How to get Instagram followers in 2021 (18 steps)

How to get Instagram followers in 2021 (18 steps)

Instagram is a must-have item in the SMM promotion of any company. Brands quickly realized that a profile on this social network can become not only a business card and image component, but also a major source of customers. But not everything is so simple. Instagram has sophisticated algorithms for promotion, huge competition and a high level of content quality. In order to attract subscribers to Instagram, it is imperative to prepare a knowledge base and learn the main subtleties and secrets of success.

Preparing an Instagram profile to get followers

Instagram does not tolerate neglect of details. All the little things in practice play an important role in attracting new followers. Therefore, no method describing how to attract followers on Instagram will be effective if the page is simply not prepared.

It may be possible to attract the attention of users to your page, but they will not become new subscribers if the profile does not look attractive. Even at the initial stages, you need to carefully think over the concept of the page, the promotion strategy and everything, everything, everything, down to the smallest details. You need to have a clear idea of ​​what the account should be, who it is aimed at and what its main functions are.

Visual is the first and most important touch with subscribers. Before moving on towards increasing the number of followers, let’s take a look at what an insta profile should look like.


A beautiful and understandable name is the key to success. It should reflect the industry and give visitors an initial idea of ​​what information they can get.

On Instagram, users can specify:

  • Nickname is the name of your page, which should reflect its theme and look attractive. When composing a nickname, try not to use numbers, unless they are, of course, part of the branded name. It is also recommended to avoid long nicknames and not overload them with special characters, for example, underscore, unless you can do without it.
    Никнейм в Инстаграм
  • Username – This line appears below the main profile information in black bold. The developers have set it aside so that users can enter their real name, but this is optional and you can enter information into the line that will give an idea of ​​the subject of the account.

Both of these fields are indexed by search engines. Therefore, if it is unlikely that someone will look for you by your name, show your imagination and try to harmoniously enter keywords in the user’s nickname and login.

Keep in mind that if you use a short username that is easy to remember, it will be easier for people to find you in the future.

Profile Photo

It is the main profile photo that makes the first impression of the account. It should be bright, high-quality, you should want to click on it. If it’s a personal profile, then a high-quality selfie or portrait is more than suitable. If the page is a brand, the best solution is to use a logo.


Forget about lettering, photographs with small details, distant landscapes. Users will still not understand what is shown in the photo, because it is very miniature. Choose simple and clear images so that the user can easily understand what is depicted in them when they find your page in the search.


The profile header gives visitors basic account information. This field should be used as productively as possible if you want to engage the user and convince them to stay.

О себе и Инстаграме

Only 150 characters can be added to the BIO, in which you need to tell about who you are, what you do, and why it is useful to subscribe to you. For example:

  • creatively tell about yourself;
  • give the main theses used in the work;
  • list the services provided;
  • tell about important events.

Any information that is intriguing and useful to the reader will do. And so that the text does not look boring, dilute it with humor, emoji and special characters, if appropriate.


Make your Instagram profile as useful as possible for the visitor. Use the “Contacts” section to add clickable links to your brand’s official website, Landing Page, YouTube channel or other social networks that already have your brand pages.

This will not only attract additional traffic to other resources dedicated to the brand, but also give Instagram users a better idea of ​​you.

Connect to Facebook Business Page

Combining Facebook and Instagram accounts will make it much easier to post content already posted to Facebook. But the main value of such a collaboration is that you instantly get the audience coverage that Facebook already has, and you can also expand the functionality of your insta profile.

In particular, after connecting a business profile, the following additional functions appear:

  • “Contact” button. By clicking on this button, users can immediately call, find out how to get or send an email. In the future, this will make it much faster to turn page subscribers into real customers, and at first it will add solidity to the account and give those who wish to clarify the information they are interested in.
  • A hyperlink with an address. By clicking on it, page visitors are taken to a Google map, which will tell you how to get to the office.
  • Category. Under the name of the profile, you can specify its category. It will help users immediately understand what you are doing.
  • Statistics. Business profiles access statistics. Audience engagement, impressions, reach, number of clicks on links and link buttons will all give a clearer picture of what content visitors like and in which direction to move on.
    Статистика в Инстаграм

Free Ways to Get Subscribers

Now that the account looks attractive, you need to attract visitors to it. Many people use “gray” methods to cheat users, but they can play against you. Firstly, you can get a ban for this, and secondly, the manipulation of subscribers does not give results in the long term.

Therefore, we propose to adopt legal methods of how to attract live followers on Instagram without risking brand reputation and account safety.

Ask to tell about you

Let’s imagine a situation that you have recently created an Instagram account. The very first thing to do is share it in every possible way and ask others to do the same.

