How to make money on Telegram

How to make money on Telegram

There is an assumption that instant messaging will overtake social media in the future. Just remember how popular ICQ services have become. New changes now bring the development of new brands, and Telegram is now considered one of the “public’s favorite” services. This service is becoming more and more popular every year. It is now used not only as a means of communication, but also as a tool to earn money.

Comment gagner de l’argent sur Telegram


  • How telegram helps you make money

  • Bots

  • Channel creation and management

  • Administer a channel

  • Some advice on managing a channel

How telegram helps you make money

Today, social networks and instant messaging generate revenues comparable to all types of traditional businesses, and may even exceed some. Telegram provides such a source of income. Telegram how to make money ?


Bots are particularly in demand today. It is possible with their help to organize paid subscriptions, automatic sales, and sharing of interesting information. It is important to have special knowledge in order to create a bot. Appropriate courses are available for anyone who wants to get them.

Chain creation and management

Telegram offers the possibility to create and manage channels. It is possible over time to monetize these channels and make a profit. However, it is necessary to provide substantial efforts. Now, no one is interested in all-or-nothing channels.

Subscribers are the most important parameter of a channel. In order to gain their trust, it is necessary to offer interesting content. How to properly manage a telegram channel?

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Administer a channel

Before you start posting information to your telegram channel, it is important to create your content. What should your attention be focused on? The first impression being the most important, you should work in particular on the following points:

1. The title. It should be eye-catching without being misleading. Indeed, if while scrolling the news feed a user realizes that he has been cheated, he may not subscribe to the channel.

The description. It should clearly describe the theme of the channel. It allows the user to concretely understand its content and to raise its interest.

2. The logo. It should not only be flashy, but also reflect the essence of the chain. By watching it, the user should directly understand the theme of the channel. Sometimes a logo is beautiful and professional but is not associated with the topic of the channel, which causes conflicting feelings among visitors.

It is now a matter of choosing how to admire your telegram channel. After its creation, the channel requires a constant flow of information. If the flow is not sufficient, this one will no longer attract a new audience and will also not interest subscribers who will gradually begin to disconnect from it. A string must be “alive”.

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Comment gagner de l’argent sur Telegram

Some advice on managing a channel

Author content. No one is interested in the cut and paste of information already posted on other channels. A channel must attract new users with something special, with its own “thing”. Here are some tips on how to administer a telegram channel :

Automatic services. It is important to pay close attention to this. They can help visitors navigate to the page, broadcast news, or send subscriptions. They take care of all the tasks that might take up a lot of your time. Since they are very efficient, it is important to use them as much as possible.

The title of the publication. As with the channel title, the post title should be catchy and at the same time provide the user with concrete information so that they can find exactly what they need. Put yourself in the shoes of any user looking for information on the internet, watch other channels. Which one would you like to visit, and which one looks the most authentic.

Small disgressions. Thematic content can be diluted with popular entertainment and topical content. However, this information should not exceed 30% of the total content of the channel. The base of your publications should always be associated with the main topic of the channel.

Advertising campaigns. It is important to conduct a thorough study before launching any advertising campaign. Indeed, ordering an advertisement involves spending a lot of money. It is possible to analyze the competition. Special services also let you know where your competitors have ordered their advertising. If you decide to advertise on a particular site, check the quality of their work. Take a cue from other announcements and advertisements. These few remarks will serve as a basis for you to make a decision on the effective distribution of an advertisement.


Messaging today is not just a hobby or a simple means of communication. With their help, many entrepreneurs make a lot of money. Telegram not only allows you to monetize its channel, but also makes money in different ways. Subscribers are its main asset. It is they in particular who make the activity of a channel. New subscribers can be obtained using the All-SMM site. The professionals of the All-SMM service can provide you with living and active telegram subscribers, while avoiding the ban or the blocking of your account.

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