How to hold a VKontakte contest and not get banned

How to hold a VKontakte contest and not get banned
Как провести конкурс ВКонтакте и не попасть в бан In this article we will talk about how holding a contest on the social network VKontakte can lead to a ban. We will consider this issue in detail, list all the necessary requirements for the competition and provide examples. Separately, we will tell you, point by point, what needs to be foreseen in order for the started drawing of prizes to be successful and not to cause problems.

VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia and this explains the fact that businessmen and owners of online stores were drawn to it. Having created a community, each of them is faced with the question of how to attract people to it. The easiest way to gather an audience into your group is through contests, but a mistake in running them will lead to a ban.

Why are there contests on VK?

Setting goals is the basis, without which no promotion is complete, and if you want to engage in social networks, not as a hobby, but as a specialist, then you need to learn where to start SMM promotion and then proceed from them. In this case, focusing on contests, we choose between two tasks:

  • Stimulate activity within the group;
  • Attracting new members.

Having decided, it would seem, you can start launching the competition itself, but unfortunately everything is much more complicated. In May 2014, the VKontakte administration stunned people with a statement that from now on, all groups and publics involved in contests began to be considered as traffic boosting services and, as a result, came under the threat of a ban. The news is scary because it is impossible to name a large community that has not resorted to contests at least once.

Зачем проводят конкурсы в ВК

Immediately after the announcement of this news, a series of bans followed, both groups completely dedicated to pranks and those who only tried to entertain their subscribers a little. Tons of angry reviews rained down on the VK administration, and entrepreneurs began to think about how to use Instagram to promote their business and escape from a seemingly sinking ship. The number of requests was so great that the owners of the social network had to clarify and comment.

VKontakte requirements for competitions

Only a month after the incident, the administration was forced to make a statement that competitions in themselves are not a sin, and each case will be considered individually. The owners of the groups did not have time to figure out what SMM is in simple words, as new information fell out on them, the benefit is quite specific. All those wishing to develop their communities through competitions were given two conditions.

Требования ВКонтакте к конкурсам

1. The awards for the winners must be goods or services corresponding to the group’s theme. As a condition for participation, there should be no activity aimed at increasing the audience with the help of users:

  • Invite 10 friends;
  • Send a message;
  • Type likes under the repost;
  • We will only hold a competition when 1000 participants are recruited.

For such actions, a ban will follow immediately. All conditions must be transparent, as well as the distribution of prizes is clearly shown. In good standing, VKontakte has creative events, doing them, you do not risk anything. But, if you decide to hold a contest, where the condition will be simple reposts and “Like” under a post in the community, it will be acceptable.

2. If the reward is the internal resources of VK (stickers, voices, paid gifts), any actions to increase the audience are prohibited, even simple reposts.

An example of a competition that meets the requirements of VK

Let’s look at an example of a competition that perfectly matches all the rules of the competition, and which will be impossible to find fault with. First, it should be a creative competition, with prizes from the list of your products or services that are useful specifically for your target audience.

Пример конкурса соответствующего требованиям ВК

Secondly, the task that must be completed in order to participate must be understandable and accessible to everyone. It can be a photo contest where you need to show your imagination, creative groups actively hold competitions for artists, or a requirement to write a short story on a given topic.

Thirdly, the choice of the winner must be completely transparent; in the context of creative competitions, this means that a jury will be required. It can include the administration of the group or the management of your company so that users know who deserved the prize, the jury can put likes on the works they like or conduct an online broadcast directly on VKontakte and name the winner live.

An example of a bad competition that does not meet the requirements of VK

Пример плохого конкурса несоответствующего требованиям ВК

Learning from other people’s mistakes is much easier and more effective than jumping on your own rake. Describing all bad pranks can be long and tedious, so we bring to your attention a list of what not to do, but at the same time it is not described in the prohibition, which we wrote about above:

  • Requiring a subscription to several groups of our friends to participate;
  • Give out third-party products as rewards that are not related to the topic of the group;
  • Announce a winner without a selection process;
  • Change the conditions during the event;
  • Force certain people from the administration to be friends.

Using any of these points is a direct path to the ban, even if you managed to hold 2 or 3 contests, on similar conditions and attract traffic and not get caught by the administration, this does not mean that you will not be closed at any time. If it seems to you that it is dangerous to do this yourself, it is better to use the services of an SMM specialist in Ivanovo who understands all the intricacies and is familiar with the rules. Believe me, it’s better to play fair than to lose the community as soon as it begins to develop.

What you need to do before the competition on VKontakte

So, you decided to play a product or service between your subscribers, you have learned all the rules of how not to stay at the bottom of the trough, but ahead of you lies preparation for the competition itself, during which you will have to take into account a number of subtleties. This will help the participants and will save you a lot of problems.

Что нужно сделать перед проведением конкурса в ВКонтакте

Describe the conditions in detail . First and foremost, before starting the competition, create a separate post and consider each nuance in detail. It is best to create a VKontakte Wiki page for this purpose, thanks to the advanced design options and, as a result, it is visually pleasing.

Set an exact date for the end of the competition . We have repeatedly encountered situations where the community owners did not indicate when the event they started should end. Firstly, this is the lack of specifics, which the VK administration will not like, and secondly, it scares away the participants.

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