How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram

Instagram has become a serious marketing tool for sales and targeting for brands and bloggers. However, due to the high competition and complex algorithms, achieving popularity on Instagram is not as easy as it was a year or two ago. Now, if you really want to stand out and become popular, you need to be a lot more creative and work harder. To make it easier, we will tell you how you can wind up followers on Instagram without investing a lot of money and without engaging in dubious activities.

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Is it worth getting more followers?

The number of followers is one of the main indicators of success and popularity in social networks. In addition, Instagram matures and improves by leaps and bounds. Its new “smart” algorithms analyze the actions of other users on your page. The more visitors, views, likes and comments you have, the higher your posts rank and the more audience they reach.

True, all this is true only if there are “live” subscribers. “Dead” souls or “living” but useless followers are more likely to ruin your account than help it become popular. In pursuit of quantity, many people forget about the quality of the audience. Ultimately, the engagement rates in the account decrease, the Instagram algorithms consider the profile uninteresting, and no one sees it at all.

Instagram has evolved a long time ago and now its algorithms give preference to users with interesting content and a high-quality audience that waits for posts and often interacts with them.

Today it is much better to spend a week and attract 100 “live” subscribers than wind up 10,000 useless bots in an hour.

Of course, this is much more laborious and time consuming, but only “live” followers will benefit in the long term, become true admirers of your talent or clients. A “dead” audience can only become a brake on development. Therefore, summing up and answering the question, it is worth saying that it is definitely worth winding up subscribers, but you need to choose the right methods for this.

Wrap types

Девушка листает инстаграм

Conventionally, all methods of attracting subscribers can be divided into two broad categories – useless and effective. The first category includes cheats, which are produced using special software or services. They have literally flooded the internet lately.

All useless cheat services work on similar principles. As a rule, for a small fee, a client can buy himself n-th number of subscribers. Basically, these are bots, which are then banned and removed. Some services also provide the opportunity to buy bots for special points that can be earned by performing simple tasks on the service (subscriptions, reposts, likes, commenting).

Important! You should be very careful when using such services. Among them are a huge number of fraudulent sites that, under the guise of fake authorization, steal login information from users.

Using such services is a quick and easy way to attract the masses, but what’s the point in empty numbers? Moreover, there are much more effective ways to increase subscribers – mass following, massliking, masslooking, hashtags, geolocation and many others. They can be used both manually and with the help of the Instaplus service, which automates these actions.

Instaplus is a safe way to attract live and interested followers to your Instagram account. You just need to spend a little time setting up – the service will do the rest for you.

Try Instaplus for free

What is the difference between Instaplus and bot promotion services? Using mass-liking, mass-following and other methods of boosting subscribers, you attract active users to your account that belong to your target audience. These users are willing to interact with your content and are genuinely interested in it. This is a sure sign that in the future they can become not just dry account statistics, but also loyal customers.

Methods of cheating live subscribers

High-quality promotion of followers on Instagram is a rather long and laborious process. But if you are determined to attract only a living, active audience to your account, you want to take care of the promotion of your brand and expand its influence – these are the only effective ways to promote yourself.


Значок лайк

Massliking is the mass affixing of likes to posts and comments of the right users to attract their attention. It works like this:

  1. The target audience is selected.
  2. Lists of users or “donors” from the target audience you are interested in are uploaded to Instaplus.
  3. Limits and parameters are set for automatic likes.
  4. A service or a program for cheating subscribers is being launched.

Then everything is simple. The user sees your like and from interest goes to the profile. If the user is close to his theme and design, he subscribes.

In general, even if mass-liking only succeeds in getting a reciprocal like, this is also very good. The Instagram algorithm will further promote your posts to him in the “Recommended”.

The conversion rate of this promotion method is not that great – only about 3%. But on the other hand, this is purely your target audience.

Mass following

If you want people to follow you, then you need to follow others. This is a simple rule of reciprocity, which has proven itself very effectively as a way to boost subscribers.

The essence of the method consists in mass subscription to users selected according to certain criteria and suitable for the description of your target audience.

You subscribe to a user, he sees this in notifications and goes to the profile to see who subscribed to him. If the account is interesting to him, he subscribes in response.

The effectiveness of mass following depends on many factors – the selection of the user base, the design of the profile, and much more. A few years ago, mass subscriptions were producing amazing results. Today, users are already very sophisticated, but mass following still remains a stable way of boosting “live” subscribers.


