How to make videos that get as many views as possible

How to make videos that get as many views as possible

A lot of bloggers and regular internet users post amateur videos on Youtube and want them to be the most popular. However, how to make a successful Youtube channel. Also, many Internet users have the wrong approach to this business. It is necessary to know all the secrets to creating a lucky video on Youtube.

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  1. Things to consider when creating a video
    1. Some secrets that help.
    2. What else to do.
  2. Mistakes in creating a Youtube video.
    1. The wrong choice of title.
    2. The lack of a concrete theme.
  3. Conclusion.

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Things to consider when creating a video

Many internet users think that it is easier to create a successful Youtube video by following popular bloggers in the history of Youtube rather than creating new content. However, there are key principles that apply to all videos. By getting to know them and apply them, your results will increase dramatically. This is particularly the case for channels which already have a large number of subscribers.

Using a video to work with your business has huge advantages. Companies offering product sales, fitness training, cultural development, or any other business service can effectively show themselves to potential customers through videos. On average, a person remembers information more easily when they see it than when they listen to it.

Some secrets that help

One of the most important moments is to correctly choose the key user requests. Indeed, when a user wants to find something, he asks the search engine his question. Then it begins by analyzing the top of the list of responses. A user cannot find the video they need if the correct tags do not appear in their title or description.

In order to understand which keywords are used in search engines, and to create the most watched videos on Youtube, it is possible to use your intuition, although specialized resources are often more useful.

  • Some tips on entering text in a Youtube channel. Try to write difficult variations in order to identify the current keys.
  • The free TubeBuddy app runs on Google Chrome. It allows you to obtain the tags used by your competitors in similar or related topics. Just log in, find the video you want and open it. The tags will then appear directly under the video and will be numbered by popularity, including on Youtube.
  • TUBULAR LABS is also a free application allowing to know the tags used by its competitors. To use it, log into your Youtube account. On the wall, chains may appear. An informative panel appears above its channels, showing various statistics, as well as the list of the most watched channels by users.
  • KEYWORDTOO.IO is positioned more as a tool for finding key searches not only on Youtube, but also on other important resources.
  • There are additional statistical data tools on Youtube, used by all channels that already have a large number of views and subscribers. These tools allow you to learn about the most used keys.

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Therefore, it is important to learn the best and the worst of the keys used in video search in order to create useful content for users. If people can easily find your video when it interests them, then your stats will increase.

What else to do

In order to create a popular video, it is important to think about a relevant topic and how to present it. Internet users must be interested in your content and must want to see the rest of the episodes. This is the reason why you have to hold the plot to the end. However, it is necessary not to forget the other important details:


  • The duration. A video that is too short, less than a minute, often raises doubts as to whether it should be watched. Videos that are too long on the other hand are not always watched to the end.
  • Analysis of statistics, such as viewing time, sessions, user activity (comments and likes), and click potential.
  • Competently optimizing their video using a tag editor, as well as title and description. It is also necessary to create attractive images that appear in the news feed.
  • Creating a unique channel using an interesting and easy-to-remember title and logo. Slogans can work just as well. This is necessary in order to lay the foundation for its authority and to increase the curiosity of your users as well as the channel’s influence coverage.

It is also important to find out about the ranking of your video. This data is difficult to understand at first, but there is nothing too complicated. Just use email newsletters, video keys, and other services. Distributing links to other resources as well as blogging are methods that work.

Mistakes in creating a Youtube video

Even if you don’t feel like thinking about all the intricacies of a competent technique and just want to work quietly, it’s important to stick to the ground rules. These techniques have been developed and tested by millions of Internet users in just a few years. Repeated errors also prevent reaching the desired number of views and subscribers.

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The wrong choice of title

The title below a video appears in the news feed not only to arouse emotion in users, but also to incite a desire to view the video. It must be attractive, interesting, and easy to find on search engines and through keywords. Ideally, the title should summarize the content. Do not lie or be tricky because nobody likes it when a blogger cheats and users will no longer view such channels in the future.

The lack of a concrete theme

It is absolutely essential to set a goal when creating video. If you didn’t do it during filming, it is still possible to do it during editing. You can think of a funny situation, informative content, or events etc. Your subscribers want to see a headline, beautiful images, and only then want to watch the video. All users have a circle of interest. This is the same for your channel in which it is a matter of defining a topic and a subject line.


Youtube takes an important place in the life of modern people, because this platform contains a lot of content, which attracts internet users with various tastes and goals. This is why it is important to keep up with the times and offer services, entertainment, and demonstrations where more people “congregate”.

This done, it is a question of orienting towards a target audience, analyzing their interests, and their view of the world. If people see what they think for themselves in a video, they’ll be impressed and subscribe to become your regular viewers.

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