How to open an online store VKontakte: step by step instructions

How to open an online store VKontakte: step by step instructions
Как открыть интернет-магазин ВКонтакте: пошаговая инструкция In the modern world, you can buy anything without leaving your home, the main thing is to have access to the Internet. Social user growth networks pushed many to create online stores, because this niche is in demand, popular and, when using the right methods, brings good income. In our article, we will tell you how to open an online VKontakte store so that it becomes a successful platform and a favorite job at the same time.

It is wrong to talk about creating an online store as an easy way to make money. Yes, in some ways the creation of such a store is easier than outside the network, but since these are two completely different realities, the methods and actions to implement this idea are completely different. We have already talked about how to open an online store with detailed instructions, but the general concept of an online store and the creation of a VKontakte online store involves a slightly different activity, structure and a different approach.

When the social network VKontakte just appeared on the social market. networks about any communities associated with the sale of goods and services was out of the question. The point is that the functional component was limited and somewhat incomplete. Gradually, the functionality expanded, the number of registered users grew, and there were more and more groups and communities that attracted an audience and united interests.

интернет-магазин ВКонтакте

Now the social network VKontakte serves as an excellent platform for the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas, thanks to the features of the interface and a number of factors. Publications, groups, audio and video recordings allow you to understand the interests of the target audience, which is an important component when creating an online store. It is also necessary to have information about what is targeting on VKontakte and how to set it up, because this will get rid of unnecessary traffic and attract only “your” customers.

VKontakte communities are a wonderful platform for selling goods and services. But still, when planning an online store, it is important to decide what exactly you will sell and only then a clear plan for further actions will be built. What knowledge is required to plan the opening, let’s discuss.

What is important to know before opening a VKontakte online store?

To date, 193,525 communities are shown in the search for communities in VK for the query “online store”. It should be borne in mind that when creating a store, not all users indicate this particular request. These impressive numbers suggest that the demand for goods and services is growing and flourishing.

In order for an online store to really make a profit, be in demand and please with a flow of customers, certain knowledge is required. Firstly, it is important to know that the stages of integrated promotion are represented by a number of features, without which a structured model for creating an online store on VKontakte is simply impossible.

One of these stages is a niche, or rather its choice. What you will sell is a defining position that builds steps to subsequent stages and sets a scheme for further actions. The setting and choice of targeting, which plays a key role in the sale of a particular product, will depend on whether these children’s clothes, shoes, furniture or household goods will be.

Что важно знать

The next step is to study the system of demand for products. In this case, a number of features should be taken into account. For example, if an entrepreneur sells outerwear, it is worthwhile to conduct thorough monitoring in advance and determine at what time of the year there is the maximum demand for this product.

When we have decided on the product and demand, the moment comes to choose a good name and avatar for the VKontakte online store. It is important that the title is catchy, readable, original, and also easy to remember. The essence of an avatar is to fit in one photo a high-quality design, contact information and an image of the product itself.

The next important step is to create a menu that requires a professional approach and creativity. I would like to note that when creating a website in Ivanovo, as well as when promoting pages in social. networks, our specialists pay great attention to detail. The menu when creating an online store VKontakte is the face of the product and the entrepreneur, who at first glance disposes or does not dispose to himself. The constituent elements of the menu must certainly include:

  • Product catalog.
  • Contact information.
  • Detailed methods of ordering, payment and delivery.
  • Customer reviews, because it is thanks to reviews that the online store’s level of trust, and most often demand, grows.

Продажа товаров через социальные сети

The next important feature when opening an online store VKontakte is the creation of albums. To increase the level of popularity, it will be more interesting to create a separate album for each product category and an album for customers with the ability to place a photo with the product in it and leave a review under the photo. It is advisable to indicate in the description for the photo – the price, order methods and contact information for communication, this will attract more customers, save the buyer’s time and ultimately benefit the entrepreneur.

When creating an online store VKontakte, you should pay special attention to the video section. We previously wrote about what hype is in youth slang, but I would like to mention that it is often used in completely unexpected projects and, oddly enough, it works. A video presenting an overview of a service or thematic content, as well as using a HYIP, is a powerful tool in promotion, and interacting with each other, the result will be amazing.

What does the content for the VKontakte online store include?

When creating an online store on VKontakte, it should be understood that promotion is the basis of the whole business and the success of the online store will depend on how much effort and practical skills are invested in it. Content development consists of a set of tools that help in proper promotion and development. Let’s discuss what the content for the VKontakte online store should include.

The first stage may seem unnecessary to someone, but this is not at all the case. An entrepreneur must understand what a content plan for a VKontakte group is and how to draw it up correctly in order to simplify all further work. A content plan is not needed only if the creation and maintenance of a group or a VKontakte community is a hobby, and not a means of earning money.

Что включает контент для интернет-магазина ВКонтакте

The main indicator of the quality content of the VKontakte online store is the selling texts and their presentation. It is necessary to use a phrase that catches and attracts. It can relate to a price tag, a description of a service, a call to action. The phrases “buy”, “buy now” are best avoided, as they contain the message of pressure and coercion, thereby scaring away users.

Conducting contests, promotions and sweepstakes is an indispensable tool when running an online store. And if you combine it with targeting potential buyers and marketing, then the success of such an online store is guaranteed.

How to open an online store VKontakte?

In order to open an online VKontakte store, there will be little theoretical knowledge. Product selection, analysis, target audience research and other necessary points described above will not work without a technical foundation.

The technical part plays a major role in creating a VKontakte online store. Let’s start in order. After the entrepreneur registers in the social. network VKontakte, in front of him will be presented with his personal page.

  • You need to go to the “Groups” service and click on the inscription: “Create a community”
  • After select the type of community “Public page”.
  • Next, fill in the “Title”, “Subject” and “Website” fields
  • Start preparing the filling of the online store.

открыть интернет-магазин ВКонтакте

Coming up with a name, quality content and promotion methods is not an easy task. In order to understand how to promote the VKontakte group, as well as this applies to an online store and any other community, you need to have knowledge not only in the field of marketing and PR, but also psychological skills with building correct communication and the ability to smooth out sharp corners.

If an entrepreneur managed to create an online store VKontakte on his own or thanks to the work of experienced specialists, at the final stage, one should take another look at the result obtained, but through the eyes of the buyer. So it will be possible to correct mistakes and correct shortcomings, and after that you can proceed to the opening.

как продвинуть группу ВКонтакте

I would like to add that there are two ways to open a VKontakte online store – paid and free. Using the free method, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of work and slowly go to conquer the top called demand. It must be remembered that there is a restriction on VKontakte for invitations to communities, and actively using this method there is always a risk of being blocked along with the online store.

Using the paid method with the right promotion, the chances of becoming a promoted community, in which there will be daily income and great demand, grow exponentially. You can ask for help from an SMM manager who will show and tell you what SMM promotion is, how to submit information to subscribers and what planning is needed for.

Also, to promote the community, you can subscribe to paid programs, which, thanks to their extended functionality, allow you to work on attracting customers more professionally, selecting potential buyers with amazing accuracy.

Another paid way for the successful existence of the VKontakte online store is to order advertising in other groups. Now this method is the most popular in social media. network and many aspiring entrepreneurs turn to it. From the customer, it is enough to write the text and edit it for publication, then contact either the community or group administrator, or resolve this issue through advertising exchanges.

In our article, we would talk about how to open an online store VKontakte, what knowledge to have and how to go towards realizing your goals. The main thing to remember is that creating an online store is not so difficult, it is much more difficult to ensure its dignified existence, to correctly build a promotion model and a productive dialogue with potential customers.

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