How to make your page on Facebook more popular

How to make your page on Facebook more popular

1. Share some posts. The most important thing is that your posts reflect your ideas and your view of the world. This is necessary so that your news feed contains as much of the same information as possible. For example, if you love pets, then share 2-3 posts on this topic and you will get such information more often.

2. If you still have very little information on this topic, create publications associated with the topics that interest you.

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Comment rendre sa page sur Facebook plus populaire

3. Disable privacy settings as much as possible. For example, fully allow all subscription requests or friend requests. We recommend that you then create 3 to 5 posts in order to attract your audience. Don’t worry, you are just as before free to publish posts for your friends only as well.

4. In order for your acquaintances and your colleagues to find you more easily on the Internet, it is important to write your biography, which must be visible to everyone as well.

5. If you’re interested in hearing from a specific person on your News Feed, add them to the Related List. This lifehacking will make it easier for you to find the messages you want to consult. Keep in mind that the number of alerts from close friends is quite high.

6. In order to make your page popular, it is necessary to delete all your friends who do not share posts or who do not themselves. This is important for Facebook’s system which initially chooses to only show your posts to people who react to them.

7. Another tip for improving topic-related posts on the News Feed is to get comments and likes. The system will then do the rest for you.

8. Delete all posts and keep only the ones you want. Quote, text, selfie, or anything else that could put you in an awkward situation should be deleted.

9. Don’t subscribe to people who spam too often. This rule applies to everyone, from your loved ones to those far away. If you don’t want to sound rude, add them to a separate list.

10. At least 3-4 times a week, watch the events you want to attend and plan your visits. You can also find new subscribers by sharing your ideas.

11. Likewise, pay attention to the settings. This is particularly important for the mobile version of the application. After updating the program, for example, the configuration can return to standard.

12. You may have been the victim of a hack? Enable two-factor authentication.

13. If you want to increase your number of friends, just create or borrow no less than 10 thematic posts. The mandatory criteria and that they should always reflect your state of mind.

14. Close your wall so that no one else can write on it. It could damage your reputation.

Comment rendre sa page sur Facebook plus populaire

15. From the start, create a base of 300 to 400 friends.

16. If you want to add a friend with several thousand subscribers to your Facebook profile, this friend must share at least 50 mutual friends with you. If you want to add a regular person, remember where you met them and make sure that the number of friends in common is not less than 5.

17. Statistics show that you don’t view 70% of Facebook content. Do you like a particular profile? Check back more often so that their posts are regularly visible in your news feed. It is also possible to add the profile to a special list. This way, you will be able to follow each of his posts, but only the most interesting ones will be visible in the news feed.

18. When using a mobile version, pay particular attention to ensuring that automatic location is engaged. This helps to find new friends around you.

19. Do not post from third party sites because Internet users generally do not watch them. Copy and paste directly into a post.

20. Has anyone commented on your post? Also do his publications in return. This helps make your profile more popular.

21. Don’t like the menu? Change it! You can change anything you want from the left tab. This helps make your profile more popular.

22. Facebook is like a good meal. For example, no self-respecting Italian will eat pasta without sauce. In other words, if you post unprofessional photographs of children, or animals, you destroy your reputation.

By following a few rules on how to make a Facebook page popular, you will be on the road to success. Remember to increase the number of subscribers, because the more subscribers you have the more likes you have. We recommend that you use trusted sites for development on Facebook, if you need to promote followers on Facebook, as well as if you want to make your comments more lively by using the services of a mentions promotion. like facebook.

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