What can you do:

  • place a button with a link to the profile on your official website;
  • add the account to additional contacts in the profiles of other social networks;
  • add a login to search for business cards or create an instagram business card;
  • if you are an offline business owner, offer your customers a discount for profile subscription and mentioning;
  • create a newsletter by mail or messenger to let customers know that you now have Instagram.

Ask others to tell you about you. Friends are the good old way of free PR. Look at the list of your acquaintances and their friends on social networks and find among them those users who have about 1000 followers. Ask them to recommend your page, but not just share a link, but tell them about your benefits and why you should subscribe.

If there are no familiar altruists, then look for pages on Instagram with similar topics, with which you will have approximately the same target audience. Direct competitors are best avoided. Offer the page owner a mutual PR. This will help exchange audiences and, as a result, everyone will remain in the black.

A personal brand is a little easier to promote. People are more responsive to other people than companies, but you shouldn’t think that any personal account is suitable for mutual PR. For this to bear fruit, you need to choose the accounts to which your target audience is subscribed.

Please note that mutual PR, if handled incorrectly, can be fraught with consequences. Pay close attention to what you post on your profile, so as not to scare off readers with ridiculous recommendations and an abundance of advertising at the start. Before publishing a sponsored post, make sure that it can be interesting and useful to your followers.


Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to attract Instagram followers for free is to be active on the pages of other users. You probably like it when people follow you, like your posts, or leave nice comments. Here and others too. The emergence of a new subscriber will not go unnoticed. This, in turn, generates interest to go to the profile in order to find out who exactly subscribed, and there it is not far from mutual subscription.

Subscriptions work best in conjunction with other activity on the page.

True, not everything is so simple and you need to take into account several nuances. Firstly, you should be active only in the accounts of your target audience. After all, a person will most likely go to a profile to satisfy his curiosity, but will subscribe in response only if the topic and content of the account is interesting to him.

The second important rule is compliance with the limits. The Instagram administration has set certain limits on the number of subscriptions that can be made per day. There is no official information on them, but taking into account the experience of users, it is recommended to subscribe no more than 300 accounts per day. The excess can be regarded by the network administration as spam or actions of automated programs.

Unfortunately, many bloggers and commercial pages have been using the above methods for a long time. Accordingly, users have long become tired of subscriptions from all sorts of stores and novice bloggers. These mechanical subscriptions are annoying rather than interesting.

If you do not want to be counted among them, try to make your actions as natural as possible. Instead of just subscribing, browse the user’s account. Put 2-3 likes under the posts you like, write a comment and only then subscribe. Only the comment should be meaningful, not just “cool”, “cool” and other common words.

Using Geolocation

Actively use geolocation in your profile. Users often search for information and geodata pages they are interested in. Choose the places where your target audience is most often and add geotags to your posts whenever possible.

Catchy content

Instagram is primarily a visual social network. Nothing attracts in it like high-quality and bright content. Nowadays it is impossible to surprise anyone with just a beautiful photo, and in order to stand out from the crowd you have to improvise.

Creating content for Instagram is a painstaking work in which you need to take into account many nuances, from miscalculating the preferences of the target audience to choosing a color palette.

Key recommendations

Let’s consider the main techniques that allow users to attract traffic to the page faster than others:

  • People are very quick to unsubscribe from accounts where boredom teeters on the verge of boring. Long posts about nothing, too many ads, too few posts – all this makes you want to unsubscribe and will definitely not be a reason for the opposite action. Create a clear content plan for yourself and mix different types of content in a measured way – entertaining, motivating, selling posts.
  • Publish personal content. The regulars of social networks come to them to look at others, to find out what and how they live. Personal content is the most interesting. Do not forget to embed selfies and photos with you in the blog, shares life stories. Only without pathos and tediousness. If the page is for a company, you can share behind the scenes of working days, pictures from corporate events and various events.
  • Unique content strategy. Instagram has over 1 billion users. To stand out, you need to develop your own style and features, both in the photos and in the page design. At the same time, it is not forbidden to use what is guaranteed to work – bright landscapes, beautiful photos of food, cats. It is popular at all times.
    Фото еды
  • Be sure to use Stories. This type of content shows high performance in attracting subscribers. This is the first thing that users see when they open the app. In addition, the content in Stories is very diverse. Anything that is not suitable for posting on a profile is posted here, so the category is simply enormous popularity.
  • Post a video. Recently, Instagram has improved its functionality and increased the video duration from 15 seconds to one minute. This is a good way to get your followers interested and convince them to stay.
  • Instagram also has the ability to go live. This will help to interest and win over users. Plus, face-to-face communication always feels better than boilerplate content.
    Прямой эфир Инстаграм


Contests for Instagram are also relevant. Encourage users to subscribe to various events. For example, a random subscriber who likes a post at the end of the contest can be rewarded with a free copy of the product, PR or any other gift.

