule for the recommended number of hashtags for a post. When some people will say that you should use the 30 possibilities to be referenced (understand 30 hashtags), I advise you instead to stop around the 10 maximum .

Why? Quite simply, because of the second point covered in this article, it is important to vary the hashtags of your posts regularly so as not to be identified as a spammer. And honestly, it is very time consuming to search for 30 different hashtags for each caption, whereas it is more accessible for a dozen hashtags.

You could apply the following rule:

  • 3-4 hashtags to describe the photo / video
  • 3-4 hashtags to talk about the values ​​of your brand
  • 3-4 hashtags to bounce on the news

There are two great ways to make your hashtags less visible to your followers. The first is the most used: insert black bullets, often at least three in number, in order to separate the text of the caption and the hashtags. Here is an example below:

The other way is to add the hashtags in the first comment of the post.

Instagram users who have switched to a professional profile not only have the possibility to measure the evolution of the size of their community, but can also analyze the individual performance of each of the posts in this regard. which concerns impressions generated by hashtags.

What does this mean? This means that you will be able to know, to some extent, how the hashtags embedded in your captions impact your visibility.

To access this information, select the publication of your choice, click on “View statistics”, then drag the screen up to access the full data. You will then see a line, if you have added any hashtags for this post, of the number of views gained through the integration of hashtags:

7) Do not forget to add hashtags on your Stories

Adding hashtags to your Instagram Stories is a great way to give your content the chance to be discovered by new audiences. When users search for a hashtag on Instagram, if it is popular enough, they might check out the dedicated Story.

There are two main ways to add hashtags to your Stories. One is to use the “Hashtag” sticker from Stories, but this one is limited to one keyword. The other way is to go through the write text feature, and you could then add up to 10 hashtags to your Story.

In this second case, I then advise you to reduce the visual display of this list of hashtags, or even to hide them under another sticker.

To go further:

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