How to interact with Instagram bloggers in 2021

How to interact with Instagram bloggers in 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. Therefore, it is not surprising that advertising on this site is highly effective. People trust the bloggers they follow, which means that the likelihood that they will want to order the advertised products is quite high. An advertiser needs to know how to interact with bloggers if they plan to advertise on Instagram.

Where to start

One publication in a well-known blog is more effective than advertising through other channels (Internet resources, radio broadcasts, television, print publications). Blog owners have followers who respect and trust them. The publication in which your products are advertised will provide a better effect than monotonous banners and videos. The main thing is that the post looks like a recommendation from a blogger, and not a direct advertisement. However, to get a great result, you need to do it right.

Tidy up your advertising profile

A well-known blogger with a good reputation will not advertise profiles with a couple of boring posts and a dozen followers. Therefore, before making suggestions to a blogger, you need to do some preparation. Your account must meet these criteria:

  1. Quality content. There should be no low-quality photos and videos on the page. The profile should have its own unique style. The essence of your activity should be succinctly described.
  2. Availability of at least 30 publications.
  3. Have at least 1000 followers.
  4. There are active followers who leave comments, like posts.
  5. There are reviews from customers, you communicate with the audience.

In the last posts, you need to describe the product that you plan to advertise. This is necessary so that the influencer can immediately see him and decide whether he will advertise your products.

Find a blogger and check him out

Use trendHERO to find the right influencer and check it out. It searches a database of 16 million profiles to find the best blogger to advertise. Accounts are analyzed using more than 90 metrics. So, you can check the blog for cheating. You should not entrust the advertising of a product to a blogger who winds up followers, likes, comments.

trendHERO главная

You can search for influencers by the following parameters:

  1. Demography – search by city, state, language.
  2. Followers – you can search for micro and macro bloggers, as well as search by subscriber growth.
  3. Engagement – Search by average number of likes and comments.
  4. Activity – only get a list of bloggers who have posted content recently.

Аудит trendHERO
It is possible to check several accounts for free, for further work you need to purchase a subscription.

How to communicate with the blogger you want to order advertising from

Blog owners with a large number of subscribers often post contact information in the BIO. You need to realize that you will communicate with a living person, and not with, for example, a banking organization. For this reason, it is necessary to approach each blogger individually. The main thing is to follow the basic rules of communication.

The blogger doesn’t owe you anything. He will either agree to work with you, or refuse for certain reasons. If the blog owner has refused to cooperate, there is no need to ask him why he did it, and even more so to persuade him to change his mind.

Appreciate your and someone else’s time – state your own wishes in a succinct form, write or call the blogger during working hours. Don’t be familiar, flattering. You can bargain, but do not try to bring down the price too much. Also, do not send template letters, show your individuality.

Selecting a communication channel

The best option is to write in a personal on Instagram, but only if the profile does not say otherwise. Email is not the best form of communication, because bloggers receive dozens or even hundreds of emails a day. In addition, communication through her becomes too “commercial”. Instagram users are used to constantly chatting in PM.

You can also use various messengers:

  • WhatsApp;
  • Viber;
  • Telegram.

Another option is personal correspondence on Facebook and VKontakte social networks. Almost all bloggers have profiles on these social networks.

How to contact a blogger

For a blogger to agree to cooperate with you, you need to take the time to write a welcome letter. Greet the person, introduce yourself. Also find something you like on the blogger’s page and give a sincere compliment.

Tell us why you want to partner with this particular blog owner. The compliance of the advertised product with the blog topic, the attractiveness of the product for profile subscribers – there may be different reasons.

Write what field of activity the business belongs to, what makes your products unique and useful for people. Voice your own wishes regarding the format of advertising publications.

Tell the blogger what you can offer him in exchange for advertising. This is especially important at the initial stage, when advertising budgets are quite small. Read how the blog owner wants to get paid. As a result, you must either come to a compromise or start looking for another influencer.

What to write for a blogger to respond

It is recommended that you become a blog follower before sending your first post to the blog owner. Comment meaningfully on his publications for 6-8 weeks. It will take some time for a blogger to see you and start to relate positively.

Do not send messages to a potential influencer with a request to meet, upload your image. Suppress this desire in yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of a famous blogger. They are regularly approached with requests, so the last thing they want to see is another similar proposal. If you immediately ask the blog owner to do something for you, they are almost guaranteed to ignore the message.

Remember the rule “it is better to provide something than take something away.” Offer the blogger, for example, a free shirt, a makeup sample, or another useful item. Even a simple greeting and praise for a user’s posts greatly increases the likelihood of successful collaboration. You need to reach an understanding and let the blog owner know that you really want to work with him.

Which ad format to choose

The effectiveness of marketing in the social network depends on how correctly the advertising format is chosen. The blog owner can offer formats such as stories, photos, videos. Consider user content, reach statistics. Ask the influencer what his followers like, what the prices are.

By observing the blog owner’s feed, you cannot reliably determine which format is causing the most audience engagement. Yes, you can look at what type of posts prevail in the feed, what posts are most actively liked and commented on. However, all these are indirect signs. It so happens that a series of stories for 60 thousand rubles. works 4 times more efficiently than a video for 120 thousand. And the opposite can happen – stories for 50 thousand fail, and a video for 250 thousand ensures an influx of customers.

