How to make interesting InstaStories?

How to make interesting InstaStories?

Stories is one of the most engaging formats on social media today. The leader is Instagram, which is used by over 500 million users daily. How can you take advantage of Instagram Stories’ potential for business?

Remember that stories are also used by 500 million Facebook users and approximately 200 million Snapchat users! Sites such as Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn have also introduced a variety of stories. These numbers are skyrocketing for everyone except this last app. As you can see, sometimes it’s better to be a follower than an innovator.

Instagram Stories: what’s the secret?

It’s hard to tell. Facebook itself does not know this, no research has been done on it. All I can give you is a hypothesis. It’s based on the fact that just a few years ago, an operator, editor and producer were needed to create an animated video with superimposed elements. Each of them had to use advanced hardware and software. Now, thanks to the development of technology, you have all these tools in your phone and, what’s more, they are very intuitive to use. Part of the internet user population loves to create and enjoys it. They create the most creative and surprising stories. For the rest, it is another format / tool for exhibitionism in social media.

Stories are widely believed to be the domain of young users. However, the older ones, when they discover the possibilities offered by stories, simply cannot tear themselves away from them. In my opinion, we can even speak of a revolution in communication. This is a big leap! We started with sending text messages (SMS, pagers), then photos (MMS), and we ended with mini-film productions with lots of effects. This is not a step forward, it is a jump several levels. What’s next? AR, VR, astral projections straight from sci-fi movies?

Why use InstaStories?

More and more Instagram users view stories first, then newsfeed with photos and videos. One functionality delicately cannibalize the other, but it doesn’t matter for Instagram, because it displays ads in both.

The great advantage of advertising and promoting stories is that they are displayed on the entire smartphone screen. In addition, they are a video format that is dynamic in nature. When we look at our friends’ stories, we don’t know when the ad will appear. Once this happens, the user has to look at it for at least a fraction of a second before skipping it. Looking at other online advertising formats, this split second is a luxury. It’s also an opportunity for sophisticated marketers to engage consumers.

How to create Instagram Stories?

I wrote above about the split second you have for user engagement. In the first second you have to show something interesting, pretty, amazing, surprising. All stories on Instagram are limited to 15 seconds. Agency creatives once complained that television advertising spots were limited to 30 seconds, not enough to tell a story. However, they have learned to do it to quite good effect. Time to raise the bar and cut it down to 15 seconds, which is half. You have to ask yourself if you have the competence to do so? The best creative from the world’s most famous agencies have a problem with this …

For inspiration, watch Instagram Stories advertised on … traditional television.

Many guides say that customer information (logo, product) must appear at the beginning and end of stories. However, you must remember that showing a brand or product in an aggressive manner from the very beginning may not stop the thumb of the recipient. He won’t regret your stories.

Use stickers

You have a lot of them to choose from: tag, hashtag, location, animated gifs, polls, questions … But remember that less is more, so don’t force everything you can into one story. It is better to do a few simple ones than one overloaded, from which recipients will get nystagmus.

Hashtags are very important because then your stories can be found by non-followers thanks to the “explore” tab (currently it is used by more than 150 million users). In one story, he can add up to 10 hashtags.

If you are reporting on an event, it is worth adding a location. Suppose you are promoting an open-air event. By adding a location, you have the chance to catch additional participants who see how much fun others are having, order an Uber and show up!

Questions are a great way to get the community involved. Be prepared to share the most interesting (or frequently asked) questions with your answer. You can also add these stories to the highlighted ones and call them Q&A or FAQ.

Tricks and Magic for Instagram Stories

Here are some ideas for interesting stories. At the same time, when looking for inspiration to create them, use … Youtube and Pinterest! On the first one, you just need to enter the keyword “ creative instagram stories ” in the search engine and you will receive dozens of interesting videos full of ideas and hints. As for Pinterest, this is a site where you’ll find lots of interesting gifs to use in stories, along with a password that you have to enter to find them.

Blurred stories

paint brush, color and instead of blurring the entire screen we hold it anywhere for a while. As a result, the application will cover the entire screen with the color we choose. Then select the eraser and erase the selected fragments revealing the fragment we care about.

Pinned stickers

When adding a sticker to video stories, hold your finger on it for a moment. Pinning mode will open. You can scroll through your stories and attach a sticker to the desired location. It’s important to pin it to an element that stands out from the background. Try to make stories where you wave your hand and attach a sticker to it, and you will quickly learn how to use it in creating creative stories.

I also encourage you to follow the official Instagram pages devoted to stories .


For this we use several stories that follow one another sequentially. There are many ways and formats:

  • you show only a fragment of the photo (eg enlarged or blurred for the most part) and ask what is in the photo. In the next stories, you reveal more, or give your answer and the whole photo right away
  • Using polls to study the preferences of your followers. By showing two of your products (or one in two versions) you can check which one you like more. You can use this type of Instagram Stories as a restaurant to construct your menu, develop bar promotions for individual drinks, etc. Especially small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford marketing research can use Stories as an alternative. Obviously, the more followers an account has, the more reliable the results.
  • Wheel of Fortune. You prepare graphics with the slogan, reveal more letters on each subsequent one and encourage you to answer them through a sticker with questions. The answer of the first person is worth sharing in your stories
  • Will the ball go into the goal? An old-fashioned format, in which you show in the first photo how the ball goes to the goal / basket and ask a question. Or you can do it in the form of a video
  • Quizzes will help you build brand awareness, check the knowledge of consumers and followers about the product or service. It is worth adding such Stories to the highlighted collection so that each new visitor to the profile has a chance to see them. Finally, the most important thing – you can check who answered how and how many people chose specific answers

instagram stories zagadkainstagram stories quiz

Linking stories

If you have a verified profile on Instagram or the number of its followers exceeded 10,000, you can link your stories to selected websites. Then it is enough for the recipient to swipe up and the URL you provided will open in the browser. For the first stories of this type, it is worth informing users about this possibility. The animated “swipe up” or “arrow” gif will help you with this. It doesn’t hurt to write a text like “Swipe up to learn more”.

With Facebook’s current, fairly low organic reach, Instagram traffic can be beneficial for many businesses.

If you work with influencers or celebrities, it is worth adding a link to stories to your website or profile. I know from experience that influencers with around a million followers can generate even tens of thousands of visits to the website!

Who is an influencer? How much does it cost to work with influencers?

Instagram Store

After linking your Instagram account to your Facebook account, you can tag specific products in your stories and direct your audience to a place where they can order them. A similar function of hooking products to posts did not catch on on Facebook. Will Instagram users be willing to use it? Time will tell, but it’s worth testing it.

You can read more about it on the Instagram Business website.


What is your opinion on stories?

Is this a format that will effectively threaten the popularity of newsfeeds on other social networks?

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