How to promote a brand on Instagram in 2021

How to promote a brand on Instagram in 2021

Now, in order to promote a brand on Instagram, it is not enough to have only a page on Facebook to promote your brainchild and increase sales. Modern problems require modern solutions, so Instagram with its huge variety of tools enters the fight for the target audience.

Mass following, contests, hashtags, flashy descriptions and nice visuals are faithful companions in helping to attract the attention of potential customers and tip the scales in favor of buying a product. In today’s article, we will tell you how to promote a brand on Instagram as efficiently as possible, as well as tell you about the most common mistakes that beginners make.

What can be classified as a brand

Brand is a rather multi-layered and ambiguous term. It is a set of ideas about a product or service, as well as a set of emotions and associations that an object evokes in consumers.

In simple terms: brand is an individual set of characteristics that distinguish a product from competitors. In modern realities, it is important not only to appease customers with the quality of the product and a low price, but also to do everything possible to attract the attention of the audience.

Historically, the consumer, who always has a choice, is very spoiled by the advertising information broadcast from each “iron”. This is where the brand starts to be useful. Yes, you may not have the tastiest chocolate chip cookies, but if they are heard, then sales will automatically grow up.

In this case, you should ask a completely logical question: why does your brand need Instagram? Each business has different goals: someone wants to tell the audience about promotions and discounts, and someone has plans promote the product.

The first step in building a brand on Instagram is developing a competent strategy. You need to clearly state the promotion scheme and the desired results.

Instagram, by its potential, is an “unplowed field” of opportunities. Here are just a few of them:

  • increasing brand awareness;
  • building loyalty;
  • reputation management and feedback;
  • receiving targeted communications to the company.

Как раскрутить бренд в Инстаграм

What determines the success of your brand on Instagram

Even if your brand is incredibly popular, this does not mean that you will quickly gain the trust of your audience on Instagram. For real success, it is not enough just to periodically publish photos, set up a target and monitor statistics. Followers will have to be fought for, and all is fair in this war.

Here are a few secrets that directly affect the brand’s popularity on Instagram:

  • A carefully thought-out strategy. If you plan to publish several photos, and then just sit in one place and wait for the cherished moment when subscribers will fall from heaven on you, you can immediately bet on your account cross. In order for followers to see your posts, you need to sweat a lot over the quality of the content. In the era of algorithmic tape, only brands that are serious about building a smart strategy reap the laurels of success.
  • Branded hashtags. A brand needs some visual form of marketability that should not translate into trivial advertisements. You do not want users to unsubscribe from you because of excessive obsession? Use branded hashtags to maintain your impact on your audience without annoying it. They should be unique, memorable and themed.
  • Call to action. Some brands forget about text, relying on visual content. This is a big mistake and can negate all efforts! Every post you post should contain a call to action .
  • Communication with the audience. The success of a brand directly depends on the feedback of the audience, because it is not the number of subscribers that is important, but how they interact with your content.

So, with the main components of success sorted out, it remains only to talk about the steps that need to be taken to effectively promote the brand.

Как раскрутить бренд в Инстаграм

Reasons to create an Instagram account

Still don’t have an Instagram profile? Then we recommend to urgently correct this omission. Here’s why:

  • There are many stars on the popular social network who can advertise your product.
  • Instagram is used by socially and economically active people who are able to present an effective demand for a variety of services and goods.
  • An Instagram account allows you to significantly expand the parameters of the target audience and attract the maximum number of customers.
  • While the audience of Vkontakte and Facebook is “aging”, Instagram is at its peak of popularity, which means that advertising campaigns organized within this social network are most effective.
  • Since 2019, the male audience of Instagram is gradually catching up with the female audience in number, and this is a very favorable trend for various business segments.
  • On Instagram, you can create a full-fledged online store if you use additional tools that allow you to carry out the entire sales cycle – from consultation to transactions.
  • Instagram is a social network that people come to for visual pleasure, inspiration and informal communication. This means that you can present your advertising materials in an interactive format: entertaining posts, stories, short videos and funny memes. In short, your imagination will have a place to roam.

Brand promotion in 6 steps

Do you still think that promotion without fabulous investments is a myth? No matter how it is! We will prove otherwise.