Masslooking is a relatively new way to increase subscribers. The essence of the method lies in the mass viewing of Stories of target audience users. The logic of masslooking is similar to the two previous methods.

Many users quite rightly want to know how many people are viewing their stories, as well as who exactly is watching them. As a result, many people look at the statistics and look through the list of their viewers. Seeing new faces there, the user has a completely natural desire to look into the profile.

This method has several advantages. First, it is relative novelty. Not everyone is still familiar with masslooking and perceives views sincerely. Secondly, you can view a huge number of Stories every day, and if at least 1% of users become your subscribers, this is more than enough for productive promotion.

Buying Ads

As in other social networks, you can get followers on Insta with the help of advertising. The Instagram administration offers a variety of targeting ad formats – carousel, photo selection, Stories and Featured ads. Among the proposed options, everyone can find what he needs to attract his audience.

True, targeted advertising can only be used by business profile owners and it works through Facebook. Instagram offers quite flexible customization of impressions. Users can be filtered by age, geolocation, languages ​​used, area of ​​work, study, analysis of behavior in social networks and many other parameters.

The cost of advertising is determined by the means of the auction and depends on the niche chosen for impressions. The more brands you join to show their ads to the selected user category, the higher the cost of each impression.

The second way to advertise on Instagram is influencers. Unlike targeted advertising, it is much more difficult to predict the effectiveness of such a PR. Whether a particular blogger’s advertising was effective can only be understood at the exit. With official advertising, everything is quite simple – you immediately see its cost, and if the results are not satisfactory, just turn off the campaign.

At the same time, placing an advertising post or Stories with a blogger can bring more targeted actions at a much lower cost. It also has a positive effect on brand trust and loyalty. A blogger does not just advertise a product or service, he recommends them to his subscribers, who respect and listen to his opinion.

The advertising market for bloggers is quite chaotic. There are no generally accepted rules by which the cost is formed, all the nuances need to be discussed personally, and choosing a good blogger with a live audience is a whole art.

Sharing with other users

Interaction with other Instagram users is the main criterion for promoting a page and attracting “live” subscribers to it. Many users understand this, therefore they are ready to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms, or, as they say, “by barter”.

Barter is the exchange of goods and services. Let’s say you ask another user to recommend your brand, and in return offer him a similar service or a free copy of your product.

Experienced Instagram users as well as budding brands and bloggers are ready to cooperate on barter. The main difficulties arise with the selection of a suitable page for advertising, because there are a lot of bloggers and commercial brands with a “dead” audience on Instagram. Such an exchange will not bring anything useful.

In order to wind up subscribers using this method was effective, you need to carefully consider the choice of an advertising platform. It is recommended to select pages of related brands and carefully analyze their account statistics before inviting to cooperation.


Collaborations are another interactive way to boost subscribers for commercial accounts and individuals. In the standard sense, collaboration on Instagram is usually called the interaction of brands and opinion leaders within the framework of a project.

For example, opinion leaders enter into cooperation with a product manufacturer, on the terms of which they advertise products or use them in their creativity, work, and so on. Subscribers see that their idol is loyal to the brand and they themselves begin to trust and be interested in it, or in the desire to become closer to the blogger they purchase goods and services.

Collaborations are effective because of the phenomenon of social proof.

When we see that someone speaks well of a product, is happy to use it, then we ourselves begin to treat the product more loyally, even if we ourselves have never used it.

Regular posting

It is impossible to wind up followers on Instagram if you have nothing to offer them in your profile. Instagram does not like silence very much, so it is imperative to post regularly, choosing various formats and the optimal time for posting.

Users who already follow you want to see new content. In addition, regular posting is needed to increase audience reach. Regular publications are a guarantee that your content will be seen by a large number of people, you will collect more likes and comments, which will force the Instagram algorithms to promote your page even more actively.

It is recommended to publish at least 2-3 posts per day on various topics, as well as be active in Stories and IGTV.

How to wind up live followers on Instagram via Instaplus

Сервис Instaplus

Massliking, -following, -looking are called so precisely because of their mass character. If you add several likes a day and watch a couple of Stories, there may be an effect, but it clearly cannot be called a cheat of subscribers. When we are talking about 700-1000 subscriptions per day, an even greater number of likes and views, then one cannot do without the use of assistance services that automate actions.

