How to Promote Your Personal Brand on Instagram in 2021

How to Promote Your Personal Brand on Instagram in 2021

A strong personal brand is the key to social media success. Do you want to sell your services more and more expensively? Dreaming of big advertising contracts and popularity, but not sure where to start? We will tell you how to effectively promote your personal brand on Instagram, as well as draw up a checklist of the most common mistakes of all newbies.

What is a personal brand and why promote it

Okay, let’s get to grips with the term first. Personal brand is an information field that is formed throughout a person’s life. These are his appearance, character, habits, emotions, reputation, manner of speech and fundamental values. In short, the concept of “personal brand” is a collection of associations that you evoke in people.

A personal brand is your best friend and … your worst enemy. For example, if people around you first of all remember the word “irresponsibility” when they see you, then this is not a good sign.

A person has a personal brand from birth, but not everyone can boast of a strong personality. What does this mean?


A strong personal brand – the ability to influence people, inspiring them unquestioning trust. A person with a strong personal brand can set trends, change the mindset of others, sell their services and encourage people to take certain actions.

Opportunities for a strong personal brand:

  • increase in sales;
  • building subscriber loyalty;
  • career advancement;
  • building an attractive reputation;
  • highlighting features that set you apart from your competitors;
  • influence on public opinion.

A personal brand can be called an intangible asset that promotes the profitable sale of tangible assets. Its promotion is a worthwhile investment, and the monetization rate is not subject to economic downturns.

Influencers are a prime example of a strong personal brand. They are able to inspire followers with the need to buy shampoo with ginseng extract or urgently order soap for a special offer.

Do you want to reap the laurels of success and gain authority among your subscribers? Then read about the steps that will take you closer to your dream.


What determines the success of a personal brand

The success of a personal brand directly depends on a person’s charisma , reputation, uniqueness and ability to present oneself. You have to inspire people and push them to take certain actions. Even if the product is far from ideal, but the person who promotes it evokes positive associations among users, the product or service will still be bought.

An excellent example is Artemy Lebedev. Would his work be worth so much money if he were a mediocrity with a weak background and a primitive outlook on the world? Rhetorical question.

Promotion of your personal brand in 5 steps

First, you need to work on the basic components of promotion :

  • define the concept;
  • take care of the avatar (it is better to use a portrait photo on a solid background);
  • come up with a unique account name;
  • tell your subscribers about yourself;
  • switch from a regular account to a business or author account to track statistics;
  • customize the buttons on your profile.

Each of us is capable of creating a strong personal brand. To do this, you must adhere to the following steps.


Simply and clearly tell your subscribers what you do. The profile header is your business card, which people pay attention to first of all, so work hard on a capacious and concise self-presentation. Ideal if you have your own USP . Ask yourself the question “Why should you follow me?” . Reveal your strengths and share your accomplishments with your followers.

To insert a live link, for example, to your online store or YouTube channel, use the call to action on the third line.


Defining target audience and setting specific goals

Do you remember that the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality of subscribers? At the initial stages, correctly identify the target audience and formulate the goals that you are pursuing by leading a page on Instagram. Increase sales or maybe promote your own clothing brand?

Example: you are a professional psychologist and an expert in the field of personal growth. Your main target audience is men and women (25-40 years old). You plan to receive an income of 100,000 rubles a month (consultations) and 150,000 rubles by selling your own books. The cost of a consultation is 5 thousand rubles (which means that you need to receive an average of 20 clients). The book costs 500 rubles (300 sales per month).

Attention, question: how many active subscribers will be able to bring such an amount?

You shouldn’t have a huge number of followers, because this is not at all an indicator of success. Even 7 thousand subscribers who are genuinely interested in the product will help you achieve your goals.

Analysis of the correspondence of the external image

If you have decided on the ideas that you plan to broadcast to the masses, check how your current appearance matches them. Assess your own ideas about your personality (character, manner of speech, professional competence, appearance, reputation), and then compare the observations with the opinions of friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

For example, if you are a professional athlete, then your figure should inspire followers. In this example, great fitness is also proof that the products you are promoting are social proof.



To determine the direction of your blog, you need to understand the area in which you are an expert and can be useful. The main goal of an influencer is to communicate complex topics in a simple and understandable way. For example, you are an Italian tutor. Tell unknown facts about Italy, funny stories from practice, or make selections that help users learn the language in an easy way.

Useful content

Beautiful photos, consistent style and regular posts are all good, but don’t forget that your blog should be useful first and foremost. In order to constantly warm up the interest of subscribers, share with them life hacks, tips, cases and the necessary links. Showing the subscriber the solution to his problem is the perfect tool for increasing loyalty.

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Examples of Personal Branding on Instagram

Here are some cool profiles with a powerful personal brand to give you inspiration and confidence:

@jackharding is a British photographer with great visual content.

@oskar_hartmann is a Russian entrepreneur, investor, motivator and CEO of

@mann_igor is a popular marketer, consultant and speaker who shares useful recommendations in his posts.

@irina_gorbacheva is an actress, weiner, influencer and a beautiful woman with a unique sense of humor and healthy self-irony.

@alexandrrogov is a stylist, fashion expert, TV host and author of Style Guide.

@chernyak_yevgeny – businessman, head of the supervisory board of a large alcoholic holding Global Spirits, host of the YouTube channel about the Big Money business.

