How to Instagram an artist

How to Instagram an artist

With the advent of Instagram, artists, illustrators and designers have a great opportunity to share their work with the world around them. This social platform is the best way to showcase your work and get feedback from the audience. But how do you get noticed? How to keep an artist on Instagram and gather a grateful audience of subscribers around him? It’s not enough just to draw well and upload high-quality photos. You also need to be able to promote your page.

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Purpose of maintaining an Instagram account

Every talent needs a competent art manager for productive advancement in the art field. His task is to organize new useful acquaintances, search for clients, help with sales. The starting point for the meteoric rise of a career can be a recommendation from a public person, cooperation with art galleries. But in fact, even attracting the attention of a sensible art manager is problematic and even more difficult to monetize a business.

Often, in order to successfully sell work, you first need to invest several years in promoting the artist himself. But everything can change dramatically if you start an Instagram account. On this social network you can:

  • showcase your work to the public;
  • grab the attention of fans;
  • unwind name;
  • search for the right people;
  • sell paintings.

A well-crafted and well-promoted Instagram account can replace years of working with an art dealer. Why Instagram? The thing is that this social network was developed specifically for visual content and it is he who is the “calling card” of each account. An artist’s Instagram can become his virtual gallery, which can be opened at no special cost. But for this gallery to be successful, you need to pay due attention to its promotion.

Should I choose a personal account or a professional one?

Инстаграм художника

Instagram can be your devoted companion in promoting talent, but a clear sequence of actions is important. Already when registering an account, you must define the future concept of your page.

Artists who come to promote on Instagram have two ways:

  1. Promote a personal account, where pictures of works will be present next to photos from various moments of life.
  2. Create a professional account in which only works will be promoted. No life stories or personal photos.

A personal account is more suitable for the soul and self-realization. With it, you can attract more fans and find an emotional response from them. A professional account is designed primarily to promote a name in art culture. It is easier to make influential contacts and organize sales with him.

Which path to choose for promotion is up to you. Both of them can be successful with the right approach to the issue.

Account registration

Before you start promoting your account, you need to arrange it properly. You can be a very talented artist, but you may not notice it if the account looks not interesting. You need to hook users from the first seconds.

Basic information

At a glance at your profile, it should be clear who you are and what you do, and for this, the basic profile information must be filled in correctly. And the first thing you have to decide on is a nickname.

An Instagram nickname has to be memorable. Consider also the fact that the selected alias is indexed by search engines, so it is a good idea to include a keyword in it. It is logical for an artist to insert the word “art” into his nickname.

Инстаграм художника

Please note that only Latin characters can be used to compose a nickname and there should be no more than thirty of them. Separations between words can be distinguished by case or “_” sign.

The next thing users get to know when opening the page is the description of the BIO. You can add only 150 characters to the “About Me” section, with which you need to convince a potential subscriber that you deserve his attention. Tell your guests who you are, how you are useful, and why they should follow you. Sentences should be concise and clear. You can add emojis and emoticons.

Инстаграм художника

A very important point is the choice of an avatar. Instagram has a round avatar that is only 110 pixels in size, so there should be nothing extra on the image. The ideal avatar is bright, contrasting, does not contain small details and reflects the essence of the account. You can set your best photo with a large face, or your work, which you are proud of, but it is better if it is without small details.

Visual component

When the basic information of the profile is filled in, you can proceed to filling it with content. The main content of an artist’s profile is images of his work. How exactly you want to share your art with subscribers is up to you. But remember that you are going to create a strong bond between your work and your fans.

Today, just posting beautiful images is no longer enough to promote on Instagram. You need to be able to submit them as part of a social network profile. Just a set of pretty images will look chaotic and hardly aesthetically appealing to anyone. Use the following techniques to organize your visual content:

  • Bring your work into geometric white or colored frames. This is ideal for artist portfolios, as the frame visually separates one image from another and focuses on the image itself. At the same time, the work in the profile grid looks harmonious.
    Инстаграм художника
  • Assemble the puzzle. Divide the image of one work into 9 or 12 separate photos and publish them one by one so that you get a big coherent picture.
    Паззл из фото
  • Try to choose images that are similar in color and tone. This can be especially easy to do if your paintings are themselves connected by a common theme or color scheme. If using a single color is very restrictive, try to create smooth transitions between pictures.
    Инстаграм художника

The main thing in a beautiful presentation of visual content is to choose the right style and stick to it.

Text content

Don’t turn your account into an impersonal catalog of your work. You can add a text description to each image, which will make the content even more useful and create an atmosphere of live communication.

