How to get more likes on Instagram

How to get more likes on Instagram

Everyone wants to get more likes on Instagram. After all, this has long been not just a sign of attention, but a real indicator of popularity and success, which also affects the ranking of the page. And fortunately, there are tons of ways to get more likes. But not all of them are legal and equally good for promoting your account.

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Why does everyone want a lot of likes on Instagram

Instagram Likes play a huge role in ranking. An algorithmic feed has been working here for a very long time, which tries to select the most interesting and useful content for users. And of course, one of the key parameters that the algorithm takes into account when choosing the best posts to display is likes.

In other words, if a post has collected a lot of likes, the Instagram algorithm regards it as interesting, needed by users. If people do not react to the publication in any way, then the algorithm decides that such a post is not very interesting and should not be shown to a large number of users.

“I want a lot of likes!” – this is not a whim at all. Rather, it is a necessity for effective and high-quality promotion. After all, the more likes, the more coverage a publication has, the more users will see your posts, learn about your new product, promotion, service …

Why you shouldn’t get likes

But before you start fighting for likes, soberly and impartially determine for yourself why you need it – for the sake of statistics or promotion. If the second option, be prepared for the fact that just cheating likes will not help, and even harm.

Yes, cheating is a quick and easy way to get the likes you want. But here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

  • The appearance of distrust. A high concentration of likes without justified reasons may cause distrust from users. The number of likes should be related to the quality of posts and engagement. In addition, checking for cheating is now as easy as shelling pears.
  • Blocking a profile. Cheating can lead to the fact that your profile will be simply blocked for violating the rules of using the network or transferred to a shadow ban due to suspicious activity.
  • Fake accounts do not bring money. Fake accounts do not sell products, do not provide services, or tell their friends about you.
  • Bulk unsubscribe. Instagram has a whole team dedicated to identifying fake accounts and removing them. Therefore, over time, the number of previously wound up likes or followers will still decrease. And ordinary users, noticing many suspicious pages in your profile, will unsubscribe.

Boosting likes on Instagram is a disservice. And instead of wasting time looking better in the eyes of users, it’s better to think about how to build long-term trusting relationships with them and get a lot of likes on Instagram, deservedly.

How to get more likes on your photos

For bloggers, companies, brands and other commercial accounts who have decided to give up cheats in order to get a lot of likes on Instagram, we recommend that you take the following steps.

Make quality content

эффективные стратегии

On Instagram, the main content is beautiful photos and videos. This social network is literally steeped in beauty and sophistication, and in order to keep up with competitors and get likes, you need to learn how to create quality content.

Some tips on content:

  • Post only high-quality photos and videos that you would like yourself.
  • Be diverse. Use a variety of formats and compositions to avoid looking boring.
  • Work on the text. It cannot be denied that Instagram is primarily a visual, but this does not mean at all that you can forget about the text. Be sure to supplement your publications with high-quality and interesting information.
  • Make your content useful. Share content that is important and interesting to your subscribers. So that they want to like to thank you.

Get featured

Recommendations (or Interesting) is a section with publications that are most relevant to your interests. This section shows the most popular posts, posts similar to those you interacted with before, records of accounts with which the user interacts frequently.

To get into the recommendations, you should:

  • Create quality content for your target audience.
  • Used in keyword description.
  • Publish more videos and GIFs as users interact with it the most.
  • Follow trends and create viral content.
  • Choose the right time to post when user engagement is highest.

Use hashtags


Hashtag is the simplest way to drive traffic to your post and increase the number of likes accordingly. Social networks have long been searching not only by people or words, but also by hashtags. In addition, you can subscribe to hashtags on Instagram, and the top 9 posts for a given tag get to the TOP and are reflected at the very top of the page.

Make the most of hashtags:

  • Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to each post, it is recommended to use at least 10 tags.
  • Alternate high-frequency and low-frequency tags.
  • Choose hashtags that are relevant to your post.
  • Come up with your own branded hashtag so users can quickly find your posts.

Specify geolocation

Geolocation tagging is another way to show your post to more users. Therefore, be sure to mark the places where the photo was taken, as well as the places that your target audience often visits.

Don’t forget the text

We have already said that despite the fact that Instagram, above all, values ​​visual content, you should not forget about the text either. Colorful pictures grab attention, but then people read the text. And if it is banal and boring, such a publication is unlikely to receive a like. In addition, you can add game elements to the text, ask questions, provoke a comment or like.