Useful Promotional Tools

Checklist of proven tools to help you build a strong personal brand:

  • Canva . A useful service to help you create cool visuals. Presentations, posters, blog graphics – you can create it all here. Canva allows you to use ready-made templates, and also gives you the ability to develop your own designs. A huge plus is a convenient mobile application.
  • InShot . Do you like shooting videos? This is great, because InShot is a great platform for fast and easy processing of clips. Add music, swap shots, add cool visuals, and trim chronometers without the hassle.
  • SMM Planner. The online service allows you to post posts to your social media accounts in one place, with minimal time spent. It also allows you to configure automatic deferred posting.
  • VSCO. This is a real must-have for high-quality photo processing. A lot of free filters allow you to create a masterpiece worthy of your profile in a couple of clicks.
  • FaceTune . An application that allows you to “photoshop” pictures on a smartphone. The functionality of Facetune is quite wide, the program contains automated tools for whitening teeth, changing skin color, correcting the shape of the face, getting rid of yellow teeth, red eyes, skin blemishes, gray hair, bald patches and other imperfections.


Tips and tricks

Have you decided on a concept, installed a beautiful avatar and come up with an interesting description? Great, you’re on the right track. All that remains is to get acquainted with useful tips that will help you gain first subscribers, increase engagement and avoid pitfalls:

    • Don’t forget to be active. Like popular bloggers and write detailed comments. Believe me, such activity will bear fruit and soon you will be noticed.
    • Bet on expert content. Host webinars, workshops, and answer subscribers’ questions live. Do you have something to say? So don’t keep it to yourself. Upload interesting videos to IGTV and share tips using Stories. For example, if you’re a dentist, tell your followers how to deal with tooth decay and how many times a day you should brush your teeth.
    • Precisely define the target audience. In order not to be sprayed on everyone at once, it is worth creating a portrait of the ideal subscriber, to whom all the ardor will be directed. Main criteria: gender, age, occupation, material condition, etc.
    • Regular posting. No, we are not encouraging you to post everything right now. One post every two days will be enough. The main rule is quality and conscientiousness.


    • Collaborate with influencers and brands. Look for bloggers in your or related topic who are also interested in promoting your personal brand. Write to them and offer cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.
    • Stream live. This is a great way to grab the attention of your followers. Tell about life hacks, share tips and funny stories, answer questions. In short, increase interest in your content.
    • Find your own pieces. Being like everyone else is a road to nowhere. Stand out from the crowd of bloggers, come up with contests, unique giveaways or unusual words that will only be used by your loyal subscribers.
    • Fill in information about yourself. This would seem like a trifling piece of advice, but many people ignore this point. Come up with a tasty profile description. Briefly tell your subscribers what you do. Also, don’t forget to leave your contact details.
    • Pay attention to the quality of your content. People love with their eyes. Long reads and tons of Stories are definitely a plus, but don’t forget about eye-catching visuals.
    • Create your own hashtag. Tag your posts with a custom hashtag to create easy navigation for your followers.

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    • Buy ads. Yes, in the early stages of promotion you will have to fork out a little. Tip in tip: when buying advertising placement, look not at the number of subscribers, but at the degree of involvement of the target audience. Use the trendHERO service for analysis.
    • Periodically rake Direct and comments. Communication with subscribers is a fundamental element of promotion. Try to develop a discussion, avoid monosyllabic answers, and don’t be arrogant. Don’t forget to thank your followers and don’t ignore messages addressed to you.

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  • Write lively text. Writing engaging text that will keep the reader’s attention to the last is not an easy task. We recommend that you read the book “Write, Cut”, which will help you master the art of words. At the end of the post, be sure to ask questions and provoke a discussion.
  • Don’t abuse bots. The main thing is not the quantity, but the quality of the audience. You don’t want to end up in a “shady bath” because of your love for cheats, do you?
  • Tag places. Add geolocation tags to every post. This will help you collect a small number of subscribers.

Now let’s talk about the sad things. Yes, yes, about the mistakes that beginners often make:

  • Wait for quick results. Popularity and multi-million dollar advertising contracts will not fall on you from the sky. Building a strong personal brand is time-consuming, so learn to wait.
  • Throw halfway. Writing texts, searching for relevant topics and forging connections with the target audience – yes, it is tiring, but you should not give up after the first failure.
  • Try to please everyone. In order to gain the attention of the audience, you do not need to constantly follow their lead. The desire to keep the sheep safe and the wolves satiated leads to the fact that the personal brand is sluggish, dull and uninteresting.
  • Excessive modesty. Of course, we do not urge you to tirelessly sing the praises of your person, but you should not underestimate the importance of the merits either. Remember, age doesn’t matter when it comes to experience. It is possible to be an unrestrained muddlehead at 50, and a recognized expert at 20.
  • Fear of criticism. Criticism is the engine of progress, so don’t bury your head in the sand and listen to constructive comments. It will help you improve and fix your mistakes.


Creating a personal brand is a very laborious, but very interesting process. This is your investment in the future, allowing you to earn on a good reputation and popularity. A strong personal brand helps not only attract advertisers, increase sales or earn audience love, but also get a high-paying job. We advise you not to waste time and start developing your personal brand now!

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