How to promote your Instagram in 2021

How to promote your Instagram in 2021

Today, in order to promote your Instagram and break out to the top, you will have to try hard. There are already more than 1 billion registered users on the platform – it is easy to get lost among so many people, especially if you have recently created your account and are just honing your skills in maintaining it. In this article, we have collected all the time-tested and experience-proven promotion tips so that your posts will definitely be seen by potential customers and followers.

Is it realistic to quickly promote Instagram in 2021?

Alas, in 2021 it is not as easy to promote your Instagram profile as it was before. The methods of massliking and mass following that are familiar to many are no longer so skillful, and users have become more demanding on the quality of content.

Today, everything is decided by the strategy, the positioning of the account and its correct design, originality. And all this must be skillfully combined with the right promotion methods.

Today, more and more celebrity pages, bloggers, large companies and small brands are registering on Instagram. And of course, if you do not belong to the category of stars, then it will be difficult to achieve success and quickly promote Instagram. The first steps will be difficult – people do not trust accounts where there are few followers and more actively subscribe to already promoted profiles. However, there are quite effective promotion methods that allow you to quickly increase growth rates.

How to promote Instagram


The main force driving your Instagram account to popularity is quality content. In order to attract any audience to follow your page, the content must have value, be of high quality and be bright.

But this alone will not be enough. Instagram promotion requires a combination of many actions. Below are the recommendations that you must adhere to in order to succeed on Instagram.

Go to your business account

On Instagram, you can create not only personal pages, but business profiles, as well as author accounts. You can make the transition in the profile settings. This will help you open additional functions of Instagram, add a clickable link, select a category.

бизнес аккаунт

Select post times

Analyze the behavior of your audience and determine the hours of its greatest activity. Based on the information received, choose the optimal time for posting. Usually, the most activity is observed in the morning when people eat breakfast, at lunchtime and in the evening after the end of the working day.

Publish posts at the same time so that your subscribers get used to the fact that at a certain time something new and interesting will appear on your page.

Create a content plan

Instagram promotion does not tolerate chaos. Your posts should be well-planned for optimal publishing times and at optimal intervals. For most accounts, it is recommended to make 1-2 posts with a large interval. For example, morning and evening.

The content plan will also allow you to think over the topics of new posts in advance, to make high-quality pictures for them. In addition, thanks to him, you will not have a shortage of ideas at the moment X.

Use hashtags

Be sure to include relevant hashtags under each of your posts. It is hashtags that are now the main source of traffic. Hashtags can be compared in part to Google searches. Users can use them to find your publications.

The maximum number of hashtags that Intsagram allows is 30. Some people post additional hashtags in the first comment on a post. To increase awareness, we recommend that you come up with your own branded hashtag, by which users can find all your posts.

Mark geolocation

Geolocation allows you to mark the location where the photo was taken. But you can also celebrate popular places in your city, entertainment centers, beaches, squares, museums and other places where your target audience is most often. This will help you reach even more audiences.

Share your Instagram

As a rule, Instagram is not the only social network that is used. If you or your company has accounts on other social networks, a user base for instant messengers or email newsletters, be sure to share a link to your Instagram account in them. This will help you get your first subscribers quickly.

Feel free to share the link to your profile and among friends. Many of them will certainly be interested in following him.


Instagram promotion directly depends on interaction with other users. Therefore, constantly like the posts of your existing subscribers and target audience. When you like, you give the user a sign of attention, and this attracts them to visit your profile.

An average of 100 likes allows you to attract 6 new subscribers, and the Jesica bot from Instaplus can remove this routine task from you, which automatically likes the accounts you need.

Mass following

Don’t forget to subscribe to other users’ accounts. This allows you to draw additional attention to your profile and quickly expand your follower base.

But keep in mind that mass following will only be successful if you subscribe to accounts with similar interests. Users will subscribe in response only if the profile topic is close to them.

You can find similar accounts without endless surfing on Instagram through the trendHERO service.

Leave comments

Comments are another good way to grab attention natively. It is recommended to post comments under the posts of the target audience, as well as on popular accounts where they may be.

It is important that the comment is deliberate, and not a simple “Wow!” or “Cool!” People will go to your profile if a comment hooks them, speaks out their position, or opposes it.

Connect with your audience

Do not forget that Instagram is primarily a social network where people come to communicate. Be sure to respond to the comments of your subscribers, ask their opinions and advice.

This will not only create trust with your followers, but also increase their activity in your profile, which has a positive effect on ranking.

Develop your style

An Instagram page should be visually attractive, and for this your photos should not only look good on their own, but also be beneficial to combine with others. This can be achieved by applying the same filters to all posts, using templates, frames, posting posts in a grid format and alternating them correctly.

Уникальный стиль

Tell us about yourself

It doesn’t matter what topic the profile is about, whether it is personal or created with the aim of promoting a business, users want to see its face. From time to time, share your personal with followers, show the background of the business and the specific people behind the profile.

Text is important

Of course, Instagram’s main content is flashy shots. But do not forget about the text to them. More and more users of this social network are looking for not only entertainment, but also useful information.

Add meaningful text to your publications, share useful information, life hacks, and tips with your followers. Longread under each post is hardly worth writing. Usually a few phrases or a short text of content is enough. But if you really have something to tell, you can also longread.


