How to Instagram a photographer

How to Instagram a photographer

With Instagram, a photographer can reach new audiences and share their work with more people. But how should a photographer manage Instagram and what information should be published in his account? Such questions are often asked by beginners. In order to properly use the social network for your purposes, it is important to follow some recommendations.

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Purpose of maintaining an Instagram account

A photographer needs Instagram for several reasons:

  • content rendering. Instagram is an ideal platform for visuals, as it allows you to reach a large audience of users around the world in a short time.
  • speed of spread – interesting photos spread quickly across the web. The word of mouth method is widely used. Therefore, in order to receive advertising, a photographer only needs to upload interesting photos and update them regularly.
  • emphasis on the professional qualities of a specialist. Each photographer has individual characteristics that set his work apart from others. The social network allows you to find the “right” clients for photo shoots.

Should I choose a personal account or a professional one?

When choosing an account type for a photographer, a personal page is considered the most appropriate. When choosing a specialist, many users are interested not only in his work and the shooting process, but also in his personality. Photos from everyday life allow clients to get to know the photographer better and make their choice.

However, when posting photos from your personal life, do not forget that the account is used to attract customers. Therefore, all photographs taken must be of high quality and interesting. In this case, the client will have a desire not only to view the work, but also to order a photo session.

Account Registration

To attract customers and advertise services, it is necessary to select bright works that will be displayed for everyone to see. In the process of page design, it is recommended to use the name of the specialist, and not aliases. The absence of pseudonyms attracts clients to the photographer, and makes the process of communication pleasant.

Инстаграм фотографа

Basic information

Remember that a well-formed account is more effective in attracting customers. Therefore, at first glance, it should be clear who you are and what you do. We recommend:

  • An avatar should attract attention. You don’t have to use your own portrait, it might be one of the works you are most proud of. It is necessary to use only high-quality work that will emphasize professionalism.
  • Information about yourself should be comprehensive so that a casual visitor to your page immediately understands who you are and what you offer. In 150 characters, you need to tell why you need to contact you if you want to get a cool photo shoot. This field should be filled in in the language of your potential audience. If you work all over the world, you should immediately fill out the bio in English.
    Инстаграм фотографа
  • Nickname should be simple and not contain complex combinations. It is appropriate to add the word “photo” or “photographer“ to your name, since the selected nickname is indexed by search engines.
  • Specify contacts. For quick communication, clients must have several types of contacts. If the photographer has a photo studio, you must specify the address where users can contact if necessary.
    Инстаграм Фотографа
  • Photos must have a flavor – to attract attention, the work must stand out. To do this, use special effects or interesting captions on the pictures.

The first impression of an account is of great importance, therefore it is necessary to approach its design with full responsibility.

Visual component

Инстаграм Фотографа

An important role for the visual assessment of professionalism is the presence of a portfolio. Just posting a photo will not catch the attention of your target audience. Use the following tips to organize your pictures:

  • It is necessary to designate at least 10 high-quality images. The work should have a different direction so that clients can find something for themselves in them.
  • Pictures of different directions can be decorated in a certain tone. This will attract attention and make it easier to review the work.
  • Frames can be used to visually separate one photo from another.
  • One snapshot can be split into several separate ones, which will create a complete image.
    Паззл из фото
  • Upload several pictures from one photo session, it looks harmonious in terms of colors and allows the client to understand what kind of photos he can get if he turns to you for a service.

Text content

There are many content options. Correctly selected text allows you to convince clients to apply for the specified service.

Content can be of the following types:

  • informational – news that the photographer shares with his subscribers, useful tips and advice from a specialist.
  • entertaining – description of interesting subjects from the life of a photographer. It can also describe contingencies and interesting problem-solving techniques.
  • engaging – contests and subscriber polls. You should not be shy about submitting testimonials from your customers. The basic rule is to have reviews from real people. Often photographers use video reviews after the photo session, this allows them to convey the real emotions of clients.
  • seller – description of services. Advertising of new products and upcoming thematic photo sessions.


For the effectiveness of your Instagram account, you need to correctly draw up a content plan. An example is the following plan for a photographer:

  • summing up the past week;
  • poll of subscribers. For example, on the topic “What is important to you when viewing a photographer’s site”;
  • please create a post for the image – the most unique post will be published;
  • useful tips for subscribers. For example, how to properly prepare a child for a photo session;
  • getting feedback from subscribers about the new shooting style;
  • conducting an acquaintance. Ask to write your zodiac sign (such contact with subscribers allows you to find something in common with them and continue the dialogue);
  • a description of the services that are included in the shooting process (the number of processed photos, the services of a make-up artist, etc.);
  • promotion for regular customers (for example, bring a friend and get a discount for a photo session).

