How to promote your brand profile on TikTok

TikTok divided the world into two parts. Some say that this is a stupid social network for schoolchildren, while others stick to videos with dances and pranks for hours. But there is also a third category – brands that use TikTok marketing for promotion. How can you become “your own” among the audience of this multimillion-dollar social network? In our guide to TikTok for Brands.

What is the secret of TikTok’s popularity

We watch the video in all social networks, for example, on Instagram. But, having appeared on the App Store and Google Play two years ago, TikTok quickly overtook the competition. What are its features?

  • The main screen of the application is a smart recommendation feed. The user does not need to search for interesting pages or subscribe to accounts to watch their videos. Based on searches, likes and other reactions, the application itself selects the content that you like. 90% of video views come from recommendations, not subscribers.
  • Viruses, political protests, instability in the world … People are tired of the content that loads them. And TikTok has become an island of relaxation where you can get stuck for an hour after school or work.

Like other social networks, which were originally created only for entertainment, TikTok is gradually transforming and becoming a serious platform for brand advertising.

Как продвигать профиль бренда в ТикТок

Is it worth a business to promote on TikTok

Yes, if:

  • services can be rendered (that is, shown on video);
  • the brand has no strict tone of voice restrictions;
  • you can deliver the value of the product in 15 seconds;
  • at least one segment of the target audience – people under 25.

Let’s dwell on the last point in more detail. Yes, 43% of TikTok users are teenagers under 18. But there are many areas of business working for this audience. For example, clothing brands, online courses, beverage manufacturers. And young people under 18 have money, because many of them work part-time or receive it from their parents. And schoolchildren often tell the older generation which smartphone to buy, where to go to rest. That is, even if they do not make purchases, they indirectly influence them. But time does not stand still: in a couple of years the students will grow up, and if you have already interacted with them on TikTok, then you will not have to re-gain their trust.

Russian brands in TikTok

Russian brands are just starting to master TikTok and more often use integrations with bloggers, while foreign companies focus on maintaining accounts and creating unique content for the social network. If you start promoting TikTok right now, you will outstrip competitors who work only with classic social networks (VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook).

Ways of promoting in TikTok

Own channel

Even the first video uploaded can get millions of views. The main thing is that it is creative and engages the audience, and the recommendation system (like Yandex.Zen and YouTube) will do the rest for you.

For example, if you run a veterinary clinic account, post cute videos with your patients and tell touching stories of saving kittens and puppies. Selling handmade dishes? Show how, in skillful hands, a piece of clay turns into a beautiful vase. Do you represent a clothing brand? Find models with unusual looks and wear them in your clothes to the trendy tracks. And to get the result in the form of clients, do not forget to leave a link to the site.

Branded masks and effects

Like Instagram, TikTok can add your own mask or effect that users will use when filming themselves. This is a great option for promoting beauty brands on TikTok. The audience of the social network – generation Z – do not mind experimenting and seeing themselves with a new hair color or lipstick.


???? Help defeat the dark entity and win cool prizes Hashtag details: ## she’s drinking

♬ Dark Mystery – Fanta

Targeted Ads on TikTok

TikTok has its own ad account and the following promotion formats:

  • Brand Takeovers (3-5 seconds video or image) and Topview (videos up to 15 seconds). The user sees the ad unit immediately after opening the application. The link can redirect to another TikTok video or an external site;
  • In-Feed Videos (feed ads). Native ads can appear under organic videos or directly in the feed. It is a video up to 60 seconds.

Branded track

Your own track can be uploaded to TikTok for free, and if it goes off, people will use it in the video. For example, in recent years the phrase “Transfer to Sberbank” has become a meme, and Sberbank has successfully played on this. Despite the fact that no funds were invested in promoting the track and it did not participate in the hashtag challenge, people began to use it in their videos.


Favorite teacher for your patience ???? Record your video under the track @sber_ru

♬ Translate to Sber – Sber

Hashtag Challenges

The brand comes up with an original idea and hashtag, crops up with influencers, and users turn on and pick up the topic.

Challenges are formal and unofficial. In the first case, the brand needs to pay the TikTok administration to support the advertising campaign. The official challenge is displayed in the form of a banner when the application is launched, it has a separate page on the “Interesting” tab, where the terms and conditions are specified. This gives maximum reach and user engagement. Informal challenges are launched by brands or bloggers themselves. In this case, success depends on how well the idea is enjoyed by the users.

For example, the fashion brand Guess held the #inmydenim challenge on TikTok. Users filmed videos, in which they were first in home clothes, and then changed into bows from Guess. As a result, 30 million people watched the video of the challenge, users shot 5500 videos, and the CTR reached 16.5%.


Guess who’s feeling confident ???? @guess ## inmydenim ## sponsored ## makeeverysecondcount ## fashion ## model

♬ #inmydenim I’m a Mess – Bebe Rexha

Another example is the # DanceStelepsi challenge from Russia, organized by Pepsi and Magnit. Its participants repeated the dance of Nastya Ivleeva against the background of the Magnit store with a can of Pepsi in their hands. The number of views exceeded 100 million, and 75,000 users posted their videos on TikTok. Simple mechanics, fun track and popular influencer became the key to success.


Participating in the new challenge ???? ## DANCINGSTYLEPEPSI join and win prizes! ???? ## magnet25

♬ Pepsi 60 years – Roman Bakshi

TikTok Contests

A logical continuation of hashtag challenges, when the creator of the most creative and popular video gets a prize. For example, TikTok’s own challenge #RestdochniSTikTok, where the award for the author of the best video was a trip.


## otdohnistiktok ❄️❄️❄️ I share with you a piece of snowy, wonderful mood !! ???? Join us

♬ original sound – sasha


You can find a blogger for brand advertising on special exchanges in Telegram or contact directly. Interaction formats: an influencer records a video with a product (placement), you shoot a joint video (fit) or launch a hashtag challenge. But remember: TikTok does not encourage commercial placements from bloggers that bypass it. To avoid a shadow ban and other restrictions, you can purchase advertising through official agencies or on partner sites. But even with the official acquisition of advertising, creativity is of the utmost importance, because even if a blogger has millions of subscribers, the main video coverage is obtained from the smart feed.

Important: do not use services for boosting subscribers or views for promotion on TikTok. It is much easier and cheaper to create your own content that real people will watch. Moreover, the quality of shooting is not so important for TikTok as an interesting idea and presentation.

TikTok Content Standards

  • Content should be responsive to smartphone viewing, so shoot vertical videos.
  • The optimal video length is 15 seconds. This is enough to convey the main idea and not let the user get bored.
  • Shoot unique videos for TikTok. The videos you’ve done for YouTube and Instagram won’t fit here. Moreover, TikTok imposes a shadow ban for non-unique content.
  • Do not use third-party software for editing and applying effects, as this can lead to loss of quality of the clips. The TikTok application has all the necessary functionality.
  • Superimpose the latest hits on the video sequence. The more positive impression the video makes, the better.
  • Post videos regularly, ideally every day. The video release time doesn’t really matter.
  • Use hashtags, but no more than 4 for one video.
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and experiment with humor. Be open and communicate with people in simple language, as if you were telling a child about your company.
  • Render the product. Keep the narrator behind the scenes, but the audience will appreciate the benefits and functionality of what you want to sell.

TikTok has great potential for brands to use. There is little competition for the audience’s attention, while the cost of promotion is low and the reach is huge compared to other social networks. But everything may change in the near future. Be in trend, be on TikTok!

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