All kinds of sweepstakes and contests make it easy to attract traffic to your account and increase the engagement rate on it. Of course, many will unsubscribe as soon as the distribution of freebies is over, but some will remain. Especially if you entice them with interesting content during the competition.

Entertain your followers with interactions

The activity of subscribers in your profile is the main guarantee of good ranking of all posts. And there is no better way to quickly collect hundreds of likes and comments, how to conduct an interactive.

For example, you can invite subscribers to solve a problem, find a difference in pictures, help choose anything by voting by leaving a comment.


Tag brands

Try to tag all brands that are captured in the photo. This will attract additional traffic from brand loyalists. Many companies also track their tags and sometimes repost user-generated content on their pages with an account mention.

Aim to bookmarks

Instagram algorithms also take into account how many users have bookmarked your posts. For the algorithm, adding a bookmark post is a sign of the usefulness of the content. And the more useful your content is, the higher the rest of your posts are shown in the news feed.

Most often bookmarks include life hacks, checklists (for example, a list of books for the summer or a list of the best melodramas), recipes, travel routes, useful tips.

Break into the TOP

If you search for a hashtag, the first 9 posts you see will be the most popular posts with the most likes in a short amount of time.

Getting into this TOP can attract huge user traffic to your page, and at the same time, a huge number of new followers.

Stories are a must

Fast Instagram promotion is impossible without using Stories, because this is the most visited and active section. Users love Stories for their honesty, the ability to follow events in real time.

Stories is also a great opportunity to share with subscribers publications that, for one reason or another, do not fit into the main feed. Here you can give free rein to creativity, because the publication will still be deleted after a day.

Make Eternal Stories

Eternal Stories (Highlights), unlike ordinary ones, can be in your account as long as you like. But their main feature is that they allow you to add structuring to your account and act as a kind of profile menu that improves navigation.

Creation and high-quality design of timeless Stories will make your account more presentable and attractive, and also allows you to easily direct visitors to content that is useful to them.

Engage influencers

Каким должен быть “ваш” блогер

One of the easiest ways to promote a profile is to advertise with a blogger. Influencers are trusted, so their recommendation can attract hundreds of new followers to your account in minutes. But it is important to choose the right influencer. Its main audience should be your target subscribers, and your account should not have cheats, a dead and amorphous audience.

The trendHERO service will help you quickly find a suitable blogger and check his account for the activity and authenticity of the audience. The service already contains over 80 million accounts and checks them against 90 important metrics.

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Call to Action

Do not be afraid to ask your random visitors to subscribe to your account, and your readers to like, leave comments, save posts to bookmarks. This is how subscribers feel important and interact more actively with the content.

Constantly analyze your account

In order to correctly build an account promotion strategy, it is important to understand your audience and constantly work on mistakes. And this is impossible without constant monitoring of account statistics.

By tracking your account statistics, you can understand:

  • what content your subscribers like the most;
  • what actions led to the emergence of new subscribers;
  • what entailed unsubscribing;
  • when is the best time to publish;
  • what content users are willing to interact with more.

All this will help you understand in which direction it is better to move, and what you should definitely not do, so as not to lose the trust and appreciation of your followers.

Use Target

Targeted advertising is an effective but paid way to promote Instagram. Here, it all decides how correct the targeting will be. It’s a good thing that Instagram offers a lot of audience filtering options for impressions – age, gender, place of residence, interests, and much more.

When to start promotion?

Before starting active promotion, you should do some preliminary work:

  • select the main account theme;
  • choose a relevant name for it, preferably including a search query;
  • set a bright and memorable avatar;
  • customize your account header so that users at a glance understand what value it has;
  • add some posts.

This is necessary in order to create a good first impression, as well as for users, when they see your profile, become interested in it and immediately understand what topic it is devoted to and what might be interesting.

Tips and tricks

Today, promotion on Instagram is mainly a field of activity for professionals. After all, you need to take into account a lot of nuances and subtleties when promoting. The following tips will help you succeed on Instagram:

  • Make a portrait of your target audience. To understand what content to create and where to find your first followers, you should definitely make a portrait of your target audience. Think about who you are maintaining an account for and who might be interested in it.
  • Patience is key. The first results may not appear immediately. It is important not to give up halfway, work on mistakes and keep moving towards your goal. Sometimes just one post or one hit in the TOP can bring huge popularity.
  • Get yourself a team. Stories about how one person worked hard day and night, and achieved everything himself motivate. But in practice, behind many successful Instagram profiles there is a whole team of people – cameramen, screenwriters, marketers. Of course, not everyone has the ability to retain an entire staff. But everyone is surrounded by a talented person who is ready to help.
  • Use professional tools. The standard set of Instagram options may not be enough. Take advantage of photo editors, page analysis tools, as well as auto-posting, massliking and massfollowing to free up time, and most importantly, do more.
  • No need to look for a magic wand. When starting promotion on Instagram, many people want to find some kind of magic program that will quickly attract subscribers, or the secret of quick success. But there is nothing like that. Promotion of Instagram requires painstaking work.

Promoting a page on Instagram can rightfully be called art. In this matter, everything is important – creativity, ingenuity, striving for your goal, intuition and even luck. We must not forget about the time-tested promotion methods and constantly experiment, grow and improve. Try everything! And choose what works best for you.

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