How to get the blue check on Instagram and have the profile verified

How to get the blue check on Instagram and have the profile verified

Have you noticed that some Instagram profiles have a blue check and you want to know how to get it too? Currently there are some limitations but soon everyone will be able to apply and verify their profile using the application directly.

The blue check is present next to the username in the Instagram profile, it is not granted to everyone and to obtain it you have to make sure you deserve it, but soon it will be possible to request it directly.

You have surely noticed that this symbol is present above all on important profiles, in particular, on that of brands and famous people , to communicate to users that you are dealing with a original and verified Instagram profile.

To be precise, the blue check indicates that the Instagram profile is owned by the person who manages it, it is mainly used to prove that it is not a fake profile.

The advantages for those who have this symbol are greater consideration in the research phase on the social network and further credibility of the profile, which will be shown as authoritative.

Browsing through the Instagram profiles you will surely have noticed how the blue check is shown on almost all the famous profiles, but sometimes you have also come across less known profiles and with a few thousand followers , com ‘is it possible?

This is definitely the first sign that you don’t need millions of followers but there are so many other requirements to be met to get your profile verified.

In the case of famous people and brands, Instagram itself has decided to activate the profile verification procedure and to grant the blue check to indicate the reliability of the profile, a behavior that is undertaken in the event that:

  • A famous artist
  • A public figure who appeared on TV or mentioned in trade magazines
  • A famous person on the web who has received so many links, articles and mentions
  • A person who already has another verified social account.

Furthermore, it is clear that to get the blue check and the verified profile does not affect the number of followers and it is not enough to be an influencer on Instagram.

These guidelines are currently valid but Instagram is working to allow all users to request profile verification and get the blue check icon next to their name.

But even in this case, not all profiles that apply will be accepted and verified, Instagram still has some fundamental requirements to become a certified user, but certainly the request procedure will be simpler and accessible to everyone and not only to a small niche of people.


Instagram, shortly, will release new updates to mobile applications, users will be able to find the Request Verification item, within the Settings , it is not yet clear who will receive this update and when, but we invite those interested to constantly update the app and check for the presence of the function.

If the Request Verification item is present, the procedure will start, which involves filling in a form in which to enter the name real, username and upload a copy of an identity document.

Instagram will do the necessary checks and assign the budge taking into account the popularity of the authenticity, uniqueness and completeness of the analyzed profile.

Despite the introduction of this feature, getting the blue check and verification of the Instagram profile may not necessarily be easier, but at least, all users can try.


As happens with the purchase of Instagram followers, in recent years a business of buying and selling verified profiles has been launched that have created a considerable turnover and not only, in fact, among the many services promised on the web, there is also that of offering the security of obtaining the budge in exchange for sums of money.

In most cases these are scams, because it is impossible to obtain the verification of the profile without having the necessary requisites required.

For this reason, Instagram has decided to combat these illegal and incorrect behaviors, offering the possibility for everyone to request a blue check to verify their Instagram profile.


The advantages of having a verified Instagram profile are numerous, especially if you are a company or a public figure, this is because users recognize their reliability and actively interact.

A verified profile for a company means transmitting security to the potential customer who will be more inclined to make purchases; the same goes for the famous people who are influencers and sponsor brands, also in this case having a verified profile ensures the success of your business.

Even a influencer with a verified profile can make a difference, which is why it is important to work hard to deserve the opportunity to apply for the request and get it, without waiting for Instagram to decide when to give it automatically.


Instagram has announced that the developer team is working to release this feature as quickly as possible, so in the coming weeks many users may already start finding this new feature.

We remind you that this new feature will be introduced a little at a time and in different geographical areas over time, there are no further details on this, so we just have to wait for official releases from Instagram.

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