How to make money on Instagram in 2021

How to make money on Instagram in 2021

Today, Instagram is not just a social network for beautiful food photos and monotonous selfies. This is a powerful tool for generating good income. It is for this reason that bloggers tirelessly churn out marathons, create original courses and actively advertise brands.

But what to do for those who did not manage to acquire a lot of followers? Don’t worry, there is a profession here for you. In this article we will tell you how to make money on Instagram and how much active users of the popular social network can actually make.

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What does earnings depend on

Insight of the day : a bag of money will not fall on you from heaven. In order to get something, you need to work hard and hard, because HYIP is a fleeting phenomenon.

Many factors affect earnings – from the outer packaging of the account to the promotion methods. We will tell you about the components that you should pay special attention to:

  • Number of subscribers. Here the rule applies: the more, the better. If the number of subscribers has exceeded 5,000 people , you can try to monetize your blog through advertising, collaborations and barter. Naturally, the price for services directly depends on the number of followers. For example, the cost of one advertising post for an influencer with a 100,000 audience starts at 30,000 rubles. Not a bad incentive, isn’t it?
  • Audience engagement. If you naively believe that by winding bots you can become a popular blogger, then we hasten to disappoint: it doesn’t work that way. Now customers look not only at the quantity, but also at the quality of followers. Advertisers are not stupid, so they ask influencers to show statistics based on reach, impressions, and subscriber growth.
  • Frequency of Sponsored Posts. A lot of ads are also bad, so try to dilute your paid posts with “live” content. Well, customers do not like it when information about their product is served directly “head-on”. Learn the art of native advertising and you will be happy. The optimal frequency of advertising in a profile is 2 (maximum 3) times a week.

Ways to make money on Instagram

If you don’t want to wake up at 7 am every day and go to your unloved job, think about your own blog and making money on Instagram. Yes, at first you won’t miss the stars from the sky, but by taking the right niche and gathering a high-quality audience, you will gradually be able to significantly improve your financial situation.

Blogging is by no means an easy profession, because you work without days off and holidays, and income directly depends on the attention of followers. Some for the sake of cherished coverage and dividends are ready for a lot. Someone is doing plastic surgery on the air, and someone is taking part in dubious challenges.

For those who do not want to blindly follow crazy trends, we have compiled a list of the most popular and profitable insta specialties.

способы заработка


Being a blogger is an art and hard work. There are months of hard work behind a large audience of subscribers, so it is not surprising that influencers are doing their best to monetize the account in order to recoup wasted resources.

Insta Modeling


Beautiful ladies, we have good news for you – you can fulfill the dream of many girls and become insta models. From customers – clothes, accessories and cosmetics, and from you – beautiful photos and entourage. Isn’t it great?

Sponsored Posts


Probably the most famous and profitable way to make money on Instagram. If you are subscribed to bloggers, you probably noticed with what zeal they periodically tout a new shampoo or a sensational clothing brand. So, such praises appear on their pages not for “thank you”.

Especially popular influencers even create separate accounts in which potential customers can learn about “free windows” for advertising. Applications for placement with well-known insta-stars undergo strict moderation and not all receive the coveted post with odes to the product.

Advertising in Stories


Advertising in Stories is now at its peak of popularity. Firstly, it looks much more organic, and secondly, creating such content is less energy-intensive. Usually, these are several 15-second videos in which bloggers unobtrusively recommend a product or service to followers.

“Look what I bought”, “yesterday I accidentally stumbled upon an interesting page”, “my friends now have huge discounts” – familiar phrases? They often appear in the stories of popular influencers, marking the beginning of an advertising post.

The schedule of publications in Stories is created similarly to advertising in the main profile. True, in the pursuit of money, opinion leaders forget about the limits and churn out videos several times a day. We advise you not to overuse the patience of your audience and not turn your profile into a flea market.



Organizing insta marathons is an easy way to share useful information, increase reach, gain subscribers, and at the same time prove your expertise. Now this method is extremely popular with fitness trainers who tell subscribers how to lose weight quickly and build perfect abs.

Most often, a separate account is created for the marathon with thematic posts, results and feedback from participants. To access the profile, you need to pay the organizer.

Affiliate Programs


On the pages of bloggers, you can often find statements from the category: “I liked this swimsuit so much that I fought for a discount for my favorite subscribers …”. Sound familiar? Yes, it is now a favorite tactic of influencers who want to earn some extra money.

But they did not ask for anything and did not agree with anyone about discounts. Fortunately, the Internet is teeming with profitable affiliate programs, and the installer can only submit information competently.

The essence of such programs is very clear: by registering on the service, the influencer receives an individual promotional code (or direct link), which must be shared in a story or post. If subscribers use it when placing an order, then the blogger will receive dividends (from 5% to 50%).



The Ambassador is the face of the brand and a well-known personality who will be inextricably associated with the promoted company among followers, so it is important not to make a mistake here and correctly build communication with the audience.

No, now we are not talking about one-time advertising flashing in the feed. The ambassador must regularly post and subtly recommend the brand to his followers for a long time.