It is recommended to draw up a content plan that will help to harmoniously interact with the audience. There are several main types of content:

  • Informational. This is useful information for the readers. For example, master classes, tips, etc. In the description of the paintings, you can tell the story that inspired you to create them, the techniques and tools used, verbally reveal the images depicted.
  • Selling. Advertising posts describing your benefits, or, for example, advertising your participation in various art exhibitions.
  • Engaging. This is content that engages users in communication. For example, polls, giveaways.
  • Entertainment content. In this category of content, you can share anything with subscribers. For example, tell what inspires you, share the best films about artists, etc.

Different types of content should be alternated with each other and not “bomb” subscribers with only advertising posts or only polls. Everything is good in moderation. It is recommended to publish no more than one post per day, and its category should change every day.


Instagram Stories is a creative space where you are limited only by your imagination. In this category, you can publish any content. For example:

  • show short videos of the work process;
  • talk about the techniques used;
  • upload photos “before and after”;
  • share moments from your personal life, etc.

Any content will disappear after 24 hours. Therefore, in Stories, you can post something that is not suitable for posting to the feed. Important posts can be grouped into eternal stories.

It is recommended to add 1-2 posts a day to the feed, so as not to seem intrusive. You should make at least 3-5 publications daily in Stories. Another plus of using this section of Instagram is high audience reach rates due to chronological order.

How to promote the page and attract customers

The next step in promotion is account promotion. Unfortunately, no matter how talented you are, crowds of users will not “run” immediately to subscribe to your account. At least, because they will not see it on the Internet. Users need help finding you so they can feel your creativity.

Correct hashtags

To make sure your post can be found on Instagram, always add the correct tags to it. The social network allows you to add up to 30 tags under one post. Popular tags among artists : #artist, #oil painting, #painting, #art, #image, #gallery, #picture, #painting .

Choose related hashtags depending on the topic of the post. You can arm yourself with a few tags from popular art communities. So the community administration can notice your work, and if you like them very much, publish them at home.

You can also come up with your own branded hashtag and promote it. In the future, users will be able to search for your work and news about you through this hashtag.


Mark geolocation. This will help attract your target audience if you publish geotagged posts where your target audience is most often. If you managed to attend some significant and fashionable event, then share the tag where it took place in order to once again declare yourself on the social network.


In the productive promotion of a profile, you simply cannot do without such tools as massliking and massfollowing. They allow you to quickly draw attention to your account and gain subscribers.

Massliking and mass following are tools for promotion that do not require much effort. You just need to select users related to the target audience, like and subscribe to them to attract attention and in the hope of reciprocity.

And although special skills are not required, it can take a lot of time, so there is practically no time left for creativity. The way out is to use special tools from InstaPlus. The service allows you to fully automate the promotion on Instagram. You can select target audience by hashtags, geolocations, subscribers of competitors and other parameters, and then set up automatic placement of likes, subscriptions, posting comments and even imitation of live communication in Direct. All this will save you time and effort in promoting the page. In addition, the first 5 days of the service can be used free of charge.


Инстаграм художника

When you already have a lot of followers, you can enter into various collaborations with related brands for mutual PR. For example, you can advertise on your page a store that sells goods for creativity, or art galleries and events in them, and they instead advertise your work and mention your name.

You should also subscribe to other artists, like and comment on their publications. Someone will certainly notice your comment or find your profile among followers. If a random guest is interested in your work, he will become your subscriber as well.


Of course, no one canceled the promotion through advertising. True, unlike the previous methods, this may require large investments.

Recently, advertising with Opinion Leaders has been gaining special popularity. By ordering ads from a blogger, you get a loyal audience that is really ready to listen to ads. But finding a good blogger who can provide good promotion is not so easy.

If you are the owner of a business account, then the opportunity to order targeted advertising on Instagram is also open for you. It can significantly increase the reach of your audience, but whether the number of subscribers will increase from this depends on the quality of your profile design.

Tips and tricks

Мобильная фотография

Instagram marketing has the same rules for any niche. They must be considered if you want to not only attract fans, but also keep them. Here are some simple tips to help you:

  • Irregular comprehension kills. The more you post, the more attention and traffic you get to your page. Make posting on Instagram a must on your daily diet.
  • Learn how to edit short videos. With their help, you can create interesting content for Stories. In particular, the cuts of the painting process are highly appreciated by subscribers.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off your personality. Instagram users are watching the personal lives of account holders with particular interest and are not very fond of faceless pages.
  • Be sure to chat with your followers and engage them in live communication. Ask their opinion about the next job, consult and discuss. This is useful not only for promoting content using Instagram algorithms, but also for increasing user loyalty to you.

Thanks to Instagram, any artist can make a name for himself, regardless of existing connections, financial condition and position in society. You just need to be able to properly design and promote your profile on a social network, but do not forget that this is a rather difficult work, the effectiveness of which depends on many nuances.

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