How to make money from comments on Instagram

How to make money from comments on Instagram

Making money from comments on Instagram is one of the easiest ways to monetize your activity on a social network. It may not be the most efficient way to make a fortune, but it is guaranteed to be an effective way to generate a stable income with a relatively small investment of time. And what is important, such work will suit everyone, without exception, because it does not require special skills and talents.

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What is the profit from comments on Instagram

It’s easy to make money from comments – you write comments in the manner specified by the customer, and you get paid for it. In many ways, this method of earning is similar to paid writing reviews, but nevertheless, the two concepts should be distinguished.

First, the presentation style is different:

  • Comment – a message under the post, in which the user expresses his opinion. These can be short messages for several sentences, or long ones with detailed explanations.
  • Reviews – a text describing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product / service.

Sometimes comments are very similar to reviews, but it is still acceptable to use a more emotional connotation in them. And they do not always have to relate to the history of using the product / service. Comments can be questions, expression of their emotions, thoughts, suggestions, answers to users.

Who needs comments

Instagram algorithms are such that the more people like and comment on you, the more users your content appears in the feed. That is why the owners of many accounts are willing to pay for comments. In addition, comments can be used to influence public opinion, form a certain reputation, and handle negativity.

комментарии в Инстаграм

Commentators are usually consulted by:

  • Bloggers who promote their profiles. They mainly need comments to increase audience reach and engagement rates.
  • Business owners looking to build a reputation around their brand, increase sales, or fake positive reviews.
  • Marketing agencies that use comments to increase sales of products or services to their customers.

As practice shows, one intelligent commentator can attract the attention of dozens of users, increase sales and generate lively discussion. In addition, comments can help grab attention even where other methods fail. This is often one of the most effective ways to promote new categories and get people to buy.

Who will benefit from this way of making money

кому подойдет заработок на комментариях

Making money on comments is not difficult, and will suit people of any age group and with any education. To start making money, you only need a few details:

  • Email. E-mail is needed to register (and, if necessary, to resume access to your account) on most services. Any mail services will do – Gmail, Yandex,
  • Bank card or e-wallet. This is necessary to receive payment and withdraw the earned money. It is recommended to give preference to the most common payment systems: WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex Money.
  • Anti-plagiarism. Comments must be unique and not copied from another source. You can use a number of free services to check if there is no overlap with others. For example,
  • Service for checking spelling. Another prerequisite for writing comments is the absence of errors. You can check spelling on the services, Yandex.Speller, Spelling.
  • Screenshot software. Often, to confirm the completion of the work, customers are asked to provide a screenshot of the comment. Many programs and services can be used to take a screenshot. For example Lightshot or Clip2Net.

Touch typing will also be a useful skill in your work. This is not a requirement, but fast printing increases your productivity at times.

Ways to make money on comments

The Internet provides many ways to make money, including through comments. In general, there are the following ways to get profit from writing comments.

Special services and applications

The easiest way to make money on comments is to write them to order. All you need is to carefully read the wishes of the customer, compose the text in accordance with these criteria and place it.

Today, there are many services and applications that act as intermediaries between customers and commentators. You can find such orders on freelance and copywriting exchanges. For example:

  • Advego is a freelance exchange where tasks for writing comments are separated into a separate group. Using the filters of the exchange, you can sort tasks and receive in the feed only those that involve writing comments.
  • Etxt is a large copywriting exchange, loyal to newbies, where you can find tasks for writing comments in the feed.
  • Turbotext is the exchange that prioritizes commenting. On the site, the task of writing comments is categorized as microtasks.

There are also services designed specifically to earn money for actions on Instagram and other social networks:

  • QComment is an exchange that specializes in ordering comments.
  • ForumOk is a service specializing in the promotion and promotion of accounts on social networks, where you can take orders for writing comments.
  • is a serivis for effective promotion in social networks that connects customers and performers. It works with all social networks, including Instagram.
  • – the service works similarly to the previous one, but has an unusual approach to payment. Here you need to accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for money for withdrawal.
  • is a popular service with a fairly high payment. There is also a mobile application for convenient work.
  • CashBox – the service is aimed primarily at promoting sites, mobile applications, is famous for high pay-per-action.

You can find tasks for writing comments on SeoSprint, Profitcentr, Seo-fast and other similar books.

Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing (from the English crowd marketing, crowd – “crowd” and marketing – “advertising”) – a method of hidden marketing, implemented using responses and comments to a service or product.

In other words, crowd marketing implements word of mouth promotion. The main task of the commentator in this case is to post a comment with the hidden advantages of the desired brand or product and mention its exact name.

