How to get likes on Insta: 19 unstoppable and serious strategies

How to get likes on Insta: 19 unstoppable and serious strategies

How to get more likes on Instagram? 19 tips to get more likes on Instagram the easy way? Getting a lot of likes on Instagram.

Welcome to you who are looking for how to get likes on Insta and who do not know how to do it.

You are lucky to have come across this article which will answer your question perfectly.

How to get likes on Instagram? It depends on many factors and there are certain tips and strategies to put in place for this.

Here we have put together the 19 best tips to get more insta likes . These tips are used by Instagram professionals. So take a strong inspiration from it and you will see your number of likes increase.

If, however, you can’t wait to get more likes on Instagram and don’t want to go to great lengths to earn real likes , you can stop to the first tip of this article.

I wish you a good reading. Your Instagram likes are waiting for you.

How to get likes on Instagram, 19 tips:

1. Automate your Instagram account.

This solution is certainly the most efficient and requiring the least effort we have placed it first.

Instagram account automation does not only gain followers. It also allows you to increase your likes on Instagram.

The gain in visibility that automation gives you on the social network is immense. Many accounts will like your photos even if they don’t subscribe.

The huge advantage of this solution is that it doesn’t require any effort. Once your modules are launched, everything is automatic .

Perfect for people who really want to have likes on Instagram , but don’t have the time to spend.

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2. Have a good Instagram feed.

It would take an entire article to cover this topic in depth, so here’s the most relevant: How to have a good Instagram feed?

But if you are wondering how having a good ig feed is going to get you more insta likes.

The answer is simple, the posts of an Instagram account with a harmonized feed are immediately recognizable . People therefore automatically like all your publications.

This is formidable for increasing your engagement rate .

So remember to use the same filters on each photo for a good result. Instagram feed applications exist for this.

gagner des likes feed instagram

3. Share the best Instagram photos.

How do you expect to get more Instagram likes on your content if you don’t post the best photos?

Keep in mind that content is the very foundation of Instagram. So this must be your priority.

Using a smartphone is more than enough for this, but focus on taking the best Insta photos possible.

Here are the 3 key elements of a successful photo:

  • The light
  • The framing
  • The composition

With these 3 elements together, you can already ensure that you offer better quality content than 50% of Instagram users .

Likes will automatically arrive on your account.

4. Gain likes using hashtags.

Instagram hashtags are a formidable weapon. Especially when looking for ways to get more insta likes. Or even followers.

gagner likes instagram hashtags

You should therefore use them wisely to increase your notoriety on the social network. To do this, here are 4 good practices:

1- Use local hahstags.

No matter where you are in the world, there are specific hashtags. Find them and use them to boost your insta. This strategy will allow you to gain visibility and therefore gain subscribers and have more likes.

2- Use popular hashtags.

Local hashtags allow you to reach targeted people. Popular hashtags allow you to reach A LOT of people. It’s a big difference.

3- Use hashtags related to your account theme or brand.

Your insta account must address a specific subject (fashion, sport, your cat, ..). No matter what area, you need to set up related hashtags that you will use regularly.

In particular, they will allow you to promote yourself to people interested in the topic of your account.

4- Use between 10 and 15 hashtags per insta post.

Using too many hashtags can quickly become irrelevant. But the fact of not using enough, will limit you in your gain of insta likes. We recommend that you define between 10 and 15 per post .

If you don’t know where to start for finding the right hashtags, here is an article detailing how to find hashtags.

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5. Organize a contest to get more likes.

Organizing an Instagram contest is a great way to get more followers, but also more likes.

Use them to promote yourself to thousands of people quickly and increase your likes on insta .

To participate in your contest, you can ask the community to:

  • Like your post
  • Subscribe to your IG account
  • And even tag people in comments for even more visibility.

For your competition to be successful, you must make sure to submit a motivating prize . The bigger this lot, the more chances your account has to break through on Instagram.

gagner likes instagram jeu concours

For more concrete cases, here are 7 examples of instagram contests. This should inspire you to gain popularity on the social network.

6. Share your publications on other social networks.

It is possible that your facebook page community is more engaged. Well, take the opportunity to grow your Instagram account thanks to it.

Connect your various social networks to your Instagram profile to share your publications on this. Think in particular of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

If you have a blog, do not hesitate to highlight your Instagram to gain visibility and therefore like.

You can also pair up with other bloggers to do guest posts. If your Instagram account appears on a blog post, it will give it real credibility.

This strategy in addition to allowing you to have more likes can also allow you to gain Instagram followers .

7. Make collaborations with influencers or brands.

One of the best ways if you don’t know how to get more insta likes and connect with influencers or brands.

We won’t go into the entire influencer collaboration process here, but you can read more about how to collaborate with influencers here.

However, you should know that this is formidable and brings a real gain:

  • Visibility
  • From followers
  • And (what interests us) likes

Seeing your Instagram account promoted by a brand or an influencer following a collaboration would be a big boost.

Collaborations can be varied, ranging from a simple product promotion to a full collaboration and long term. But in any case, it needs to be built into your strategy if you want to get more insta likes.

Find out here how to search for an Instagram partnership.

The same applies to collaboration with another brand. Make sure you choose the brand you are collaborating with. And deliver relevant content to your community to get the best results .

8. Share backstage photos.

social networks are the ideal place to share special moments with your community.

Sharing backstages gives your account real personality and engages your community.

