How to increase your reach on Instagram?

How to increase your reach on Instagram?

Instagram has reached the saturation point we saw on Facebook a few years ago. What does it mean? That the website is crowded – the content is far too much for the attention that we can devote to them. This leads to a decline in reach both in terms of posts as well as a reduced number of Instagram Stories views. Is there anything else you can do to reverse this process? Definitely not. However, there are some ways in which you will be able to increase your reach on Instagram.

Be warned right away – the tips below will not make your reach suddenly increase at least twice. Currently, I have the impression that even the best content cannot do this. In fact, what you need is a bit of luck combined with skillful connection to temporary trends. Celebrities and influencers can count on gossip sites to embed their posts in their texts (something like “A famous star in a skimpy bikini strains on the beach”). What can brands count on? Mainly for paid advertising activities, which depend anyway on … the quality of the content we want to advertise.

Galleries on Instagram

Unfortunately, they have been working a little less recently due to quite important, but unnoticed by the industry change (yes, yes… in Poland, you still talk about hashtags, and you don’t see the most important things). Well, a few months ago, when we looked at all the posts in the feed on Instagram, the website was showing us older content that we had already seen. And here galleries were riding in on a white horse – so every time we saw them again, we were shown a different photo. Thanks to this, there was a real chance that the next exposure of the post in the form of a gallery would trigger engagement (like, comment, check other photos).

Currently, Instagram, after “digging to the end” of posts from observed accounts, shows us its suggestions from accounts that we do not follow. It does it based on our previous behavior. Hashtags play an important role here, but more on that in the next paragraph.

However, galleries are a kind of posts that attract people for longer. Viewing them takes precious fractions of a second. And it is the time we spend on posts that has been a key indicator of engagement for some time both on Facebook and Instagram. This was clearly shown in the document Social Dilemma on Netflix (click on the link and read my opinion on this movie).

The question remains – is it better to publish a gallery of 3 photos or 3 separate posts one photo each. My answer is a little brazen. If you want to achieve results on Instagram, get to work on your content and publish 3 galleries of 3 images 😛 It’s not easy now and you have to try harder than a few years ago.

” Understanding social media “- a book that will guide you through the most important aspects of social media, their impact on the psyche, impact on entire societies and how we use.

Instagram comments

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? What improves the reach on Instagram: a comment or the fact that writing it increases the time we spend on a specific post? All in all, it doesn’t matter from your point of view. Try to ask questions of your followers, let them express their opinion, share their experiences. Just remember that asking questions in each post will get boring to your followers, possibly even making them angry.

You can merge comments with galleries, but don’t ask which photo is prettier, because you will get short answers like “first”, “2” etc. Such comments will not help much in increasing your posting time and reach.


In general, for 2-3 years social media specialists from the USA have been pointing out that hashtags do not give a reach kick. This is due to several issues. First of all, quite a small number of people and the frequency of using the “explore” tab by them. Secondly, the amount of content is enormous, so Instagram pushes us rather content from large accounts, where they have already managed to get some commitment. The only hope is to change the mechanism of displaying the feed with posts, which I wrote about in the above paragraph about posts in the form of a gallery.

If you still want to find out how hashtags work, I invite you to post below.

Hashtag – how to use Instagram and Facebook

Instagram Stories

Their ranges are a slightly different topic that I will discuss in a separate post. However, there are several ways to use them to increase your post reach.

First of all, post any new published post on Stories with info about the new post. The number of redirects will not be large, but always something. Especially since we spend more and more time on Stories, instead of feed. Just remember not to do stories right away after publishing your post – wait a few hours to reach people who haven’t seen your post yet.

Show your Stories backstage of your activities and encourage you to check your posts on your profile. Photographers who take a sneak peek at Stories during sessions and publish the results of their work as posts only in a few days.

How to make interesting InstaStories?

To sum up, we have a replay of entertainment, which is what happened a few years ago on Facebook. There are too many content creators, we don’t spend too much time on Instagram. Dips in reach are inevitable and there is no chance of going back to what it used to be. It’s definitely better to look for opportunities on other platforms when it comes to organic ranges. This is the last moment for many to jump on TikTok , who will face the same fate over time.

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