This section will be useful for those who are planning to take their business to the next level, but do not know where to start. Below is a list of must-have steps that will help you create a beautiful and interesting profile that will attract potential buyers.

Strategy Development

A competent strategy is an important component of a comprehensive account promotion. First, analyze the competitors’ pages : what they post, how they communicate with customers, do they write prices under the photo. Using the experience of other brands is not only a portion of inspiration, but also an opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes without stepping on your own rake.

Yes, mindless stealing of ideas is unlikely to lead you to success, but using the insights that your closest competitors have noticed as the foundation of a communication strategy is possible and even necessary.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the mission of my business account? (to expand the target audience, increase sales, regularly remind customers about promotions and discounts).
  • What useful information can I share with subscribers?
  • What is my main difference from competitors? How are they promoting their products on Instagram? How often are new posts published? How does the target audience react to new posts?

Как раскрутить бренд в Инстаграм - контент план

Publish what?

So we got to the most interesting and, perhaps, the most difficult point. First, decide on a profile avatar. Remember : no small details, colorful colors and confusion. A laconic logo that best reflects the essence of your business is ideal for all occasions.

Second, select @. For your account name, use your own brand and phrases that clearly describe your products or services.

People love bright, juicy and stylish photos. A gloomy picture, low-quality images and a lack of well-thought-out visuals – all this will ruin your business even at the stage of formation. Practice shows that photos taken in light colors get 24% more likes than dark images.

Don’t forget the text . Think about what you can tell customers about the product / service. Avoid bland descriptions, add paragraphs, add emojis, and think about the concept and style of your storytelling.

Be sure to develop a content plan , specifying the frequency with which posts will be published. Regularity is necessary, thanks to it, subscribers will always expect something new and interesting on your company’s page.

Как раскрутить бренд в Инстаграм

Don’t forget about hashtags

Well-chosen hashtags mean +100 to recognition and promotion efficiency. It is very difficult to break into Instagram without relevant hashtags, so come up with your own unique and original # that reflect the essence of the business.

One minute of useful information: RadiumOne conducted research and found that 55% of posts with hashtags have more likes. Impressive, isn’t it?

Try to supply each new entry with “hot words”. This is necessary in order to bring the publication to the top as soon as possible. By tagging posts with popular hashtags, you automatically grab the attention of potential buyers. In the early stages of promotion, you can borrow reach # from commercial pages or influencers.


Contest periodically

To increase the loyalty of subscribers, at least sometimes please them with contests and useful gifts. Any activity on Instagram is a great chance to stimulate the audience to feedback and creativity.

The task of the contestant is to share their own brand-mentioning content. Such simple manipulations can significantly increase the company’s awareness and ensure the flow of new customers.

In order for the contest to “shoot”, we recommend attracting an influencer who is popular with your target audience. Selling rubber bands for sports? Then get the support of a fitness blogger.

Use user content

Periodically repost the posts of followers on which your brand page is marked, and you will be happy in the form of a trusting relationship with your audience. This approach has helped a large number of accounts without cash investment grow into large communities with an impressive number of subscribers.

How does it work? For example, a customer posts your product in a story, and you duplicate this post in your account. Naturally, a person is pleased with such attention from the company, which means that next time he will also not miss the opportunity to “light up” on the page of his favorite brand and make a cherished mark, which, most likely, will bring new customers to your profile.

контент пользователей

Where to find your audience?

Everyone who decides to create a page on Instagram has a very logical question: where to find the target audience? We warn you right away: cheating is not suitable, as you run the risk of getting into a “shadow ban” and falling out of favor with the social network for a long time.

The first option is to bring the target audience from the brand’s website or from other official communities on social networks. The second way is to like, mark subscribers on publications, comment on their posts and order advertising from influencers.

где искать аудиторию

Examples of Successful Brands on Instagram

The brand page on Instagram is not about the same type of photos and boring longreads, it’s about beautiful visuals and soulful texts.

Get some inspiration:

H&M organizes creative and juicy advertising campaigns.

The Fedex delivery account looks very warm and cozy. There is a sea of ​​positiveness here and there is a place for dogs and even koalas. Why not?

The page of one of the most popular bakeries in New York is so delightful that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off it. The Magnolia Bakery profile is mesmerizing.

