How to make money on Instagram?

How to make money on Instagram?

While you are discussing the behavior of a blogger on a social network or reposting some regular, scandalous material while sitting in an office, this person can lie on the beach, drinking Mojito and reading a book. And all because everyone in this life has made their own choice regarding the way to earn their living.

You may think that this is all “husk”. But you cannot deny the very fact of making money on Instagram. Online money doesn’t fall out of the sky. In order for them to start appearing on your account, you need to invest a lot of time and work in this. It’s kind of like an investment. First, you put your time, finances, and inner strength into something. And then only after a certain period of time you begin to receive financial results. Only the one who “planted” the “right” seeds and who has the patience to grow and harvest them wins. The paradox is that you never know which “seeds” will bring you income. But without labor, you have no chance of a cash crop. In this article I will talk about real ways to make money on Instagram.

Create Sales Accounts

How much does an account cost? Everything is relative and measured by the number and quality of subscribers on a particular page. But prices can vary from 50 to 1,000,000 rubles. This is the easiest way to make money. You create pages, fill them, promote and then sell them on auctions or special exchanges. Choose an auction or exchange consciously, because your guarantees regarding sales and purchases of pages directly depend on it.

Some exchanges / auctions practice working with guarantors who work officially under a contract and show you a receipt for the services provided. With such a scheme, it is difficult to deceive someone, but it is possible. Therefore, the final responsibility for what you sell / buy always rests only with you.

Direct sale of goods on Instagram

In order to start selling products on Instagram, you either need to become a entrepreneur or a reseller . In the first case, you need a budget to start. This means that you must purchase goods, have space and all the necessary conditions for its proper storage. But that’s not all. You need to create a page, upload unique photos of your product with a description, promote the page and thereby attract your target audience. Sounds, perhaps, very easy in words. But it all takes time and money. There are no guarantees that your products will be in demand or popular among readers. Someone will not come to the post office for a parcel, someone will not like the quality of your product. But this is the whole complexity of the business.

At one time, a well-known businessman Dovgan launched an advertisement for Dovgan vodka, despite the fact that at that time he did not have it. That is, he started by launching a television advertisement and thus began to collect orders for non-existent products. That is, he created demand. People started looking for this vodka in supermarkets. All he had to do was to reorder products from suppliers and sell with his own label. This way you minimize the risks to yourself. If the investment you spent does not pay off. This scheme can work in terms of selling goods through Instagram. The amount of your earnings depends on the percentage above the cost of the purchased item. And if you also repack it, then you need additional funds for the label and branded packaging.

All of the above related only to entrepreneurship. Mediation for the sale of goods on Instagram is to bring clients to partners. Such a scheme does not require purchases of goods. But not everyone will be able to bring clients to someone through referral links. It is clear that the more followers you have, the more chances you have to make money on the affiliate program. But in order for your words to begin to be heeded, you must appeal to readers’ trust.

Freelance Promotion Services

People who invest their time every day in learning social networks and gaining certain knowledge can sell them. This is called providing social media page promotion services.

Comprehensive promotion includes:

  • development of a promotion strategy.
  • creating an individual content plan and posting.
  • communication with subscribers, replies to comments.
  • increasing engagement or implementing other activities at the request of the client.
  • launch of mass following, mass liking. This is undesirable for promotion, but every good media manager should know on which platforms to do this and how to set everything up correctly.
  • Contests, quizzes and other activities.

All services are individually negotiated with the client. For example, communication with subscribers and replies to comments can be assigned to the support service on the client’s side or be part of the functionality of the smr. There is a market value for maintaining pages. The budget directly depends on the level of the specialist and the services provided.

There are “one-time” promotion services or as you have already agreed. These include: creating a promotion strategy, setting up advertising, boosting likes and subscribers, cooperation with bloggers.

Setting up an advertising agency

This is the so-called freelance promotion upgrade. To create an agency, you need a logo and a legal entity. But freelancing does not exclude these moments either. You should always be ready to provide the client with the option to conclude a contract and your account number. It even serves as some kind of your guarantee that you will receive payment for your services if something happens.

Setting up an agency requires renting an office, having a team, and self-promotion. At first, you may not have any income at all while looking for your clients. Remember the competition too. In order to occupy your niche in advertising, you need to work hard and hard. Creating an agency is a labor-intensive and resource-intensive way of making money on Instagram. But some make their way “through the asphalt and blossom.” The choice is yours.

Promotion of a personal blog or community

A personal blog differs from a community only in the number of topics covered. There can be a lot of them on a personal blog. But in the thematic community strictly on the topic. Themed pages with humor, recipes, life hacks are especially popular. The goal of blog and community promotion is to attract subscribers and earn money from advertising. Advertisers pay for a mention of their company or a direct recommendation. The amount of income in this way of earning directly depends on the number of subscribers and their engagement.


As I wrote above, any way of earning money requires investment of time and money. Posting posts in the feed and Stories, selecting hashtags is all time consuming, even if you use deferred posting services. But perhaps you will like one or even several ways to make money on the social network, and you will start working on it. Patience and success!

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