How to harness the dynamic creative content of Facebook ads?

How to harness the dynamic creative content of Facebook ads?

Are you using distribution testing for your Facebook ads ? Looking for a faster and more efficient way to test multiple advertising visuals?

The “Dynamic Creative Content” feature will allow you to experiment with multiple variations of a single ad.

Throughout this article, I’ll explain in detail how to harness the potential of this Facebook advertising option to identify the visual + text hook combo that works best with your target audience.

What is Facebook dynamic creative content?

The dynamic creative content generation tool will automatically offer multiple combinations of the data entered when creating your advertisement, namely:

  • visual content (images, videos)
  • the textual hook
  • the title
  • the call-to-action

The objective is to identify the formula that will work best with the target audience, in particular the one that will generate the lowest cost per result or lead to the most conversions .

This feature can only be activated for the following advertising objectives :

  • traffic
  • conversions
  • application installations

The option will be offered to you in the audience settings screen, budget , placements and duration of the countryside.

Facebook will allow you to use up to 30 creative content, namely:

  • 5 variations of titles
  • 10 images or videos
  • 5 variations of text hooks
  • 5 variations of descriptions
  • 5 variations of call-to-action buttons

When is it relevant to use dynamic creative content?

Understanding which versions of advertising content are the most successful is always beneficial, but setting up these tests can be time consuming if you plan to do it in every campaign.

In addition, since the compatible advertising objectives are limited, it might be worthwhile to use this feature during, for example, a campaign to retarget your website visitors.

As I explained earlier, this feature will only be available for the “Traffic”, “App Installs” and “Conversions” marketing objectives. This means that you won’t be able to tap into its potential if you go through the post boost .

Go to your “Ads manager” of Business Manager :

Then click on the green button “Create”:

Choose a compatible goal, name your campaign, and go to the next step. You will be offered the dynamic creative content activation insert, all you have to do is click to validate the use of this feature for your campaign:

Fill in the data necessary to set up your campaign, then go to the next step. In the advertising visual creation screen, you will then see that new options are available:

  • you can add up to 10 images / videos / slideshows

  • you can add up to 5 text hooks

  • you can add up to 5 titles

  • you can insert up to 5 call-to-action buttons

Once you have added all the content of your ad, you can generate a preview simulation of what will appear on the screen of the targeted people.

Keep in mind that whatever content you upload will have to work together, because Facebook will have control over what people see. You will not be able to create templates from the content you have submitted.

In conclusion, to achieve the best short and long term results from your Facebook ads, you will need to set up multiple tests to find out what works. This feature offered by the social network can prove to be a good tactic to save time in your learning of advertising campaigns.

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