Latest updates

If you want to become popular and attract subscribers, you must definitely be interesting for them. Benefit from the experience of already popular influencers. Always stay up to date and do not forget to share any useful information with users. Whether it’s the start of a promotion in your store, an important world news or a viral video related to your profile.

Text under the photo

Instagram has long ceased to be a social network in which exceptionally beautiful pictures are published. Increasingly, users open the application to read interesting and motivating texts, learn from the experience of others, and learn about news and global trends. The text under the photo has become an integral part of the page promotion.

Посты в Инстаграм

Try to make your profile as informative and useful for users as possible. Share life hacks, useful information with them, tell funny and instructive life stories, motivate, inspire. For commercial brands, the text under the photo is a good opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of their products, tell about the history of the company, its values ​​and priorities.

Bulky informative posts should be only one of the components of the content plan, but the text field under the rest of the photos should not be left blank. Calls to action, questions, votes, polls just look a little ridiculous at first glance. But once you try and evaluate the response, you will understand their power. Give your users a little thought and they will definitely become your followers.


When it comes to writing a blog post that attracts subscribers, you can’t get away with just a high-quality photo and an intriguing description. It is very important to choose the right hashtags for your publication. They will help you target users of your target audience, as well as allow them to easily find your posts through search.

For each post, you need to use your own selection of relevant hashtags. It is recommended to use high-frequency tags (more than 100 thousand publications), medium-frequency (from 1000 to 100 thousand publications), low-frequency tags (less than 1000 uses) in the collection.

Popular tags are less useful for reaching your target audience, but they allow you to attract a wider audience. With the help of low-frequency hashtags, you can easily break into the TOP results.

It is recommended to compile your own list of hashtags that are relevant to the topic of the page and use them in various variations under the posts. Dilute general tags on a blog topic with hashtags specific to a particular post.

In total, 30 hashtags can be added to one post, but no more than 15 is recommended, so as not to annoy the public with their abundance. There is also an interesting strategy according to which, an hour after publication, old tags should be removed and new ones added in order to capture as many audience as possible.

Branded hashtag


Another effective trick in page promotion is the creation of a branded hashtag. In the future, users will be able to use it to exchange information and mention the brand, but first you need to promote the hashtag itself. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on attracting subscribers.

Just come up with and place your branded hashtag in your profile description, and then share it with the world – print it on business cards, stickers, branded and promotional products, post it on other social networks. When people start using it among the first matches, they will find your Instagram profile.


If you are looking for an easy way to attract real followers on Instagram, then do not be lazy to comment. Comments help you find touchpoints with your audience and can drive generous traffic to your page.


  • competitor posts;
  • publishing your target audience;
  • photos of celebrities, famous bloggers and more.

A competitor’s followers can easily “migrate”, and random users can easily become new followers if you can get them interested.

Avoid formulaic phrases. Keep it short but to the point.

Comments with an alternative point of view are especially effective at drawing attention to spark discussion. In combination with a bright avatar and interesting content, this practically guarantees that all casual viewers from the target audience will become your subscribers.

Tags on photos

Up to 20 accounts can be marked on each photo on Instagram. This will help you get their attention completely free of charge, as well as the attention of all those who will search the marked profiles through the search.

You can tag anyone. The main thing is that the mark is relevant to the post. Bought a new handbag, created a cute bow, ordered specialty coffee from your favorite coffee shop – don’t forget to mark these brands.

User Content

User generated content helps attract more Instagram followers for both creators and brands. For example, on Instagram there are many fashionable publics that repost photos in the flatlay style or fashionable images of users for free with a mention of the page. Thus, the owners of public pages easily get interesting content, and for users this is a good opportunity to promote.

Search Instagram for such publics, for example, @flatlays or @ootdgals, and be sure to tag them on suitable pictures. If you are reposted, then one such mark can bring about 500 subscribers.

Paid Ways to Get Subscribers

Free promotion of an Instagram profile is a huge complex of various actions that must be repeated regularly and constantly monitored. Having tried to carry out at least some of the actions, willy-nilly and unwillingly, a completely logical question arises: “How to attract subscribers to Instagram as quickly as possible and with minimal effort?” Only high-quality advertising will help.

But even here it is not so simple. Quality ads can indeed drive user traffic to your page, but the keyword here is “quality” .

Advertising with Instagram ads

iPhone с иконками

It is often possible to set up targeted ads on social networks in just a few clicks, but not on Instagram. Everything in it is much more complicated, because the official Instagram advertising works through the Ads Manager Facebook, and in order to run an advertising campaign, it is imperative to link profiles in both social networks.

One of the advantages of official Instagram ads is the variety of formats. And since Instagram is primarily a visual social network, all formats allow you to add a lot of graphic content. It helps to inspire users and motivate them to subscribe.

