How to “humanize” a business account for subscribers – effective business promotion on social networks

Monetization of social networks has gone so far that a social network profile switched to business mode can in some cases replace a small site. From this page, you can call, make a payment, ask the manager clarifying questions about the product, book, order delivery and carry out other actions aimed at purchasing.

Mistakes when promoting in social networks

Focusing on these key actions, business owners and their SMM managers sometimes forget about the original idea of ​​social networks and why an ordinary user starts a page there. Sign up among endless message boards? It is unlikely that this goal is pursued by a person who has come to the social network.

Как «очеловечить» бизнес-аккаунт для подписчиков — эффективное продвижение бизнеса в соцсетях

When this thesis is excluded from the focus of attention, a very repulsive situation can be observed: the entire profile is filled with advertising calls in certain parts of it. In the profile header, there is a listing of commercial merits and calls to purchase, each post talks about a product or service and also aggressively provokes actions to purchase.

If a user needs a storefront, he will satisfy his need either for an online store of this brand, or on a competitor’s network site. And the social network profile, which was not originally intended for this, at best, will be a transit stage in the sales chain.

There is a misinterpretation – the owner of a business account wants to have a “live” and active profile in the social network in the sales arsenal, but instead gets a colorful and, at the same time, a dull page, which everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. At this stage, there are two options for solving the problem: either leave the maintenance of the “product” business profile, or play according to the laws of promotion in social networks.

Competent business promotion in social networks

You need to understand the main motivation for which people spend time on social networks – content consumption, entertainment, filling in temporary breaks of the day. Commercial interest begins here when the content is interesting and engaging.

Content fascination is an individual concept and for each topic it is expressed in practice in different formats. It is important to understand who is consuming the content of a specific business profile, to compose at least a conditional psychological portrait. This will help you understand what kind of content you should fill your profile with. In one case, the emphasis is on presentation aesthetics, design and creativity, while in another it can be direct, but useful and informative content. In both cases, several needs of the subscriber are closed, which bring him closer to buying: the author’s expertise in the subject of sale and filling the airwaves with interesting content. The relationship is visible here: while consuming interesting content, the subscriber is constantly in attention to the product or service, which means that the probability of purchase increases.

By adapting all parts of the business profile to the desires of the audience, the owner of the profile gets her location and increasing it, reduces the psychological barrier to purchase.

Как «очеловечить» бизнес-аккаунт для подписчиков — эффективное продвижение бизнеса в соцсетях

Starting to implement this technique, you need to understand that entertaining and useful content should be more than 60% percent in the profile. And the selling content should be either in the form of a showcase of goods, or very natively presented in the part of posts, adapted to the general concept of the profile. By the way, speaking of the concept, it is worth noting it as the main useful component of a profile’s presence on platforms. The main idea, what is it, what gives this content to people? Having defined the main idea, it will become much easier to create a content grid and choose the language of communication with the audience.

When the language has been found and the dialogue has begun, it is important, being happy, not to lose it. It is often possible to observe situations when, after several activities, an open sale begins. It is important to stay on course. Keeping self-control and commercial composure, there is a chance to reach the point where the business profile starts converting sales in the SMM promotion of the project.

The main thing that should be noted is the energy consumption for business promotion in social networks, which is growing every year. But experience shows that those companies that gave meaning to this task, saw the future in it and planned actions, now receive tangible profits. It’s just important to remember that the daily audience of social networks today is hundreds of millions of people, they are solvent and they have time to study your product!

Как «очеловечить» бизнес-аккаунт для подписчиков — эффективное продвижение бизнеса в соцсетях

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