How to receive the blue check on Instagram – 5 steps

How to receive the blue check on Instagram – 5 steps

You have always wondered how to receive the blue check on Instagram and above all who can receive it besides famous people. Nobody really knows what the assignment criteria is, but in this article you will find all the information you were looking for.

What does it mean to receive the blue check on Instagram?

The verified blue badge is an important way to let people know that the account you are interacting with is indeed a public figure, celebrity, brand or entity.

What is the blue tick?

We often talk about hackers and fake social profiles. In fact, many users use false names and identities when signing up on a platform.

Same goes for those who “clone” the profiles of existing people, appropriating their identity.

To overcome this danger, Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter, gives the possibility to insert a blue check next to the username , which testifies to the authenticity of the profile .

Receiving the blue check on Instagram is an added value to your profile. You gain more credibility, but at the same time it is not easy to get it.

Not everyone can receive it.

It’s not enough to apply on Instagram to secure the badge. In fact, requirements are required to receive the blue check. Let’s see which ones.

Who can receive the blue tick?

Before sending a request to Instagram to receive the blue check, we recommend that you read the requirements for obtaining it.

Instagram defines an authentic account as a profile that represents a real person or a registered company.

He also specifies that he approves only one account per company or individual and that interest accounts (e.g. @ itamemes) will not receive a blue check.

An account with a blue check on Instagram must be complete, public, with a profile photo, a biography and published posts, but above all it must be a famous user, a prominent person.

A common user unknown to the public will not receive the blue check even if they have a lot of followers.

Requirements required to receive the blue tick on Instagram


Your account must be authentic and belong to a real person or brand. Fans accounts, like fan pages, cannot receive the badge.

Public account

Instagram requires that all verified accounts be public, have a bio and a profile picture. In addition, it will be easier to obtain it when the link indicated in the biography is a website with the personal domain (e.g. name,

The link should therefore only be used to direct the public to your own website or e-commerce.

Interviews and mentions on the web

Verification isn’t just for celebrities, but Instagram still wants the profile receiving the badge to belong to an easily recognizable and well-known user.

Like a profile that has received numerous online mentions on different sites and platforms.
It is not necessary to send the articles in which you have been mentioned together with the request, it will be Instagram itself that will do the research.

So if the articles appear on Google, Instagram itself will notice.

Not only…

Instagram doesn’t require a minimum amount of followers for verification. Indeed, having millions of followers does not necessarily mean being given the blue tick.

Request procedure

From your profile, go to the Account Settings menu under Request verification.

Provide an identity document (passport, identity card, driving license). The data will not be made public.

Submit and wait for your blue tick request on Instagram to be reviewed.

If you want to request the blue check for the profile of a company, and therefore not of a person, one of the requirements is the document that certifies the successful registration of the trademark!

When applying via the app to obtain verification, be sure to upload this form to the required documents. If you have to do it for a natural person instead, attach an image of your identity card.

After sending the request, in the event that it is rejected, Instagram simply sends a request informing the user that the account did not meet the criteria, but does not explain the specific reason.

However, you are free to submit your request every 30 days, so you can always try again.
But beware of scams. Nobody will send you an e-mail asking you to verify your account to get the blue check on Instagram, nor will they send third parties to get it for a fee.

There are a lot of scams, so keep your eyes peeled.

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