The Instaplus automated promotion service independently performs all types of actions aimed at attracting subscribers. The only thing that is needed from the user is to correctly configure the operating parameters. To do this, you should set user filtering so that actions are performed only on the selected active audience related to your target audience. At the same time, you need to cut off bots, inactive accounts and stores.

Накрутка подписчиков программа

Instaplus offers flexible customization with a variety of filters:

  • Number of subscribers and subscriptions – helps to cut off commercial and dead pages. It is recommended to set this parameter in the range from 30 to 1000.
  • The number of posts is a parameter that reflects the user’s activity. Active Instagrammers have at least 15 posts.
  • Date of last publication – a filter that allows you to cut off inactive accounts. It is recommended that time frames be set between 7 and 30 days.
  • Having an avatar – all “live” Instagram users have an avatar. If it is not there, most likely you have a bot page in front of you.

The service also offers to indicate a list of “Stop words”, upon detection of which in the account description, actions to attract will not be performed. Using this list, you can easily cut off all unnecessary accounts. It is recommended to include the following words in this list: delivery, hours of operation, order, schedule, online store and others like them.

Equally useful is the White Words list. It should include any words that might indicate that the page belongs to a user in your target audience. This will allow you to get exactly to the target audience and not waste time and resources on cheating other subscribers.

Then the matter remains small. You just need to select the type of task, set limits and launch it.

How to get Instagram followers for free

All services that allow you to automate actions and facilitate cheating, quite rightly charge a certain fee for their services. If you are not yet ready to pay, then almost all of the above actions can be performed manually the old fashioned way. True, in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that the promotion of followers will be more time consuming and painfully routine.

To manually attract users to your page, you first need to create a target audience base. You can select it by hashtags, geolocation, lists of subscribers of direct competitors and related pages. Otherwise, if you follow and like everyone in a row, the conversion will be very low.

When users are selected you can move on to grab their attention. To do this, you just need to go to your profile, subscribe, like, view Stories or leave a comment. Moreover, in each profile, it is recommended to perform from one to several actions, but not abuse, so as not to scare off the user with your obsession.

When using the manual method of attracting subscribers, in the same way as with the automated one, you need to adhere to the limits of the social network in order not to get banned. True, it is much more difficult to calculate them in this case.

Another way to cheat for free is to use services that work on the exchange principle. Examples of such services are Bosslike, Ad-Social, Freelikes, Followers BOOM. On them, you can earn coins by performing simple actions, and then use them to pay for the promotion of subscribers to yourself.

Do not forget that most of the services that automate the attraction of subscribers to Instagram have a free trial period, thanks to which users can evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion without wasting the advertising budget. For example, Instaplus offers a free trial period.

Advantages and disadvantages of wrapping

The main advantage of promotion is obvious – the more popular your account, the more users subscribed to it, the more chances that someone else will be interested in your offer. In addition, new subscribers are always:

  • customer base increase;
  • increase sales;
  • increase brand loyalty;
  • positive changes in account statistics;
  • more active promotion of your posts with smart Instagram algorithms.

There is only one drawback of cheating – if you choose the wrong methods or incorrect settings, there is a great risk of attracting bots or non-target audience to your account. This can negatively affect the percentage of engagement and become a brake on the promotion of your account.

Tips and tricks

Buying live followers on Instagram is a mystically delicate process, located somewhere on the verge of shamanism and clear mathematical calculations. Every brand and every blogger needs to look for their own way of interacting with users from the target audience, which works personally for them. Of course, there are general requirements for everyone.

In particular, none of the cheating methods will work if your account is boring, uninteresting, or incorrectly filled out. As you can see, all the methods of boosting “live” subscribers are aimed at attracting their attention to your account. Then the user decides for himself whether he wants to subscribe to the page or not. Therefore, if you seriously intend to start promoting your profile, first make sure that:

  • a simple and memorable account name was chosen;
  • installed an attractive and understandable thumbnail avatar;
  • correct BIO;
  • a single promotion concept has been developed;
  • profile content is designed in a single theme.

The Instagram audience is very demanding. If you want to have thousands of followers who don’t unsubscribe, like and comment on you, you need to be consistent, put in a lot of effort to promote, and stick to aesthetics throughout.

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