Online store / own brand


Now almost all bloggers are striving to go beyond their main activity and acquire a store or showroom. At the same time, you don’t even need to sit for hours at the machine and painstakingly sew models with your own hands. The main thing in this business is a competent advertising campaign and a big name that flaunts on the product.

Yes, it is very expensive, so not all influencers can afford it. But there is also good news : if you are really interesting to the audience and produce a quality product, then the resources spent will be recouped in a short period of time.



Online consulting or posting announcements of public consulting events is another way to help you make money blogging if you are a lawyer, psychologist, coach, nutritionist, and so on.

Catch up traffic to face-to-face meetings, regularly conduct live broadcasts, share tips with followers, organize remote consultations, etc.

Mr. Labkovsky immediately comes to mind, who quite successfully travels the world, sobering listeners with atypical advice on the topic of friendship, love and life purpose. And he popularizes his already expensive services, of course, with the help of Instagram.

Courses / Trainings / Webinars


Are you an expert in a particular field? Then, with a clear conscience, monetize your knowledge. You can sell whatever your heart desires – from SMM promotion courses to fitness guides.

Shoot lessons, create closed channels, compose programs and get good money for your work. To prove professionalism in practice (followers must understand who they will get their knowledge from), dilute the feed with free content: with tips, selections, life hacks or short memos.

Then the news about the launch of paid services will not look pretentious and unreasonable.

Branded items

There are bloggers who produce branded products. For example, Marie Novosad sells clothes and cups with prints, and Elena Sheidlina sells funny stickers. Yes, you will definitely not earn much on this because of the high competition, but you will be able to attract the attention of the audience, and this is already a big plus.



If you are a very media person, you can sell the rights to your image. So, for example, did Yuri Dud. A very unexpected collaboration with Alfa-Bank brought you several tens of millions of rubles.

Not for bloggers

Let’s reveal a secret: not only bloggers with a multi-million audience can earn on Instagram . There is a place here for SMMs, photographers and copywriters. In short, we have an unpaved field of opportunities.

The only thing left is to find your niche. This is where we will help you right now.

Likes, subscriptions, comments


Let’s start with the simplest and least paid way. Its essence is extremely simple: you register on special services and complete tasks for small rewards. For example, put likes or leave comments under the posts of strangers.

The cost of one “heart” varies from 50 kopecks to 2 rubles. They pay a little more for a subscription – up to 5 rubles. Then simple arithmetic comes into play: the harder you work, the higher your earnings.



The ability to “deliciously” present any information is a real art. If you are fluent in it, you can become a copywriter and generate content for bloggers, coaches, publishers, and so on.

In this difficult matter, it is important to remember the correct structure: a “catchy” title (a question, a controversial thesis or a hype quote), the first paragraph, after which the reader will certainly want to know what will happen next, and a call to action. Prices range from 200 to 1000 rubles per post.

Selling copyright presets


Yesterday, every second user frantically bought presets that are used to process photos by famous bloggers Lilia Brown, Sonya Stuzhuk, Yulia Bezdar and others.

Now this turmoil has subsided a little, but nevertheless, insta entrepreneurs selling blogging presets have not been left without work. True, photographers also entered the battle, offering the audience author’s tutorials on retouching and color correction.

SMM promotion


Brands are constantly in search of competent specialists who will help them bring the page to the top and gather an army of loyal followers. Creative, agile and ideological people on Instagram are now worth their weight in gold, so open the chakra responsible for imagination and run to conquer the vastness of the social network as an SMM-box.

What is a specialist’s responsibilities:

  • content plan development;
  • creating a brand page taking into account all customer requirements;
  • SEO-optimization;
  • preparation and placement of materials (photos, videos, texts, stories, advertising posts);
  • attracting subscribers;
  • work with the audience;
  • account promotion;
  • setting up targeted ads.

An indisputable plus of the profession – you can lead several projects at once.

Insta Designer

Bloggers responsibly approach the visual design of the profile, therefore they hire professionals for this who are able to compose a complete picture from the account photo.

An Insta designer should create templates for feeds and stories, design checklists, select colors and work on the blog concept. What does that require? Perfectly master photo processing services, be able to edit video and compile several types of content.

Promotion of accounts for sale


A promoted insta profile is a product itself ready for sale. If you have already perfectly mastered the skills of promoting and attracting subscribers, then you can promote accounts for the purpose of their subsequent sale.

Your main responsibility is to improve the metrics that affect the ranking of your profile. These include: likes, comments, mentions, saves, direct page transitions, and so on.

To identify the topics that are of most interest to users, you need:

  • identify target audience;
  • find out what accounts your target audience often visits (for this you need to analyze the competitive environment);
  • visit public and thematic sites;
  • develop a content plan.
  • start promotion from Instaplus .

Stories maker


It turns out that Stories skills can also be monetized. The duties of a specialist include: writing scripts for short videos, creating a content plan, visualizing stories and conducting interactions with an audience (games, polls, tests).