The more your followers will be engaged, the more your number of average likes will increase .

Here is a list of things you can show your community to engage:

  • Your workplace.
  • Your team.
  • Behind the scenes of a shoot.
  • Future products in preparation.
  • A collaboration teasing that you have in progress.

All of these will be your weapons in getting more likes on Instagram. Offer unique and engaging content to make yourself known and increase your number of followers.

backstages instagram

9. Promote Instagram.

Instagram promotions are Instagram’s way to showcase your posts .

Indeed, you can pay for Instagram ads so that your content is seen by more people. A successful promotion can be very effective in gaining visibility in the short term.

However, this requires a certain budget. Think about it when preparing your Instagram marketing strategy.

To avoid throwing your money away, make sure:

  • Having defined good targeting.
  • To offer relevant and quality content.
  • Apply the other tips first.
  • Perform a lot of testing.
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10. Gain likes by posting videos.

Yep, just posting videos will increase your insta likes.

Video content is now largely prioritized by social networks. Why ? Quite simply because that’s what users prefer.

Video content can generate up to 4 times more engagement than a photo post for the same content. We therefore recommend that you promote this type of content to gain notoriety, subscribers and likes .

In particular, consider using the Instagram tools that are available to you for this. See the next part.

gagner likes instagram vidéo

11. Use all Instagram tools.

You may already be using some of them: Bommerang, lives, stories, IGTV …

All of these are very effective in varying your content. The more active you are on the platform and use them, the more credible and serious your account will appear.

Beyond that, they will allow you to diversify your content . Each tool bringing real value to your audience.

The Boomerang

In particular, it helps to attract the attention of your followers. Simple and effective, it can help you encourage your followers to interact.

The lives

Widely used tool now. It gives you the ability to interact directly with your subscribers. This will have the effect:

  • Get to know them better in order to offer them suitable content.
  • To engage them in a strong way.
  • And to create a special relationship.

For example, you can organize a question-and-answer session or make an official announcement in this way.


Flagship tools of the platform, you must use them on a daily basis. We recommend that you publish at least 5 stories per day to liven up your account. While remaining relevant to your audience.

Consider using surveys to:

  • Increase your interactions.
  • Engage your community.
  • And get his opinion back.

For example, you can organize a question-and-answer session or make an official announcement in this way.

For information, you also have the possibility to share your last publication in story . This will encourage people to visit your post and therefore get more Instagram likes.


IGTVs are videos that are longer than the rest of Instagram content. We have already seen that videos are more and more relevant to your community. So use that as much as possible to bring more value to your audience.

gagner likes instagram IGTV

Please note, however, that longer content does not mean lower quality.

12. Ask a question in description.

Your community must engage if you want to have more Instagram likes .

The best way to get this involved is to ask a question. By including a question in each of your descriptions, you encourage your followers to comment.

These new comments will allow you to gain visibility and be highlighted. Whether it’s on your subscriber’s news feeds or on hashtag and location feeds.

Who says more visibility, says more likes.

So there is nothing but good in implementing this Instagram strategy .

13. Post at the right time.

Having already written a full article on this subject, we will not go into it in depth.

You should know, however, that your posting time is of the essence. You must post when the most people are on the platform .

There are classic times that can apply to everyone. But we still recommend that you do your own tests to adapt to your community.

Check out the best times to post on Instagram here.

14. Offer promotions.

People are always drawn to savings . Make sure you offer them discounts regularly and they’ll interact with your account a lot more.

These promotions may in particular be due to collaborations that you have made. Or just good deals that you have found.

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15. Interact en masse for more likes.

The purpose of a social network is to facilitate interactions. This is why every network has a notification system in place to notify the user when there is a new interaction.

Well if you don’t know how to get a lot of likes on Instagram . Know that you can use these interactions to boost your account and your number of likes.

Indeed, the more you interact on the social network, the more you will notify people who are likely to visit your account. In particular, you can like, follow, but also comment on the publications of the hashtags that you are targeting or of your subscribers.

This is also the principle of Instagram automation that we have already seen in step 1. Except that here you do it manually.

16. Use instagram photo albums.

A simple fact, photo albums get more likes than simple posts.

We therefore recommend that you favor them to offer more content to your audience.

There are also some strategies for delivering more engaging albums.

17. Tag influential accounts.

As well as doing a lot of actions or automating your account. Tagging influential accounts will allow you to gain visibility .

This will allow you in particular to attract their attention, but also to appear on the profile in the identified post section. A section that can be visited by thousands of people likely to like your photo. If this is relevant, of course.

gagner des likes feed instagram0

18. Buy likes.

You can actually buy likes to have more likes on your photo. However, we do not recommend it to you.

This trick is presented to you in particular to warn you about its dangers.

Do not make a like purchase to keep an account functional. Find out here what happens if you come to buy Instagram followers.

19. Tag the locations of your photos.

If you tag a location on your photo, it will be listed on your location’s feed.

It will thus be accessible to everyone who visits this news feed. People likely to like your photo.

In particular, we recommend that you use general rather than precise locations. This increases your chances of being seen.

For example, it is better to use the location “Paris” than the name of the cafe or restaurant where you are.

Conclusion: How to get likes on Instagram?

You now know what can be done to get more likes on insta . It’s up to you to apply the advice you want to grow your account as quickly as possible.

Our team is also available to assist you with your Instagram automation and help you get more likes.

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