How to get more comments on Instagram

How to get more comments on Instagram

There are few comments on your Instagram profile and you don’t know how to get more? Surely it is good to pay attention to the creation of graphics and contents with a view to content marketing , but it is also true that success is mainly due to the level of interactions, comparisons and exchanges with your followers.

The solution? We need to work in order to create a loyal audience, a group that is truly interested in the target and the content that is published, only in this way will you have to deal with a good number of followers who actively interact on the profile, also and above all with comments.

There are some things you can do to increase interactions on Instagram and in particular the comments from followers, these are fundamental steps that allow you to have greater success on the well-known social network.


You need to have a quality audience if you want to increase comments on Instagram , if you have fake, bot and spammer accounts among your followers, there is a risk that posts are filled with bogus and, in some cases, intrusive interactions.

So you have to make sure that the users that make up the Instagram audience are real , that the followers are of quality and really interested in what you post on your profile; the best thing is to ensure that the channel grows by itself and in a natural way, favoring those activities that give greater organic visibility to the account.


Who wants to receive more comments on Instagram in a natural way and without any forcing, he must observe the behavior of the public and understand what they like to do and see. Evaluate the reactions, observe the Instagram analytics to understand what is successful, and what is not and then ride the positive trend.

You have to take over the trend, make it your own and propose what people want to see, only in this way you will have a greater level of interaction.


These are small attentions to pay on your profile, such as the inclusion of a biography to make it clear who you are, a photo that represents you, well cared for in detail.

If possible, in the case of a company or a freelancer, you can take advantage of the business account to control the statistics and have the ability to create sponsorships.


A good method to increase comments on Instagram is to create a continuous storytelling project, which has its own logical thread and which engages a loyal and close-knit audience.

We must avoid publishing photos at random, without a caption or with a badly written caption, everything must make sense, in particular the choice of hashtags , which must recall the most popular categories.

We need to create concrete, real, interesting relationships, have personalities, ideas, projects, exploit all the means available as much as possible, with a clear and recognizable style that pushes people to choose you.


Another good way to get more comments on Instagram is to take advantage of Call to action, that is, phrases that invite followers to take a certain action.

In this case the call to action can be used to encourage the public to leave a comment, expressing an idea or opinion, can be exploited in the caption and in the text space available usually used to describe the photo.

But calls to action can also be included in comments: when a follower leaves a comment, even an appreciation that does not lead to longer debates, you can respond by stimulating discussion, even by inserting an invitation to an action like answering a question.


Even comments need a strategy , the goal is to receive more and have more interactions, to do this there are some that we can do and that positively affect what can be called comment marketing.

  • Visit other followers’ profiles and be there
  • Leave comments in follower profiles
  • Reply to follower comments on your profile

It is essential to be active in the community , reply comment by comment, participate. You can go to a photo that attracts attention and leave a comment, arguing your reasons and explaining what attracted you to that shot.

You have to be interested, active, prepared for comparison, only then your followers will do the same with you.


You’ve been using Instagram for some time and you’re wondering if it’s worth taking your time to get more comments, the answer is Yes.

Having more Instagram comments means having more interactions, it is well known that on social networks active profiles are those that have the most value and achieve success more easily.

If you want to have an active profile and increase Instagram followers, taking care of the comments aspect is also essential because only by stimulating interaction with registered users is it possible to have new ones.

Instagram rewards with greater visibility the contents that receive many likes, comments and shares, allow you to reach an even wider audience, all this translates into enormous possibilities for growth.

If you are a company, a freelancer or aiming to become a influencer , getting more comments on Instagram is one of the things that positively affects the success of your business .


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