A story-maker makes an average of 10,000 rubles, but on one condition: you must have a good command of the current mechanics of engaging people. Only bright emoji and colorful letters are indispensable here.

Blogger Manager

Almost every successful blogger has a hardworking manager who solves all routine issues. While the insta star is creative, you must reply to messages, establish connections with other influencers, schedule ad postings, look for experts for live broadcasts, and come up with topics for videos on IGTV.

To begin with, you should offer your services to small bloggers, for example, from 10 thousand subscribers. Then, with some background behind you, you can apply for a job with a larger influencer.



Do you still think that producers are only in the film or music industry? No matter how it is! If you are a responsible and creative employee ready to take on a lot of responsibilities, you can produce (remember the track by Ivan Dorn).

This vacancy was created for those who know everything on Instagram and even a little more. In foreign practice, a blogger’s producer is like the “right hand” of a show business star. Simply put, he takes a still unknown person and deals with his comprehensive promotion and promotion.

A slightly different practice has developed in Russia. Here, the producers are mainly engaged in product launches that are produced by the influencer. Naturally, you will receive good dividends for your hard work. The monthly salary can exceed 300 thousand rubles.

Promotion and sale of services


Instagram is a springboard of opportunities for makeup artists, stylists, nail service masters, designers, photographers and many others. People love with their eyes, so it is important for them to see a beautiful picture. Want to expand your customer base and show your audience what you can do? Then get down to creating an attractive profile urgently.

Instagram Targeting Engineer

Attractive visual is, of course, good, but you will not be full of beauty alone. Therefore, a specialist targetologist will help you, whose main duty is to bring real customers with money. It is for this superpower of targetologists that online stores and bloggers who want to quickly sell their product are highly valued. The minimum check of a specialist is 5 thousand rubles.

Layout author

For targeted advertising, good publication layouts are needed, but not all bloggers want to spend their precious time on this, handing over the reins to the pros. What is required of you? Basic design skills, good imagination and the ability to write catchy texts.

A simple SUPA program can be used initially. With this free video maker you can change the background, arrange the elements in the desired order and substitute music. Yes, just a few minutes and the layout will be ready.

Bloggers pay from 1500 rubles. for an animated layout, experts with experience charge 5000 rubles for one layout. and up.

Content Manager


Want to make some extra money on Instagram? Become a content manager. What is required – to write texts, select photos, post a story. You do not need to promote your account and attract new followers, so this profession is within the power of even a novice specialist who does not understand anything about the intricacies of targeting and cunning algorithms.

The applicant must have a sense of style, be able to correctly express their thoughts and have a minimum understanding of marketing. Earnings for such a vacancy start from 5 thousand rubles.

Tips and tricks

Since we figured out the professions, let’s summarize with a few good tips :

  • Choose a niche that you like. No one wants to go to an office with gray walls and do work that does not bring a single drop of pleasure. The same scheme works on Instagram. You don’t need to blindly follow trends. Do only what you are really good at and can be useful.
  • Enter information about yourself. They are greeted by their clothes and, of course, by their profile header. Get your followers’ attention by sharing as much information as possible about yourself. It should be interesting, fresh and original, so forget about monosyllabic and bland sentences. Use your imagination!
  • Tell stories. Do you want to become a successful blogger, attract an active audience and make money from advertising? You will have to work hard and beautiful photographs alone are indispensable. Write engaging texts with catchy headlines to connect emotionally with your subscribers. Personal stories must be true, otherwise followers will immediately feel fake.
  • Track statistics. Constantly monitor the activity of subscribers. Also experiment with types of content to see which posts your audience responds to more friendly. Pay attention to the number of monthly unsubscriptions. If it does not exceed the 0.2% threshold, there is no reason to worry, this is normal.
  • Use hashtags. Don’t forget geotags and hashtags. Most Instagram users to this day search for suitable profiles using these methods. In order not to get lost in the crowd, come up with your original tag that reflects the concept of the blog. # Can also be used to help subscribers navigate the account.
  • Follow the feed. Your photos should not only be beautiful, but also similar in concept and style. Many bloggers choose a particular type of image processing, for example, general color scheme or composition.
  • Connect a business account. This is necessary in order to have access to detailed statistics. Data is very useful when collaborating with brands and companies. Another undeniable advantage of a business profile is the ability to advertise it. By setting up the promotion of one of the publications, you will be able to generate additional engagement.
  • Engage with your audience. Run contests and polls, post stories, leave calls to action under your posts, and respond to followers’ comments. Simply put, don’t let your audience get bored.
  • Post content constantly. You should be featured in your followers’ feed every day. Yes, it’s difficult, but research has shown that increasing the frequency of posts can significantly increase engagement rates. Just do not overwhelm users with a lot of advertising and low-quality pictures. Be smart with your content plan.



Making money on Instagram is a huge job. Even if you are not a blogger who has to constantly hold the attention of the audience and fight for reach, you still have to constantly hone your skills and follow the innovations. We hope you pick the right niche and you can monetize your skills.

Try it, make a mistake, but never give up!

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