How to make reels: the quick and easy guide

How to make reels: the quick and easy guide

The success of reels is unstoppable: thousands are published every day.

It all started a year ago when Instagram announced the birth of reel , funny short videos that should have rivaled the Chinese platform Tik Tok .

If you don’t want to ride the wave and become a creator yourself, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to reel.

How to make reels : what are they?

I Reel are short videos with a duration, originally 30 seconds and from May 2021 from duration of 60 seconds , which can be posted in the appropriate section, on your feed and in your stories.

At the time of launch, Instagram defined them as follows:

“A new way to create funny short videos, reach new audiences and be part of the cultural moments on Instagram.”

How to make reels : creation

Making reels is easier than you think. Here are the main steps to follow.

Before starting, make sure that the Instagram app is updated to the latest version. Once this check is done, the process is very easy:

  1. Open the App of Instagram;
  2. Click on the Camera of Stories (top left);
  3. Swipe left from “Normal” to Reel

At this point the screen that appears is this:

Come fare i reels schermata instagram

The four icons on the left are the tools that will allow you to create your reel.

  • Audio: by clicking this icon you can select a song (or an audio file) for your reel , from the Instagram gallery.
  • Speed: by tap on Speed ​​ you can increase and decrease the speed of the audio , of the whole video or just one clip of the video.
  • Effects: you can use Instagram effects to record the entire video , or just a clip. It is also possible to record several clips at this time, with different effects.
  • Timer: with the timer you can set the countdown to start the video shooting automatically after pressing the record button.

The Reels can be recorded in a series of clips created one by one or all at once or, again, using the videos present in the gallery of the device.

To record the first clip, just click and hold the record button: a progress indicator appears at the top of the screen, showing the user the time remaining until the end. To finish, simply stop recording.

Starting from these simple concepts , you just have to refine your creativity: you can make cuts to your clip, increase or decrease the speed, insert one or more effects, sticker or text.

There is no rule, what matters is having fun!

If you have no ideas, don’t despair. You can always take inspiration from video editing apps .

In this article we have reported the best.

How to reel: the publication

Once you have created your reel , you just have to add a nice text, the hashtags, any tags and proceed with publication.

Ps: If you need a hashtag guide you can find it here

You can decide whether to publish it in stories or even in your Feed.

Once posted, reels will be collected in a new section of your profile with the Reel symbol.

A little tip: the reels are offered to users of the social network based on their interests so the trick to create a successful one in this case is to use the right hashtag.

Instagram favors videos that are “fun, creative and witty” .

Also, if you want the video to be seen by as many people as possible, share it everywhere: in your feed and in stories. This is, in fact, the easiest way to give immediate visibility to a new reel , on the contrary, not doing it makes it much more difficult to find them.

How to reel : what’s new

As we told you in a previous article , according to a Tweet from WABetaInfo , a function is coming to WhatsApp that will allow to view the Reel of Instagram directly from chats.

WABetaInfo reported that this news will come in the future with an update of the app , but did not indicate the expected release date. We will surely find out soon.

Tweet WAbetainfo reels

All this goes in the perspective declared by Tessa Lyons- Laing , the Product Director of Instagram Reel:

“We keep improving Reel every day, even taking a cue from community feedback, and these improvements will make it easier to create reels. We are still in its infancy, but we are already seeing a lot of fun and creative content “.

Another important novelty concerns the Stitch functionality of the reels of which it seems has started the test phase.

This functionality, replicated by Tik Tok , will allow you to create a small copy of a content (all or only part ) and be able to edit it directly within your reels .

Are you curious to find out? Stay connected with our blog for more news!

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