How to follow Instagram comments: 4 ways with their pros and cons

How to follow Instagram comments: 4 ways with their pros and cons
Как следить за комментариями в Инстаграм - 4 способа с их плюсами и минусами

You probably know the price of comments on Instagram: when there are none, it’s sad, when there are a lot of them, it’s difficult to keep track of everyone. Especially when the account is a seller, because comments are the main way of interacting with subscribers. In a business environment, every missed comment is a lost profit.

Judging by the 2019 research, the number of Russian-speaking Instagram users is approaching 40 million, which is almost three times more than in 2017. Rapid growth! And the race continues. A huge number of entrepreneurs, companies and brands are fighting for the right to grab the desired slice of the audience. There is a constant battle for the attention of each user. In the face of such fierce competition, it is especially disappointing that the missed and unanswered questions of potential customers are very expensive. For this reason, constant tracking of comments on Instagram and round-the-clock monitoring are becoming an integral part of effective promotion in social media. network.

In the Instagram application itself, in the latest events feed (under the “heart”), comments are mixed with likes, hashtag recommendations and other information. Moreover, the feed itself is limited to only a hundred events.

Лента событий в Инстаграм

It is fairly common for a valuable comment to go unanswered. Perhaps it was in the overlooked comment that the potential client asked: “how to sign up?”, “How much does it cost?” or “how to buy?”.

So what to do?

1. Configure push notifications on Instagram

You can set up push notifications from Instagram so that they come only about comments and mentions, but not about likes and subscriptions or posts in other people’s stories.

To do this, go to Application Settings -> Notifications -> Push notifications and disable all items except for the “Comments” subsection in the “Posts, stories and comments” section.

Как настроить push-оповещения в Инстаграм
screenshot from Instagram settings

This method of tracking comments also has its drawbacks :

  • such notifications do not always work for some reason,
  • you need to process notifications immediately, because there is no comment feed itself, and new notifications overlap old ones (this is especially true for Android, in iOS the situation with that’s a little better).

2. Upload all comments from Instagram

You can also download the entire account history from the application along with comments and separately analyze the file with comments. To do this you need:

  1. Go to Settings -> Security -> Downloading data,
  2. specify Email where to send all information (photos, videos, stories, signatures, comments, etc.) and request a file ,
  3. wait for the required time (up to 48 hours) and then process the data from the file in JSON format.
Как выгрузить всю историю аккаунта из приложения Инстаграм
screenshot from Instagram settings

The disadvantages of this method are obvious : it’s long, difficult, labor-intensive and impossible to do often.

3. Try Facebook account to manage Instagram comments

Few know that Facebook has a dedicated section for managing comments on the business page itself. From here you can also manage comments from Instagram if you have attached your Instagram business account to the FB. You can read about what an Instagram business account is and how to link Instagram and Facebook in this article.

If you do not yet have a business page on Facebook (read this link on how to create a page and optimize it), then Instagram can create it automatically. Briefly, the process of changing to a business account and linking it to a Facebook page can be described as follows:

  1. Go to Instagram Settings -> Account and click on “Switch to business account”.
  2. Select the category of your business, enter your email and phone number to contact you.
  3. Enter your Instagram password and at the stage of choosing a business page, indicate that it does not exist and you need to create a new one. Facebook will create it automatically.
Как перейти на бизнес аккаунт в Инстаграм
screenshot from Instagram settings

After transferring your Instagram account to the business status and linking with Facebook, go to Facebook to the created page in the “Inbox” section and select the “Instagram” subsection. There will be a feed of posts sorted by the latest comments.

This method of tracking Instagram comments is better than previous ones: posts with new comments are highlighted, you can delete unwanted reviews. A big inconvenience is that only one Instagram account can be linked to one Facebook business page.

Как просматривать ленту активности Инстаграм через страницу в Фейсбук
screenshot from Facebook dashboard

But there are downsides :

  • there is no feed of recent comments, and for each new comment you need to go to the publication itself,
  • there are no mentions of your account in other people’s posts and comments,
  • the loading of comments is small in portions of several,
  • no tree view, no visibility of who replies to whom in which branch,
  • no notification of comments and mentions.

4. Use third-party services to track Instagram comments

Another way is to use a special program for tracking and uploading comments on Instagram or a special web service, of which there are a lot of them now.

Advice since recently Instagram has been imposing more and more locks on accounts that trust their passwords to suspicious services, use automated promotion methods (massliking, mass following, etc.), then it is best to choose secure services that run on the official Instagram API.

Instagram comment tracking services not only send alerts for every new comment, but also notify when someone else mentions your account. This is what does, for example.

This service sends a bot notification to Telegram or Vkontakte, if you have linked them. Alternatively, you can see the comment feed in the service itself.

It is important that the service does not ask for a password from your account, as it works through the official Instagram API. All you need is to link your insta account with the application, giving it the necessary rights. Remember that the Instagram account must be linked to the Facebook business page as we described in the previous method. You can also link them in the opposite way: by creating a business page on Facebook and attaching an Instagram account, along the way making it a business account, as shown in the following video.

After that the Morecom service will immediately be ready to monitor comments on Instagram. In the personal account of the program, you will see all new comments and mentions in one feed, sorted by time (new comments are at the top). The service will also inform you how long it will take to scan the entire account, which is very convenient.

Scanning is required for the module for searching by comments and building analytics.

Мониторинг комментариев в Инстаграм через сервис Morecom
screenshot from Morecom

The system will also give you advice such as:

  • what day of the week and what time is the best time to post to get more comments,
  • what time subscribers are most active,
  • which users commented the most in a given period,
  • which publications get the most engagement and which ones get the least.
screenshot from Morecom service

Using the statistics module, you can see which days users leave the most comments and understand for yourself what is the best time to post in order to get the most out of your Instagram account.

Morecom service advantages:

  • There is a recent comments feed, from which you can immediately reply to comments, delete them, or make notes. You can filter comments from a single commenter or search by hashtags or words. Search is useful for finding, for example, comments containing the phrases “how much”, “how to buy” to avoid the problem of lost comments, described at the beginning of the article.
  • Notification of new comments and mentions on Instagram using a bot Telegram or Vkontakte bot.
  • Possibility of prompt reply to a comment directly from Telegram or Vkontakte. You can also bind the Telegram bot to a private group, which is useful for teamwork.
  • You can upload all comments to a publication into a Google Sheets table, pdf or Excel file. This is useful when holding draws and determining the winners from among the commentators.
  • Comments of unwanted users (in addition to deleting them) can be hidden so that only the trolls themselves and no one else can see them.
  • If desired, you can turn off alerts for selected posts, for example, for the same sweepstakes, so that notifications are not poured flow.

Cons :

  • If your Instagram account has not yet been converted to business status, then the initial setup will take some time.
  • The service cannot track comments in other people’s Instagram accounts, for example, your competitors.
  • The service is paid. You can try all the functionality within one free week. After passing the trial period, the cost of monitoring comments and mentions is from 150 rubles.

If you liked the Morecom service, then using the PROSMM promo code you can get 2 additional weeks for free after paying for the first period, thus increasing the number of free weeks to three.

Hope this article was helpful to you!

I wish you a great mood and successful promotion on Instagram! 🙌🏼📸

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