The plan can be drawn up by each specialist individually, depending on personal working methods.

Stories for a photographer

Instagram Stories matter, especially if the photographer doesn’t have a loyal customer base. Here you can post moments from your life. When choosing information for stories, each photographer can take an individual direction. These can be video reviews of clients, moments from the process of conducting a photo session. However, you must follow all the rules of social networks and do not use provocative materials, or photos of clients who have not given their consent to the publication.

If you have subscribers of 10 thousand or more, you can specify a link to your work profile in Stories. Interesting moments from everyday life will also attract the audience. Anything that did not find a place in the feed can be safely published in a story. If it is recommended to add 1-2 posts per day to the feed, so as not to look intrusive, then it is recommended to make at least 3-5 posts daily in Stories.

Remember that any content published in Stories disappears after a day – this is a minus, but all Instagram users see it – this is a big plus. Therefore, the number of views, likes and comments under such publications most often exceeds the number of subscribers.

How to promote the page and attract customers

Patience is important for page promotion. To get customers, you need to stick to the main theme, post new posts on a regular basis, and properly promote your account.

Correct hashtags


It is necessary to use highly targeted and mid-range hashtags. Correctly selected hashtags will help the photographer in promoting services, and users in finding information.

The photo must contain hashtags with the type of activity of the specialist. For example, #wedding_photosession will allow a professional who is involved in wedding photography to get ahead. It is recommended to place hashtags in the description of works.

Popular tags for a photographer: #photo, #photographer, #photos, #photograph, #instaphoto, #photographer, #photograph, #photoset, #photo shoot.

It is recommended to place hashtags in the description of your photographs.

Хэштеги фотографа


Using geolocation allows you to mark the place on the photo where the photo session took place. This feature is convenient for clients who are nearby and want to get the same photo session. Geolocation is also an advantage for photographers who travel a lot and shoot in other countries.


The Instaplus service will help you to promote your personal Instagram page without significant time investment. With its help, a specialist will be able to advertise his services and get additional clients.

Using Instaplus means using the following tools:

  • Massliking. This method implies a massive subscription to the pages of users from the target audience. Thus, your profile of the photographer is displayed in the user’s news feed from the target audience and each interested person gets the opportunity to subscribe in response to your page and view the portfolio of works.
  • Massfollowing. Provides attraction of the target audience through likes. You can, of course, manually add likes on the pages of your target audience, but it’s better to automate this process. The response will not be long in coming.

Using these methods, a beginner photographer has the opportunity to gain subscribers and advertise their services in a short time.

Try Instaplus for free


The essence of the collaboration is in collaboration with well-known brands to advertise services. The photographer offers free photo sessions with the right to post photos in his portfolio. The second option – on the images of well-known brands, the name of the professional who took the photo and his contact details are indicated.

Инстаграм фотографа0


The decision to use Instagram to get new customers requires an investment in advertising. You can use official advertising and publish your ads on the social network. Also, to get new subscribers and customers, you can use the services of famous bloggers. This method involves the creation of videos, photos, in which the main purpose is to advertise the services of a photographer.

Tips and tricks

Инстаграм фотографа1

In order for a photographer’s Instagram to work, you should regularly fill your profile with interesting photos. To facilitate the process, you need to consider the following recommendations:

  • In order for a page to be used as an advertisement, it must “live” – ​​regularly add professional photos, posts, reply to subscribers.
  • If you have uploaded a photo, but do not know what to write in its signature, you can specify information about the people who took part in the shooting. The photographer can also describe the shooting process or point out unforeseen situations that arose during the work.
  • In addition to professional photos, it is worth publishing recommendations and advice on preparing for a photo shoot and choosing a style and pose. Many users prefer to subscribe to accounts that contain useful information.
  • It is important to answer user questions in a timely manner. Talking to your audience helps you improve your account. By using simple questions and analyzing subscribers’ responses, you can win over current and future customers.
  • Play free photo sessions. These regular offers can help you attract more subscribers to your page.
  • The page should not contain information that does not correspond to reality; you should not deliberately underestimate the cost of a photo session to attract customers. When communicating, it is necessary to indicate the real cost of services, since negative reviews spread very quickly and can harm even a specialist with extensive experience.


Social networks allow you to offer your services and attract new customers from the comfort of your home. An Instagram photographer should have not only a portfolio with high-quality photos, but also enticing content for people to subscribe to a profile. Two-way communication with each of the subscribers is one of the ways to fill your base with regular customers in a short time.

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