How to make a GIF and your own sticker for Stories

How to make a GIF and your own sticker for Stories

GIF on Instagram is the most relevant and trendy format for presenting information. With its help, you can easily share feelings, emotions and experiences with the public, increasing its coverage, raising activity. Currently, the GIF format is at the peak of its popularity, it acts as an effective tool for promotion, attracting new subscribers.

GIFs are animated pictures and images. If you still do not understand what a gif is, then see my example. Just don’t judge harshly. I quickly created this hallucinogenic GIF with as many effects as possible. You can create your own too. In this article I will explain and show you how to do this.

A plump relative of Garfield’s cat sits on the GIF in the corner in the left corner. This is called a sticker. Following the lead of celebrities who create their own stickers, you can create and download a trending GIF sticker pack too. Everything you need to know about GIFs can be found in this article.


How to create your own GIF

To do this, you need to use the base of the electronic library of animated files GIPHY. GIPHY is the most powerful GIF library on the Internet. It is with him that Instagram supports integration, allowing its users to post funny memes and pictures.

This service requires registration on the site. The fastest way to do this is by registering with Facebook. Unless, of course, you have an account there. If not, then “in the old fashioned way”: enter the mail, come up with a username and password. It’s not hard. But a little time consuming. Now let’s start creating the GIF itself.

6 steps to your own GIF

  1. At the top right, you see 2 buttons: “Upload” and “Create”. Click on “Create”. gif-maker
  2. Next, you will be prompted to choose to upload your photos, videos or insert a link to the site. When uploading a video, you must take into account that its size should be no more than 100B MB and no longer than 15 seconds in duration.
  3. Move the sliders to select the duration of your GIF. The maximum time is 7.5 seconds.
  4. Your next step may be the process of “decorating” the gif. You can write text or choose an animated “Title”. The font and color are corrected. This is optional. If you flip through the tabs on the right in the menu, you will find at least 3 more functions for decorating your GIF. This is adding stickers, filters and pictures. There are plenty to choose from.
  5. The next step in creating a gif is to add tags separated by commas and the URL of the source (if there is one). Here you can change the privacy of your GIF from public to private. Private GIFs are not visible to anyone but yourself.
  6. When done, click the Upload to GIFY button and wait for the GIF creation process to complete.
  7. Congratulations! Your first GIF is ready. Now you can share it on almost any social network.

As you can see, absolutely anyone can create their own gif. And if you decide to do it seriously, you can register as a brand or artist. But for this you will need to have at least 5 ready-made gifs in your profile and additionally go through the verification of the service. After passing the verification, you automatically get access to all the tools of the service, you can interact with its artists and designers and order the development of gifs from them.

Create GIFs and stickers like an artist

After passing the verification, you can start uploading copyright gifs and stickers. Please note that GIFs will only appear on Instagram Stories when posted as stickers.

The following rules must be followed when creating GIF stickers:

  • must be GIF (APNG not supported)
  • minimum size – 500-600 pixels, even height and width
  • required color mode – RGB
  • the GIF must be looped when exporting.
  • each GIF sticker must contain 5 to 10 tags.

After uploading the stickers, check if they appear in the general search on Instagram. To do this, type in a key phrase or tag into the appropriate line and click on the “Find” button. It takes about a week to fully download the sticker pack.

Where and how to find ready-made stickers for Stories

If you don’t want to create your own stickers for Stories, you can always use the ones that Instagram offers. Moreover, they are frequently updated. How to find and attach a sticker to a Story, read below:

  1. Login to Instagram from your phone and click on the add Stories button.
  2. Swipe the screen up or click on the button located in the upper right corner.
  3. A menu will open where you must select the GIF stickers section.
  4. After completing these steps, you will be taken to the directory of popular gifs from GIPHY. If none of the provided animations fit your Story, you can use the search engine.
  5. In the “Search by GIPHY” line, enter your keyword. This is best done in English.
  6. Choose a suitable animation.
  7. Click on the animation and it will automatically appear in your photo / video. You can drag it anywhere on the screen with your fingers.instagram-stickers

How and where to use GIFs

After creating the gif, you will want to post it on social networks. One of these networks will be Instagram. When you try to share a gif from the GIFY library, you will see a window with a notification that Instagram does not support this function from the web. But the service will ask for your email in order to send you this GIF in .mp4 format. instagram-share
If you have the Mail application on your phone, you can simply save this file directly to your phone from this letter. And then publish it in Stories, adding whatever you want to it. You will not be able to publish a gif file on the main news page. Instagram allows its users to freely share photos and videos in the feed. But when published, GIFs will be posted as standard, static images and will lose all their attractiveness.

If now you thought that you were in vain doing all this way “from a beginner to a master of the Jedi gifs”, then “above your nose, midshipmen.” In this case, there are a number of third-party services and applications that offer to convert a GIF into a video that you can easily post to your Instagram feed. Uiiii.

You can convert online files of any format using the free, online service Convertio. It is very easy to use. Download the file you need, specify in which format to convert and download the file to your computer. Next, publish this file to Instagram from your computer or phone.

Programs for creating gif-animation

As you already understood, gifs have every chance to “conquer the world of Instagram.” This is a simple yet useful tool that depicts the process and the result in 10-15 slides. This allows you not to overload the user with unnecessary information. And once you have mastered GIF programs, you can create exclusive advertisements for your products or announce the services provided, making your business stand out from the competition.

GIF Animation Programs for Android

Footej Camera. Simple and intuitive interface with many settings. The application appeared in 2016 and has been consistently releasing the latest updates for two years. The software has a camera format with the ability to set the exposure and, of course, the function of generating a GIF-image.

Software for GIF-animation on IOS

Boomerang. You just shoot a video, and the software converts it into a fun GIF format. Boomerang operates on the basis of Instagram and is very popular among users of the social network.

Computer GIF makers

GIMP. The application is the best alternative to Photoshop and allows you to create complex GIF-images of any complexity. You will need to download and install it on your computer. And then you will have a variety of tools for processing photos and creating animations in your hands.

Online animation software

GIFPAL. It is a free service with a wide range of useful tools. The main plus is the absence of a watermark on the finished GIF. Many free services for creating animation online leave a watermark or a mark with their logo on the image, which cannot be removed. Please keep this in mind.


GIFs are cool. Learn to make your own gifs and your subscribers will be happy. Moreover, everything is “laid out in the article on the shelves.” If you have any questions, please write in the comments. Happy promotion.

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