Types of Official Advertising

  • Advertising in Stories. Using this format, you can reach the largest audience, because this is the most popular section of Instagram, which is visited by more than 500 million people daily.
  • Advertising with a photo. This is a relatively simple format that allows you to display the product in all its glory.
  • Video format. Dynamic motion will attract attention by increasing the maximum video length to 60 seconds. Now you can go into even more detail about the product and show it in action.
  • Carousel. For those for whom one photo is not enough, Instagram offers ads with a photo carousel.
  • Selection. This format will be especially interesting for brands with a wide range of products. It can be used to showcase the best examples.
  • Highlights. This is ideal if you want to reach people who are not following you.

Customization Features

Among the advantages of official advertising, it is worth emphasizing the rather flexible target setting. By correctly setting your ad settings, you will be able to show it only to those users who are most important to you. The selection of the audience for impressions is configurable:

  • By location. Only residents of certain countries, cities and regions can serve ads.
  • According to demographic data. The customer can specify the gender, age, language of the target audience.
  • By interests. Instagram allows you to customize ads based on which applications are used most often, which advertising links are clicked on and which accounts are subscribed to.
  • By behavior. Facebook and Instagram algorithms allow you to customize the target based on user behavior.

It is also possible to customize the display of ads for an individual audience of users. This method will be especially effective if you already have a database of potential customers with phone numbers and E-mail addresses. You can also easily customize your ads by choosing the automatic targeting function or searching for an audience similar to your current customers.

If you know exactly who your target audience is and know how to create content that can impress at first sight, then the official Ads Manager advertising can be the best way to promote your page.

There is only one drawback of this method of attracting subscribers – you have to pay. The cost of advertising is calculated individually based on the set parameters. As a rule, the more concentrated the target, the more expensive the price per impression. Niche content also plays a role, because the cost of advertising is determined within the framework of a kind of auction – the more people apply for impressions from a specific target audience, the higher the bids.

Advertising with bloggers

Блогер делает селфи с продуктом

Traditional advertising is less effective today than it used to be. Most modern Internet users have learned how to easily hide it, or browse in the background like spam. Marketing of the XXI century dictates its own rules and this is native advertising with the help of influencers. A recommendation from a blogger is perceived as a recommendation from a good friend, not spam. With the right approach, the effectiveness of such cooperation will be higher.

True, blogger blogger strife. There are real opinion leaders who can set new trends and lead the crowd, but there are only those who pretend to be such. While targeted advertising always works, bloggers are not that simple. Choosing an influencer with a “dead” audience and low engagement, but big appetites, you simply run the risk of “draining” your advertising budget and getting nothing in return.

Types of Bloggers

All bloggers can be roughly divided into several categories:

  • Nano. This category includes bloggers with up to 1000 subscribers. Of course, this is not a large enough audience, but it is often very “warm”. The advantage of such cooperation also lies in the fact that bloggers of this magnitude are ready to cooperate on barter, for mutual PR or very modest sums.
  • Micro. They don’t boast hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but they have close contact with their audience. It is their opinion that is listened to and their advice is asked.
  • Macro. Such influencers are followed by hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They are quite famous and popular in their circles. Collaborating with them will help capture the attention of a huge audience. But for all this to turn into real subscriptions, you need a macro blogger to have good authority and not fake subscribers, and they most often sin the opposite.
  • Celebrity. These are not typical bloggers, but those who have gained popularity on social networks due to their notoriety in various branches of culture or sports. Advertising in such accounts will cost a pretty penny, but it is she who can make a brand famous and memorable.

Subtleties of cooperation

Do not expect that it is enough just to write to the blogger you like and the automatic subscriber recruitment machine will be launched. Real subscriptions, as in all other cases, also depend on how the profile looks. Whoever recommends subscribing to you, users will not do this if your account looks artisanal, boring, trite, or it is simply not interesting to a specific user. Therefore, before you start advertising, be sure to “comb” your profile and make it attractive. By the way, self-respecting bloggers will not cooperate with just anyone and risk their reputation for the sake of money.

Another key point is to find, through cooperation with a blogger, points of contact with your target audience. For example, you are promoting a beauty blog or selling cosmetics. For advertising, you have chosen a popular fitness blogger with good statistics, but with a predominantly male audience. It is unlikely that you can interest anyone, even just go to the profile. Subscriptions are out of the question.

You need to understand that the topic of the blog page is not as important as the demographic characteristics and interests of subscribers. There are many related niches that at first glance seem like good options for advertising, but in fact have an audience consisting of users completely opposite to your target audience portrait.


On Instagram, everything is interconnected. A quick recruitment of users forces the algorithm to actively promote the content of your profile on the social network, which in turn increases the rate of recruitment of subscribers. The more attention you have already managed to attract, the more audiences your posts will be shown, and the higher your page will be in rotation. Therefore, sometimes it is very important to give your profile a kind of push and gain the first 1000 subscribers, so that in the future new followers will appear on their own.

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