Crowd marketing implies a more complex system of working with the customer directly. The order of work consists in performing three main stages:

  1. Search for a customer who is interested in crowd promotion of their products or services.
  2. Search for relevant Instagram posts discussing a topic suitable for commenting.
  3. Writing a response-comment with hidden advertising of the desired product.

How much you can earn from comments in this case depends on the capabilities of the brand and the amount of work. But most often, such comments are paid several times more expensive than on promotion services. True, such work takes much more time.

Earnings on referral programs

With the help of comments, you can also earn on all kinds of referral (affiliate) programs.

Affiliate program – a system for increasing the client base by inviting new users (referrals), existing users (referrals).

Today, a similar scheme for attracting new customers is implemented in almost all services and in most online stores. Usually, a user who has invited a new client is entitled to receive a portion of his income, proceeds, or paid commissions. At the same time, the money does not come from the “pocket” of the invitee, but from the service as a reward for attracting a new client. In contrast, referrals who register using an affiliate link or promo code are usually eligible for all sorts of additional bonuses.

Thus, referral programs are convenient for everyone: business owners get new customers, invitations get cash rewards, and referrals get discounts and bonuses.

Algorithm of earnings in this case is as follows:

  1. Step 1. Search for a service with attractive terms of the affiliate program. It is advisable that you yourself are active users of the service and can appreciate its benefits and convince you to register.
  2. Step 2. Search for suitable posts on Instagram, where you can organically enter an invitation to try the products / services of the brand with which you work.
  3. Writing a comment with a link to a service partner, a promotional code or an affiliate link for registration.

If users are interested in your offer, they will click on the link, register and start using the partner’s products. For this you will receive a reward provided by the affiliate program. Some services have a multi-stage referral program that provides for receiving rewards from the actions of users invited by your referral. This means that your affiliate income can grow even passively. You can take part in many affiliate programs at the same time.

Please note that to make money on Instagram comments, it is better to choose affiliate programs with an invitation by a promotional code, since there is no way to insert an active link into a comment.

Tips for writing comments

комментарии в инстаграм

You need to understand that not all comments are willing to pay. One-word comments like “Wow!” or “Cool!” nobody will pay. If you want to organize a successful income from comments, you need to learn how to write them sensibly.

In fact, there is nothing difficult about it, but you need to understand the specifics of the work and its purpose. The tasks of the commentator can be different – to outline the advantages of the product, write a positive review, involve users in the discussion, interest in registration. It is important to understand the key purpose of the comment, to reveal it as natively and convincingly as possible.

The writing style also plays an important role. The following are some tips for writing a sensible comment:

  • Write as if you are discussing the topic with your friends. It is okay to use slang in the comments, but don’t overdo it. Remember that you are writing for people – write simply and heartily.
  • Avoid formulaic phrases and unnecessary “water”. The commentary should be succinct, concise, and reflect the main point.
  • Do not use other people’s comments. If you have no ideas, you can study the comments of other users. But in no case copy them, even partially. Customers can easily check the uniqueness of your comment. If you try to sell a non-unique comment, you risk not only being left without payment, but also ruining your rating and reputation.
  • If the assignment does not indicate a positive / negative comment, then express your opinion objectively.
  • Don’t over-praise your products. Such comments look irregular.

You don’t have to be a guru in the topic, but you should definitely become familiar with the subject that you need to comment on. For example, if we are talking about electrical goods, then be sure to study its characteristics and functions.

When writing a comment, perfect literacy is not required. Sometimes comments written with minor typos can seem even more “alive”. However, it is not worth it to be too mischievous. However, a lot depends on the topic and the requirements of the order. For example, if some youth products are commented on, then it is permissible to use slang, generally accepted abbreviations. If the topic is designed primarily for business people, then the writing style should be the same.

How much you can earn

Writing comments refers to earning average profitability. The income mainly depends on which method you use. For example, on freelance exchanges and specialized services, the average cost of a comment with a length of 250-300 characters is about 10 cents. But you can find more highly paid orders. Much depends on the generosity of the customer and the specifics. On average, commentators on exchanges can earn $ 3-5 per hour.

As for crowd marketing, here the earnings of professionals can reach much larger amounts. But again, everything is individual. And how much you can earn on referral programs depends only on your actions and your ability to persuade.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of making money on comments are simplicity and accessibility. You don’t need to have a specialized education or special skills to get started. The main thing is to have the desire and some free time.

The disadvantages include not too high payment. But here everything is individual. Professionals in their field always make good money.

Making money from comments, while simple at first glance, can be tedious. It is important to be able to properly divide your time here. It often happens that a commentator, in pursuit of profit, “squeezes all the juice out of himself,” which instantly affects the quality and can lead to the loss of customers. It is best to work often, in small portions, and remember to take breaks.

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