How to get Instagram followers and make a business?

Do you want to develop a business on Instagram, open a store, earn on Instagram stories and reach a million subscribers, but don’t know how? Read the material below.

A million subscribers is not only an attractive figure, but also a useful resource for making a profit. However, in order to gain such an audience, money is needed, as much as we will answer in our article.

Как набрать подписчиков в Инстаграм и сделать бизнес?

Business on Instagram: how to get followers

A charismatic blogger who knows how to integrate hot topics into everyday content can gain such an audience naturally.

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this, so in order to attract an audience, you will have to invest in the development of the blog: both financially and morally, i.e. develop exemplary content.

Now it’s time to calculate the cost of a millionth audience: on average, 1 subscriber costs 10 rubles. Let’s multiply this amount by 1 million followers and get 10 million rubles.

However, that’s not all. It is important to remember about unsubscriptions, because as the blog grows, the number of unsubscriptions will increase. In 1 month, 5-10% of the audience can unsubscribe – it turns out that having a million followers, you will have to suffer losses of 50-200 thousand people.

If we take this fact into account, it turns out that to maintain a million subscribers, you will have to spend at least 500,000 rubles a month.

There is an alternative: a blogger can participate in giveaways, where the cost of one subscriber is sometimes equal to 1 ruble, but this effective method does not bring attractive benefits, because when the giveaway comes to an end, the number of unsubscriptions can reach 70%. In this case, the cost of 1 subscriber is automatically increased.

Let’s conclude: if you try to gain an audience exclusively through advertising, 1 million followers will cost 13-15 million rubles.

The question arises: how much can you earn with such an audience?

Earnings on Instagram: how much you can earn with a million subscribers

There are 3 most common ways to monetize a blog: selling ads, information products, and a personal brand. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Selling Instagram Stories Ads

In the case when only advertising is used for blog development (for bloggers and target), you get coverage: on average 10-20% of the audience. It is logical that with 1 million followers, the reach will be from 100 to 200 thousand.

With coverage of 100 thousand, you can earn on advertising in stories, receiving from 35 to 50 thousand rubles from one order. Thus, with 14 ads per month you will earn 490-700 thousand rubles.

Adding to this the revenue for advertising posts (their cost is more than the aforementioned advertising in stories), you can raise your earnings to 1 million rubles.

Owners of loyal followers can cooperate with popular brands: the “giants” of the market are looking for bloggers through an advertising agency, so if this type of income interests you, contact the advertising agency.

Brands often don’t contact bloggers directly as it can damage their reputation, so it’s easier to pay an ad agency to do it for them. Let’s move on to the next way of making money.

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Launch of info products on Instagram

The method is suitable for those who can call themselves an expert in a narrow or vital sphere. Widespread information product – a course for those who want to become a blogger. If a blogger honestly earned a million audience, he has something to teach followers.

Как набрать подписчиков в Инстаграм и сделать бизнес?

However, in order for the information product to be exemplary, the following specialists should take part in its development: methodologist, producer and others. Unfortunately, there are those who sell tailor-made courses in a hurry, or even engage in fraudulent activities.

If the course is done correctly, you can make it the basis for your business: buyers will advise others about your information product, which will help attract a new loyal audience. Income from a well-made information product can range from 1 to 300 million rubles – the income is influenced by the expertise, visual “packaging” of the course, etc.

Case on the topic: Promotion of a psychologist’s page on Instagram

In the event that you do not have enough experience in a narrow field, you can create a joint information product with another blogger. In this case, your task will be to warm up the audience and advertise the final product and attract customers from your own audience. Here, the earnings of a blogger selling to his subscribers will be about 30-40% of the profit – this is about 2 million rubles.

Thus, information products are much more profitable than advertising, but here a much greater obligation is placed on the blogger’s shoulders: an exemplary course will bring you profit and a new audience, a weak course will ruin your reputation.

If you perform your advertising tasks poorly, other bloggers and advertisers will become aware of this through communication and specialized chats, however, many more people will learn about a poor-quality information product: dissatisfied customers will tell about it on YouTube channels, in chats and stories. leave negative reviews.

There will be those who will continue to buy courses from you, but overall trust in you as an opinion leader will seriously decline.

Instagram Store: Selling Physical Goods

People buy from bloggers because they trust them, so if your audience is loyal to sales, you should consider starting your own business. As a rule, this type of earnings brings sufficient income, and as the business progresses, you can use other methods of making a profit: as an option, the sale of a franchise.

Как набрать подписчиков в Инстаграм и сделать бизнес?

You can activate all of the above ways to make money at the same time: it will be productive to attract an audience and increase sales.

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Business Promotion on Instagram

To gain a millionth audience, you need to invest in a blog from 10 to 15 million rubles. However, this amount pays for itself, because the income in this case will exceed the investment thousands of times. At the present time, a blog on Instagram is a profitable investment, while the risks here are lower than in an offline business.

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Nevertheless, it is important to understand that a million followers will create extensive reach and allow profitable advertising, but millions of rubles. you can also make money not with a multi-million dollar audience: for this you only need to buy ads from other bloggers and pay separately for traffic. Think about your priority.

So, our article has come to an end. Today we answered the questions posed and revealed the topic of making money on Instagram. We hope you will apply the knowledge gained.

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