How to make a live stream on Instagram

How to make a live stream on Instagram

You can communicate with your audience not only in Direct, but also directly, using video broadcasts. Live streaming on Instagram is a great opportunity to show yourself, your brand and product, talk with subscribers and answer their questions, show the environment or share your impressions. Plus, starting a live stream on Instagram is easy. In this guide, we will explain in detail how to do this, share tips and nuances.

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What is Instagram Live

Live on Instagram is an online broadcast with the help of which you can share current events, chat live with subscribers and much more. Everything is very simple: you start recording a live video, viewers start watching the broadcast, you communicate with them or answer questions from the comments.

On Instagram, this feature first appeared in 2017. Since then, it has been actively changed and supplemented with new features, but the main idea has remained unchanged – to provide an opportunity to communicate with subscribers eye to eye, and show life not only in photos, but also as it is right now.

Why broadcast live

Video formats are very popular with the smart Instagram algorithm, which means they help the user to promote their profile. There are several varieties of them on the social network at once – perfectly polished videos in the feed, short Stories, long videos on IGTV and, of course, live broadcasts.

The latter are distinguished by their sincerity. They watch live broadcasts for the sake of obtaining exclusive information and emotions from live communication. It is a useful tool for getting closer to your audience, increasing loyalty and improving communication. Here are some more reasons why you should record live :

Users with Instagram notifications will receive a notification when the live stream starts.

Live streams are at the top of the list of current Stories.

Live broadcasts cause FOMO – the effect of a missed opportunity. That is, users understand that the action is taking place at the moment, and are afraid to miss something interesting and important.

When the live stream ends, you can save it to Stories, publish it on IGTV, add hashtags and geolocation, and thereby attract new reach and audience to your profile.

The Instagram algorithm is actively promoting this relatively new format, and, as a result, tries to show live broadcasts to as many people as possible.

In addition, there is much less competition in live broadcasts than in Stories. Live broadcasts do not come out so often, so it is quite easy to attract the attention of subscribers.

Live broadcast ideas

Live broadcasts are now really at the peak of popularity, and not only due to their undeniable advantages, but also due to the variety of broadcast formats. Depending on the task facing you, you can choose the idea and format of the live broadcast.

The main task of a live broadcast is to increase subscriber loyalty, talk to them directly. This is perhaps the most sincere social media content and is often overlooked. And in vain, because openness and naturalness are the main trends of the future.

Consider popular live broadcast ideas .


прямой эфир

Just share your thoughts on any topic with your subscribers, listen to their opinions, tell us about your experience. For your followers, this is a great opportunity to see your idols without Photoshop, editing, and just have a friendly chat.


Go live and answer the questions of your subscribers. Choose a topic, for example, a success story, information about new products, and offer to leave your questions in the comments. It is better to announce broadcasts of this format in advance and motivate subscribers to be active, for example, by organizing a contest for the best question.


Invite a guest who would be of interest to your subscribers to your live stream and interview them. It is also better to announce such an event in advance, and gifts can attract the attention of users. For example, a gift to the one who is the first to guess and write the guest’s name in Direct.

Live broadcast

If you are at any party, presentation, concert, conference or any other event, be sure to go live. People actively watch live broadcasts from various events.



Live broadcasts are a good opportunity to show everything that is left behind the scenes. Show your subscribers not only beautiful photos and videos, but also how they were filmed. Uncover the secrets behind the scenes or the intricacies of the filming process.


Play the prize draw live. For example, you can come up with questions and give away gifts or discounts among the users who will be the first to answer in the comments of the online broadcast.


The duration of live broadcasts on Instagram can be up to an hour. This is a fairly long period of time for which you can manage to hold a master class or seminar.

Product demo, overview

Live broadcasts are ideal for demonstrating your product in action, reviewing it, answering questions from viewers about anything that might interest them.


прямой эфир

Using the live stream, you can take a tour of your company or the place where you are now, show everything that surrounds you and share your feelings.

Who can run live streams on Instagram?

Live streaming allows you to interact with the audience in real time, showing the real situation around you and your image. This function is available to all users, without exception, and does not require any special equipment or installation of additional applications.

All you need to go live is a smartphone and the Instagram app. With only the usual things at hand, you can start a live stream at any time, and your viewers will be able to leave comments, put likes, and also complain or hide the chat.

How to prepare for broadcast

Live streaming is a useful tool that can attract and get closer to an audience, but, like other formats, it requires some preparation. Here are a few things to do when preparing to broadcast live:

  • Determine the goal. This can be a presentation of a product, strengthening the company’s image, promoting a new service. Having decided on the goal, you can choose the right theme and format for the future broadcast.
  • Make an announcement. The number of future views can be increased by taking care of broadcast advertising in advance. For example, you can announce an upcoming broadcast in your feed by specifying its topic in the post or by offering subscribers several topics to choose from. If you have a good advertising budget, you can advertise your broadcast by targeting it on Instagram.
  • Prepare a speech. Not everyone can instantly navigate, answer witty questions from the audience, or joke on any topic. It is better to prepare some part of your speech in advance, as well as answers to possible questions. Otherwise, your viewers will most likely often hear a lingering “Eeeeee…”.
  • Camera. Before going on the air, make sure that the Instagram application has access to your device’s camera, it is functional and configured properly.
  • Settings. In the settings, you can hide your broadcast from unwanted viewers, disable reposts and replies, hide offensive comments. In addition, you can choose to post the video directly to Facebook, or add it to the archive so that it is available within 24 hours.
  • Atmosphere. Choose a suitable location and angle. Think about what the viewer will see when they join the stream.