To create good copy, remember:

  • You can add up to 2200 characters to an Instagram post, so the text should be concise and succinct.
  • Use paragraphs and lists. This will help structure the text and its reading.
  • Remember that users see the first three lines first and make a decision based on them to continue reading or not.
  • Give usefulness to the text. Make it so interesting for readers to read your text to the end, and then like it as a sign of gratitude for the work done and the useful knowledge gained.

Texts can and should be alternated. Sometimes it can be a useful longread, and sometimes, for example, just your favorite worldly wisdom. Likes will be received even if the post is useful, and if the reader simply agrees with your words.

Share Stories

Как скачать сторис

Stories is the most visited section, perfect for getting a lot of likes on Instagram. Released a new post – share it in your Stories. If the user does not see it in their feed, then at least they will definitely notice it in the story.

This applies not only to new publications. Part of the audience may miss your publication in the news section, so it won’t be superfluous to share it again by publishing it in a story. Even Instagram itself hints at the usefulness of this action, offering to share posts that came out exactly a year or two ago. But no one obliges you to share exclusively posts with a round date.

Add a call to action

Encourage subscribers to like your posts. This is the best way to get action from your audience. Yes, it might sound a little odd and intrusive, but calls to action do work. And for a reason, they can be found under every second post on Instagram.

The point is that this is how users feel that their opinion is important, and that their like is needed and decides something.

Start Mass Liking

If you want to get a lot of likes on Instagram, you will have to leave a lot of them yourself. The left like attracts the user’s attention, makes them go to your page and reciprocate. And even subscribe if he likes your profile.

Massliking can be done manually. But don’t just mindlessly like everything that comes across. To get real value from massliking, you should leave likes under the posts of your target audience.

Instaplus will help to simplify massliking. On the service, you can configure the audience parameters for massliking and specify traffic sources. For example, you can select an audience by geotags, hashtags, competitors’ followers. Simultaneously, through the service, it is possible to work in five predefined profiles.

Connect mass following

A good way to draw users’ attention to your posts is to subscribe. When users see a subscription notification in their profile, it is highly likely that they will go to your profile, and if it turns out to be interesting, they will subscribe and leave likes.

As in the case of massliking, just random accounts are not suitable. To get the maximum conversion from the action, you should subscribe to the accounts of your target audience.

An easy way to set up mass following is Instaplus, which released Jesica, a handy bot for safe likes. The service allows you to automatically add likes for the selected target account. This increases feedback by 30% -40% as it simulates the live behavior of the interested user.

What about masslooking?

Recently, mass viewing of stories is also popular – masslooking. It allows you to increase the reach and engagement of users, again, encourages them to go to your profile. The main advantages of masslooking include large limits and almost complete absence of bots, because commercial accounts are practically not published in Stories.

Masslooking is available on Instaplus. As in previous cases, here you can select the target audience by thematic hashtags, geolocation, competitors’ audience and your own lists. Additionally, accounts can be sorted by the presence of an avatar, the number of subscribers, the date of the last publication. This will help you cut off bots and inactive profiles.

Comment on posts of major bloggers


Be an active member of the Instagram community to get noticed. Follow a few of the big bloggers your target audience follows and from time to time to their posts. If your comment is interesting, users will be redirected to your profile to get to know you better. Then it’s up to quality content.

But of course, the comment should not be one-word, not a banal “Wow!” or “Cool!” It should generate interest and get users to agree with you or join a discussion.

Enable target

Instagram has a very good targeted advertising that allows flexible customization of the audience for impressions and supports many formats. It’s a quick way to make yourself known and get lots of likes under your post.

It is important to understand that the success of an official advertisement largely depends on setting up and choosing the right goals. Also, please understand that targeting is only available to business profiles.

Advertise with a blogger

The blogger’s audience of impressions, although less segmented than in the case of targeting, but as practice shows, works no less well, and sometimes even better. It’s all about the originality of the presentation.

When a blogger does not directly advertise your profile, in a friendly manner shares a link to it with subscribers, this is taken as advice. This is not perceived negatively, encourages you to go to your profile and leave a like.

Take part in like times

Like time is an easy way to get a lot of likes on Instagram. This is something like a little interactive, the purpose of which is to exchange likes. Usually bloggers run like times and their conditions are as follows:

  • like a certain number of posts;
  • write a comment;
  • go to the page of the one who left the comment in front of you and repeat the same.

