How to go to Instagram recommendations

How to go to Instagram recommendations

The Instagram social network consists not only of the main page, news feed and a separate Stories feed. There is also a separate, by the way, no less popular tab among active Instagram users – search. It is also called the section recommended, interesting, or Instagram Top. You can enter the tab through the Instagram menu (below) by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

By clicking on the magnifying glass, you are taken to the “Search and Interesting” section. Here are the top posts that Instagram offers you to view. It is logical that the more often your posts appear in the Top, the more users will see them. For you, this is, so to speak, free advertising with a good flow of organic traffic to your page.

Вкладка Поиск в Инстаграм

Do you want your posts to hit the Top Instagram?

You are in the right place! This article will show you how to get to the Popular & Interesting section and what you need to do. Or at least something you need to strive for in order to increase the likelihood of seeing your publication in the recommended ones.

How does the Popular section work?

There is no magic or mysticism in the work of the algorithm. Solid arithmetic based on likes, views, comments and saves. When Instagram realizes that a post is popular among users of its social network, it “raises” it in the SERP. But since no one fully knows on what principle the algorithm works, then I cannot tell you directly that you need to get at least 1000 likes to get into this section. Because there is no specific minimum activity limit. The recommendation section may contain posts that have received 100 likes and 5,000 likes. The social network itself determines the popularity of materials at its discretion.

How is the feed of “top” posts formed?

Two active users of the Instagram social network see completely different posts in the “Popular” section. Instagram selects posts for you that may be of interest to you based on your likes, comments, reposts and saves. It is on the basis of your actions on Instagram that the social network algorithm selects similar materials that may be of interest to you. Under each post, Instagram shows on what basis he selected this material for you. Below the posts in the recommendations, in light gray, there is always the inscription “Popular in your country”, “Based on the photos you like”, “Based on the posts you saved” or “Based on what you shared.” >

If for some reason you see content that is completely uninteresting to you, then this can mean one of two things. These can be posts that the algorithm has selected for you based on the interests of your subscribers. The algorithm for selecting such posts only works if you are actively interacting with the profile of the person you subscribed to. Or the algorithm “made a mistake” in the search results, so irrelevant content may appear in the recommendations.

To see fewer of these posts, just click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post and select “See fewer of these posts” from the list.

How to get into Instagram recommendations?

From my personal observations, publications from business pages mainly appear in the feed of top posts. Very, very rarely you can see posts from personal accounts there. There can be no question of closed profiles, since the content of such pages is seen only by their approved subscribers. Therefore, if you have already switched to a business account, then you have every chance to get into the “Popular” section . But for this you have to work:

  • Take a look at the statistics to determine which posts and on what topics resonate the most with your subscribers. This can be determined based on the numbers on the reach and the reaction of the audience. In the process of selecting topics, it is important to remember the target audience of your page. Segment it and create interesting posts for each group. Evaluate reactions and work on bugs.
  • Start creating content for the hottest topics, diluting it with new topics from time to time, and looking at the statistics on a weekly basis. Just remember that statistics show “correct numbers” only if you do not use cheat services.
  • Post content regularly to your feed and Stories.
  • Motivate subscribers to take action in the text of your posts. Ask questions, ask yourself what they are interested in, run contests.

What not to do?

Once there was a newspaper called “AIDS Info”. By the way, the name had nothing to do with AIDS. The newspaper was positioned as a source of information “about love and family life.” Sounds pretty cute, right? What, in fact, can not be said about the real content of this tabloid press. It looked more like “scandals, intrigues, investigations.” The newspaper also had a slogan: “Join the choice of millions.”

No matter how sad it may sound, it is news that specializes in rumors, sensations, scandals, gossip about the life of famous people that arouses great interest among the population. On many social networks, including, for example, Odnoklassniki and Facebook, such news is sold like hot cakes. People are even willing to pay money to find out “who the next popular star is sleeping with or eating”.

Bloggers often use these techniques as well. For example, they shoot videos of their jogging in the city a la “in what the mother gave birth to” in order to arouse condemnation or interest in the audience. Often, any attention is better than no attention. Remember, for example, pranker Vitaly Serdyuk, who, for the sake of publicity, was ready to kiss Will Smith or show his “fifth point” on the air of Eurovision. Such antics are loved by a wide audience, and social networks can “buzz” for several days on such topics. This is something a celebrity or blogger needs.

So, things are different with Instagram. Shock content, photos from the scene of accidents, the topic of boobs and other nudity, the social network does not accept and will definitely not recommend. There are no restrictions on topics, but content of dubious quality is immediately banned, if not by users, then by Instagram itself.

“Gray methods” of cheating

There is also a category of the most resourceful who resort to the services of cheating subscribers, likes and comments. This is also not worth doing, and I will explain why. By buying subscribers, you are buying a pig in a poke. If you pay very well, then you will even get a certain amount of “live audience”, but for 500-1000 rubles you will definitely get a certain number of bots. The former may not be your target audience and will not follow the updates of your feed, and over time they will completely unsubscribe from you. Well, there is no demand from bots – they do not bring any benefit. I would say, on the contrary, the more bots you have in your subscribers, the less chances “living people” have to see your posts. Engagement is dwindling and there is less sense of the account.

It is better to use white methods and take into account the interests of your subscribers. They will thank you for this with real likes, comments and reposts.


The more often your content appears in the Popular section, the more additional traffic you will attract to your profile. You already know what to do for this. Follow the well-known rule “Aim for the moon, and if you miss, you still end up among the stars.”

Successful promotion to you! 😀

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