How to make money on Odnoklassniki: why you shouldn’t avoid this social. net?

When starting a conversation with advertisers about the Odnoklassniki social network, about promoting business among the audience of this site, you can often get negative feedback. The answer can be different: from a complete refusal to deal with the site to explanations that OK is for old people who “do not buy anything on the Internet.”

Как зарабатывать в Одноклассниках: почему не стоит избегать эту соц. сеть?

I must say that there is a deep reason that digital representatives carefully hide in order to simplify their life. It’s not hard to guess that the reason is that you need to work hard to build a working ad campaign. More precisely, to work much more than on Vkontakte or Instagram.

The first difficulty lies in the epochal phenomenon. SMM and targeted advertising are, in principle, young phenomena, which means that the average personnel age here ranges from 18 to 30 years. Not without exceptions, but in general, the spread is approximately the same. People of this age themselves prefer to use Instagram, for the most part, and Vkontakte. Although Vkontakte is gradually losing popularity and keeps users at the expense of shareware media content – music and video.

Как зарабатывать в Одноклассниках: почему не стоит избегать эту соц. сеть?

Visiting these social networks every day, those who have chosen the profession of an SMM specialist unwittingly see advertising moves that are applied to them. Along with this, there appears a kind of immersion in the topic, in the methodology and style. The situation with Odnoklassniki is more complicated. Being the first social network to appear in Russia, and also having a thematic message (classmates!), This platform managed to accumulate an audience of those who are 40-50 years old. Most of these people satisfied the main task – to find a neighbor on the desk, after 15 years, and this is where the virtual path of these users ended.

Как зарабатывать в Одноклассниках: почему не стоит избегать эту соц. сеть?

I must say that the number of visits per month for 2020 is over 80 million users. That is, people who are mediocrely active on the Internet, as the overwhelming majority of smm-users consider them, are regularly active.

But a cheap-looking design, “flickering” usability of pages, an abundance of advertising and something incomprehensible and poisonous orange discourages the desire to find an approach to an able-bodied, and therefore solvent audience.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the features of targeted advertising on the Odnoklassniki social network, which was recently carried out through the MyTarget platform.

Как зарабатывать в Одноклассниках: почему не стоит избегать эту соц. сеть?

MyTarget, after the Facebook Ads Manager and the Vkonakte advertising cabinet, looks conservative and incomprehensible to use by the platform. With disloyal technical support and ad moderation, which takes a long time. For example, when creating an ad, strict requirements are imposed on the size of the creative, the number of characters in the text, etc. This severely limits and reduces the motivation to immerse yourself in these mechanics.

These theses are broadcast by those who have already tried to build RK for the audience of Odnoklassniki. The conclusion is not fun: the path to gaining an audience is thorny.

After studying this topic and interviewing most smm-specialists, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to work with Odnoklassniki in detail, that is, in fact, the task at hand, trying on the profitability of time and labor costs.

Research shows that online social media audiences differ geographically in terms of social media usage preferences. Conventionally, when central Russia forces TikTok, Instagram hype in regional capitals, and in rural and provincial parts of the country, people put “classes” to each other in OK. And 60% of the population of Russia is, in one way or another, a province.

Как зарабатывать в Одноклассниках: почему не стоит избегать эту соц. сеть?

And when it comes to selling goods to the regions, to regional centers, workers’ settlements and villages, here it is necessary to register a profile in OK, and with it an advertising office.

Since people want to “hype” and sell goods in the capital, smm-specialists and targetologists are studying FB and VK. But it is worth remembering that online sales, and with them delivery, are available for the most remote corners of the country, which means that the dialogue with the desired buyer must be built in a language that he understands.

Taking on faith the words about the uselessness of advertising on this platform is not worth it; it is worth finding a specialist who understands the specifics of the work, the behavioral characteristics of the audience and points of contact. This approach may turn into a new source of income and recoup the often painful costs of SMM.

And if you have questions about the article, write in the comments. You will be answered directly by the author or a specialized specialist from our state.

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