When you think of Vogue , you inevitably think of fashion and celebrities … and the brand’s amazing Instagram page.

Frooti is a mango juice producer and a happy owner of a vibrant account.

Starbucks makes awesome coffee and “delicious” social media content.

Tips and tricks

A checklist of useful tips that will help you quickly grab the attention of your target audience and reclaim your place in the sun:

  • Use Russian hashtags. If you plan to popularize your product among the citizens of the CIS, you should remove Latin hashtags or English words from everyday life.
  • Don’t forget about thematic hashtags. Move vague wording to the background. For example, if you are creating something in the spirit of fashion, add hashtags like “street style” or “lukofzedey”.
  • Work with your audience. Respond to comments, respond to brand mentions and don’t keep customers waiting, otherwise there will be more agile competitors who will give feedback much faster.
  • Show behind the scenes. Beautiful product photos taken with a professional camera are good, of course, but you need variety. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically show the audience a backstage. Shoot production stories, show yourself at work, or share fun stories with clients.
  • Share insider information. The client should become your best friend, with whom you will share information “firsthand”: show new products before they go on sale, announce hot discounts and provide the target audience with an opportunity test the product. Do not be afraid of negative feedback, because they are the engine of progress and a direct road to improvement.
  • Do not distance your Instagram account from other social networks. After uploading a photo, after a while share it, for example, on Facebook, adding text and emoji. In this case, users will know that you are present in many social networks and will choose the most convenient communication option.
  • More beautiful photos. People love with their eyes, which means that you should work closely on the visual component of your profile. If you are generating low-quality content, then don’t expect a lot of likes and flattering comments. The client is sophisticated these days, so it is difficult to impress him with a picture taken “on his knee”. Think globally: photograph not just a product that is modestly lying on a plain surface, but what can be done with it.
  • Don’t forget to tag your geolocations. Geotargeting allows you to tailor your ads to an audience in a specific region. By specifying the location, you will automatically attract the attention of potential buyers.


Now let’s talk about the most common errors :

  • Create an account exclusively for advertising publications. Stop stuffing customers with insipid images and boring texts containing obsessive urges to buy something. Post interesting posts, run contests and live broadcasts, share backstage stories.
  • Refusal of material investments. In order to promote the brand, you have to fork out a little. Targeting, blogger advertising, photo editing applications, professional help – all this costs money, so be prepared to invest in your brainchild.
  • Selecting the wrong direction of the expandable brand position. Optimize your brand according to your needs and the best price options. In order to avoid this mistake, it is necessary to analyze the market before the promotion.
  • Abuse of bots. Do you remember that the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality of the audience? Spam comments and faceless subscriber profiles spoil the overall impression of the brand, so we strongly discourage using services to cheat bots, otherwise you risk falling straight into a “shadow ban”. Want to check your account? Register on the trendHERO platform.
  • Links in the text. Such a fakap often happens to beginners who naively believe that if they insert a link directly into the text, it will magically open in some way. Unfortunately no. Just imagine what kind of motivation the client should have so that, being of sound mind, he copied the link manually and transferred it to the browser. Do not force users to perform unnecessary actions, insert active links into the profile header.
  • The site is not mobile friendly. Instagram is a network where 99% are mobile users. Do you see what we are driving at? If the site from which the sale of products is carried out is not adapted for smartphones and tablets, this is a failure. You are simply wasting traffic without getting proper feedback.
  • Provide the blogger with a ready-made text. The desire to control everything is, of course, understandable, but let the influencer independently adapt the text to the needs of the target audience.
  • Lack of strategy. Yes, without the right strategy you run the risk of staying in one place, and this mistake can cost you a lot of money. The specialist must clearly understand the purpose of the campaign, for whom, what are the features of the goods or services, and so on.

ошибки инстаграм


It’s time to take stock:

  • in order to quickly and effectively promote the page, at the first stages it is necessary to publish posts with a frequency of 2-3 times a day;
  • beautiful visuals and interesting texts are a win-win path to success;
  • comment on the posts of followers, like their photos and work continuously to establish two-way communication;
  • come up with original hashtags;
  • don’t chase the number of subscribers, rely on quality;
  • don’t neglect contests;
  • Most importantly, don’t make your customers bored.

Follow the advice and feel free to experiment by constantly changing your strategy!

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