Find out how long a post is in the feed, as well as the cost of posting on an ongoing basis. After that, determine what format the ad should be in:

  • native photography;
  • storytelling;
  • native video insertion;
  • ambassadorship (the blogger will represent your interests on the web on a long-term basis).

How to negotiate

Find out if the blogger agrees to advertise your products. Tell him what he will receive as payment for marketing – money, advertised products. Determine the format in which the ad will be displayed. It can be either direct or native. It is recommended to choose the 2nd option as it is more efficient.

Discuss how the blogger will get paid for advertising. Find out when the advertising post will be published, if it can be posted at the most convenient time for you (for example, in the evening, when the activity of followers reaches its peak).

What to ask a blogger about before ordering an advertisement

When offering blogger partnerships, be sure to ask the potential candidate the following:

  • how often he will publish ads, on what days he will do it and when;
  • what is the cost of his services;
  • in what format the ad will be published.

How to negotiate a price

Блогер и стилист Маргарита Мурадова
You can pay for the blogger’s services in full with money, or offer him money plus your products.

It can also be a joint activity. For example, you can organize an Instagram contest with an influencer, in which your product will be the prize. Most blog owners are interested in increasing the engagement of followers, increasing their number. For this reason, co-op is a good payment option.

You can offer mutual PR. This payment method is suitable if you and the influencer have approximately the same accounts in terms of the number of followers, activity, and thematic focus.

Drafting the TOR

In view of the fact that the advertising publication will most likely be in the form of a recommendation and the influencer himself will create it, give him the terms of reference and materials that can be used when composing a post. In the terms of reference, you need to describe in detail the idea of ​​the publication; indicate the day and time of its release, the number of required posts; prescribe the mandatory components of an advertising post (caption to a photo / video, a unique brand hashtag, a link to an account).

Before an influencer publishes a post, read it, determine if it meets your requirements and then give the go-ahead for publication. It is also worth asking the blog owner for additional contacts so that if there are any overlaps, you can quickly get in touch with him.

The most common problems are:

  • the influencer does not meet deadlines, does not respond to messages, or severely delays responses;
  • the blogger is working in parallel with advertisers who are competing with you;
  • the influencer has no mood for work, he answers you rudely, dryly;
  • The blog owner is not being creative, which results in poor quality posts with ads.

Having decided to place an advertisement on Instagram, tune in to cooperate with different people, get ready for the fact that there may be problems. Gradually, you will build a database of accounts that advertise your products most effectively, and you will stop working with bloggers who make low-quality posts.

How to control the quality of work?

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The key parameter is coverage. Determine how many views a post with an advertisement got, how many unique users saw it. Ask the influencer or their manager to send you a screenshot of the internal profile statistics. This way you can see how many people watched the video before the ad insert and how many left immediately after it.

The effectiveness of advertising can be determined by how people reacted to it, by the level of their involvement. Pay attention to the number of likes, comments. Check out the comments under the advertising publication, find out how many of them are related to your brand. If users reacted negatively to your ad insert or your brand, that’s okay, that’s okay. It is much worse if subscribers write about the low quality of advertising, its artificiality, or there are no comments related to the brand at all.

Links provide an opportunity not only to redirect the influencer’s followers to your site, but also to determine the number of clicks and conversions. The link can be embedded in a video, published in a story.

How to communicate with the blogger’s manager?

You can communicate with the influencer manager in an official manner. Ensure that what you agreed with him, was recorded. Screen messages in PM or messengers. So you can, in case of any problems, determine what is the reason for the appearance of overlaps. Ask the manager to send you his correspondence with the blog owner to determine what caused the overlap.

Tips for a successful collaboration

Do not expect anything in return. Did you give lipstick, a shirt, a computer mouse as a gift, repost photos, advertise a blogger, but he did not answer you? This is a completely normal situation. If the blog owner hasn’t responded to your gesture, they probably have no plans to collaborate with you. There is no need to encourage a blogger to do something for which he has no desire – it is unlikely that his advertising will be effective. It will not have the main thing – sincerity.

Be polite. Often, advertisers send a blogger a letter with an offer of cooperation, in which they do not even greet the person. But it depends on the initial communication whether the subsequent cooperation will improve. In addition to the absence of words of greeting, there are still many manifestations of impoliteness – long replies to letters or their complete absence, phone calls late at night, failure to fulfill promises.

Lack of personification can also be counted as a manifestation of impoliteness. The official appeal “Good afternoon” is appropriate when you are contacting a large company and do not know the name of the person with whom you will work. In the case of an influencer, you are referring to a specific person who may be offended by an impersonal appeal, so contact the blogger personally.

Do not invite the blog owner to write about events to which he has nothing to do. If you want a blogger to talk about your events, invite him to them.


Knowing how to offer cooperation and communicate with an influencer in the future, you can effectively advertise your products and services on Instagram. This is not the easiest marketing method, as an advertiser needs to spend a lot of his time looking for a blogger, communicating with him, and checking the quality of work. However, the high efficiency of advertising on Instagram compensates for all this, so be sure to consider this method of promoting your products and services.

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