It is best to participate in the like times that are currently taking place. Optimal if the post was posted an hour or two ago. Otherwise, the chance of getting mutual likes is much less.

Be active in activity chats

In order to increase the number of likes, users have resorted to various methods, and one of them is activity chats. Activity chats work on a reciprocal basis. You add a link to your publication and ask to leave likes and comments under it, and in return leave likes to other users. The other participants in the conversation do the same.

Some activity chats have VIP access for a certain fee, others are available for free. You can find activity chats both on Instagram itself and on other social networks and instant messengers.

Do collaborations


On Instagram, you can see many examples of collaborations between popular influencers, bloggers and commercial accounts. The popularity of such alliances is ensured by the fact that loyalty to a popular personality is transferred to the brand with such cooperation. The so-called social proof mechanism works here.

Collaborations can be carried out by different mechanisms. For example, it can be mutual PR, co-creation, native advertising of a trade brand, and much more. But in any of the formats, it brings new reach and likes.

Find the best time to post

As great as a post is, it won’t get many likes if you post it late at night or when your target audience is offline. Study the activity of your target audience and, based on this information, choose the best time to post.

Consider the fact that most of the likes and views occur in the first three hours after publication. There are three main intervals you should definitely post:

  • In the morning, when your audience is getting ready for work and scrolling through their Instagram feed for a cup of morning coffee.
  • At lunchtime, when people are tired of work and want a little distraction.
  • After dinner. After all, after a hard day, people often surf the Internet.
  • And of course, always post during various special events and holidays. Do not forget to congratulate your subscribers and share your holiday photos with them, because people love them with pleasure.

Post regularly

One of the main reasons for popularity on Instagram is regular posting. It will be useless if you post from time to time, and not regularly. In order not to forget about the posting, as well as to avoid poor-quality publications concocted in a hurry, we recommend making a content plan.

The content plan will help to plan the schedule of publications in advance, work out their content and themes. Thanks to him, you will not be faced with a shortage of ideas for a few hours before the need to post.

Tips and tricks

It’s real to make a lot of likes on Instagram without cheating. The main thing is to create quality content and constantly attract traffic to your page. Be sure to combine all of the above methods. And to achieve even greater success, the following tips will help:

  • Photos with faces get 25% more likes on average.
  • Post cute photos with pets. No one can leave a cute cat without a like.
  • According to statistics, shots where the texture of an object is clearly visible are 5 times more popular.
  • Don’t rely too much on fasting Friday and Saturday nights. One half of the people will not see them, because they will be busy with more important things, the other will not leave a like, so as not to show that they have nothing to do, it is more interesting than sitting on Instagram.
  • Share your profile links and posts on other social networks. This will help to gain additional attention.
  • Reciprocate likes otherwise users can quickly lose interest in a cold and indifferent profile.
  • Entertain your subscribers, invent games and interactions for them that require them to be active.
  • Share personal. Remember that Instagram is primarily a social network, and faceless accounts on it are not interesting.
  • Use red and orange. These colors encourage activity and action.
  • Play prizes for likes. No one will refuse to get a gift for a click, even if not a big one.

Common mistakes

In pursuit of likes, many make mistakes that spoil account statistics and undermine user confidence. Let’s consider the most common ones:

  • Cheat bots. Instagram algorithms are able to distinguish a bot from a real person. And there are many sanctions for cheaters, including deleting accounts.
  • Massliking, masslooking and massfollowing not by target audience. For these promotion tools to be successful, it is imperative to choose the right audience to interact with. Otherwise, it will only lead to a waste of time or even a shadow ban.
  • Don’t fool your audience. “Like from the one who breathed”, “Like, if you love that too” – don’t need it. Make quality content and see a natural response.
  • Don’t just focus on likes. Engagement, number of subscriptions, comments, loyalty, recognition, sales – work on other indicators as well.
  • Lack of monitoring. Only by tracking your account statistics can you find out which category of content is more successful when your readers are online and what they like.

The secret to a large number of likes on Instagram is simple – publish high quality content. Such that people themselves want to leave you a heart and come back again. However, Instagram is nowhere without a few tricks. The number of users on Instagram has already crossed the billionth value, and even with high-quality content, it is easy to get lost in such a stream.

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