Please note that the maximum length of a live broadcast is 1 hour . Try to meet this time and not interrupt the broadcast in mid-sentence. Keep in mind that not all viewers will immediately connect to the broadcast, so periodically remind him of his topic on the air. It is also recommended to include the topic in the pinned comment. Here you can also pin useful links, promo codes and contacts.

How to enable broadcast on Instagram

When the topic has already been selected, the format and location are selected, you can proceed to the live broadcast. You can shoot a broadcast on Instagram both from a smartphone and from a computer. Only the procedure is different.

From phone

Launching a live stream from the application is carried out in four steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and launch the camera. To do this, click on the corresponding icon next to the logo or perform a slight swipe to the right.

    запуск прямого эфира

  2. In the window that opens, select the “Live broadcast” mode (white icon with a red dot) from the suggested ones. The number that you see next to the icon represents the number of your online subscribers who have joined the view.

    запуск прямого эфира

  3. Select a camera position and optionally a mask.
  4. Set your smartphone in a comfortable position and click “On Air.”

A red banner at the top of the page will indicate that you are on the air. The button in the opposite corner of the screen will end the live broadcast.

From computer

If you expect to start a live broadcast of Instagram from a PC and get advanced functionality, then you are mistaken. Broadcasting from a PC is possible only with the help of a mobile system emulator and the Instagram application, which will have similar functionality. You can watch the broadcasts of others from your PC without any problems. Users who are streaming live will have a corresponding icon in the Stories column.

Ether settings

By clicking on the gear icon located in the upper left corner, you can select the live broadcast settings. In this section, you can:

  • select users from whom your broadcast will be hidden;
  • enable / disable replies to messages;
  • customize saving;
  • allow reposts;
  • enable automatic posting to Facebook.

Before turning on live streaming on Instagram, you need to choose the optimal settings. If you want to add additional effects to your broadcast, you can also use masks. Instagram offers them in a huge variety.

How to post a comment in the broadcast

To post a comment with important information, write it in the chat and click “Post”. Then hold it down with a click, and from the settings window select the “Attach comment” option. Now it will not move and important information will always be in sight of your viewers.

комментарии в прямом эфире

How to view the list of viewers

After the broadcast is over, you will see a list of viewers on the screen. If you are happy with your stream, you can take a screenshot, share this information with users and thank everyone for participating. More information can be found in the statistics section.

How to do a joint live broadcast

You can broadcast with the invited guest, which will make it more dynamic and interesting for subscribers. To invite another participant, click the two-smiley icon at the bottom of the screen and select the person you would like to invite.

The selected user will receive an invitation, which they can accept or decline at their discretion. If the invitation is accepted, the screen will be conditionally divided into two parts – one will be you, the other – the invited guest.


Sometimes users encounter problems during a live broadcast. The most common of them and methods of solving them:

  • Live stream does not start. Most likely, before that, you published content that contradicts the rules of the site. Contact support.
  • There is no Live Streaming feature. The application version is out of date and needs to be updated.
  • There is no sound. Check the volume settings on your smartphone, make sure the app has access to the microphone. An out-of-date version of the application may also be the cause of the problem.
  • Unable to save ether. Most likely you haven’t installed the latest updates.
  • Broadcast failed. Most often, malfunctions occur due to an unstable Internet connection. Also, this is possible if your device runs out of memory. We recommend that you clear your cache and select a stable connection source.

How to save your online broadcast

Once complete, you can delete your broadcast, download the broadcast to your device and share it on IGTV. Read more about how to save live broadcasts here.

How long is Instagram broadcast stored after completion

When you end the broadcast, the Share option will become available. Tap on the icon will allow you to make a live broadcast, like the Story, available for 24 hours. If you prefer, you can also delete the entry immediately.

Tips on how to broadcast live on Instagram

For those who are planning to launch their first live broadcast, or have been actively using this tool for a long time, we would like to provide some more recommendations how to make live broadcasts better from a PR point of view:

  • Choose topics based on your expertise. You must know exactly what you are talking about, and the information must be of interest to subscribers.
  • Create collaborations. Invite experts from related interest categories to your live streams. This will help not only diversify the broadcast, but also “exchange” a loyal audience.
  • Prepare mentally. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to quickly answer user questions, and sometimes process negativity.
  • Take care of the picture and sound quality. Please make sure your application settings and permissions are set correctly before streaming.
  • Make sure the viewer gets a quality image with the right atmosphere.
  • Choose a suitable time to air. According to statistics, the highest user activity is on weekdays, so in most cases the best time to air is on a working day. However, this is not always the case, so track your users’ activity in the statistics to choose the optimal time for broadcasting.

Live streams on Instagram help in organizing communication links and increase audience loyalty. Thanks to the functionality of the social network, even special equipment or additional programs are not needed to go online from anywhere in the world. But some preparation is still required if you want your broadcast to be of high quality and the viewers to be happy with it.

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