How to open an online store on Instagram

How to open an online store on Instagram
Как открыть интернет магазин в Instagram: пошаговая инструкция Thinking how to properly open an online store on Instagram and SMM by promoting goods through social networks and want to use them as a platform instead of a store? In this article, we will tell you in detail about such a resource as Instagram, here you will find a detailed description of the process from creating your own page to the moment of attracting the first customers. Along the way, we’ll talk about the various subtleties of designing your profile and requirements for posts.

Social networks attract millions of people to their expanses, offering relaxation, entertainment and just an opportunity to kill time. And where there are people, there will always be a place for business, various social media platforms offer the opportunity to promote their products in their own way, and today we propose to figure out what is good about Instagram. Initially, it was positioned as a resource for the exchange of photographs, thanks to which it has become an ideal means of selling things, focusing on the visual component.

Why is it worth opening a store on social networks, and what opportunities does this open up? First of all, the lowest costs compared to creating a full-fledged site, everyone can register and open the page. To start a business, an entrepreneur will only have to understand a little about SMM, what it is and how such an online promotion works. Compared to a physical store, Instagram also benefits from not having to pay rent for premises.

Why open an online store on Instagram

As we have already found out, such an approach is simply profitable financially, but the logical question of why this social platform should be used remains open. Immediately exclude all moral aspects with the definition of goals, you can find them in our SMM article the first steps, and now let’s talk about the advantages of Instagram over other social networks.

Для чего открывать интернет магазин в Instagram

Simplicity of presentation. It has already been said that people come here to share their photos, and for a novice businessman this is the easiest way to showcase their products in the best possible light. You may have to learn how to edit photos and master a few programs, but even the products shot on the phone will find their buyer.

Deferred purchases. This point follows from the previous one, high-quality images of sold items are deposited in the user’s memory, and this is the secret. By deciding to use the services of a professional SMM agency, you are guaranteed to highlight your products against the background of what a person can meet in stores. And not immediately, perhaps in a month, but not finding anything better, the user will contact you.

Audience gathering. Choosing a social network to develop or promote your business, you need to rely on the target audience. We decide on who will be interested in your product, where it will be more convenient to promote it and attract warm customers. According to analytical data, the main percentage of Instagram users is women and is 77%, and the age ranges from 16 to 34 years.

How to create a profile for an online store on Instagram

If you already have a page on this social network, then you have repeatedly come across commercial projects, and have an idea of ​​how they should look. But if you are thinking about how to use Instagram to promote your business on the recommendation of friends or from one of the popular trainings and webinars in our time, then let’s figure it out in order.

Page creation. The basis of the basics is intuitively clear to any PC user who has access to the Internet, but there are some nuances for opening an online store. The chosen nickname should not only be catchy and memorable, but also reflect the essence of the business. Do not neglect a thoughtful password, hacking of pages on social networks is common. It is better to write down a complex password than lose your business over an easy one.

Avatar. The most controversial issue in creating an online store on a social network, statistics do not have clear data, which causes more confidence in subscribers or attracts attention. Therefore, when choosing a face for your page, you can use both the company logo and any beautiful image. If you produce designer handmade goods, a beautiful photo of a workshop or a finished product will be a good form.

Page decoration. Here you can go deeper into 2 separate points: filling the page with product photos and filling in the “page description”. There shouldn’t be any problems with the first one, you offer ready-made products, therefore, you have examples of work. The description is a little more complicated, do not bother with writing, write down the information succinctly and clearly, let the product and content plan speak about yourself.

What should be a photo on Instagram

So, we assume that you already have a page, you have designed it and are ready to rush into battle for the first clients. The reality is a little different, you can speed up the process by PR or using contextual advertising, which you can learn more about in our other article, but in fact your profile is just a showcase.

Purchase professional equipment. An extremely controversial point causing a lot of gossip among businessmen and subscribers. It is true that you can take a high-quality photo with a phone that is not the newest model, but if the resources allow the purchase of a camera that meets your requests, do not save.

Do not hesitate to edit your photos. This point is more likely a consequence of the previous one, if you cannot buy expensive equipment or are poorly versed in photographs, process them in special programs trying to give the image the most salable appearance. A little scam will be excusable, but don’t get carried away, a frustrated customer on a social network is always a resonance that scares away other buyers.

Какими должны быть фото для Instagram

Write texts and think over a content plan. The reality is that literally anything can be sold, but sometimes visual data is not enough and a beautiful description is required. You can be smart and creative or use the top tips on how to improve and build on your social media copy. The Instagram content plan will be a substitute for a business plan for you. You need to entertain your subscribers with new posts, articles and photos regularly, get ready for this in advance.

No post ideas? If you are not a natural-born author or SMM-specialist, then you will have to face the problem of a creative crisis, many abandon the development of the page at this stage, but do not be alarmed. You can tell about everything, from the process of working on an interesting order with photos of the stages, to screenshots of comments from satisfied customers. You can even get inspiration from communication with subscribers, pay attention to topics of interest to them related to your product and give a detailed answer in the form of a post.

How to promote an online store on Instagram

So, let’s figure out how to promote our created online store on Instagram. We have a beautifully designed social media page, lots of beautiful product photos and interesting posts, but for some reason new subscribers arrive slowly. In fact, the Internet and social networks in particular look like a big city, people wander aimlessly around them, are interested in new and unusual, but in order for them to enter your store, you need to declare about it.

You work with cold clients. This is not a call to rush indiscriminately at users who may be interested in the products you offer, but a recommendation to start making contact with them. As a way to attract attention in an unobtrusive way, you can like and subscribe to them, attention from a stranger guarantees interest. If the user finds a like, he will go to look at your page.

Work with hashtags. Instagram’s strongest weapon is hashtags, which are used by users to search for interesting topics, products and promotions. Having come to this social network, prepare for the fact that you will have to work with them constantly. There are several rules when choosing hashtags. Don’t use what people aren’t looking for, no “pretty_shoes” or “pretty_everybody” just keywords. There is a rule that many hashtags under one post is bad, a fact, but to promote your business you have to forget about it, you need traffic and preferably all.

Advertising. Ready to splurge? Great, this will significantly speed up the process, as the promotion of your brand or products on Instagram, you can use three main influences on social network users: contextual advertising leading to you, contests, payment for advertising from media personalities or bloggers with a large audience. It is not easy to figure this out on your own, but the Internet is teeming with detailed instructions, or you can turn to professionals for help.

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