How to register in the Clubhouse app

How to register in the Clubhouse app
Как зарегистрироваться в приложении Клабхаус

Last year, more and more information about the new generation social network – Clubhouse, aimed primarily at the educational function, began to appear on the network. There was quite a lot of noise around it, since there were no earlier projects with such informational support, and the existing social networks are already on everyone’s lips.

A distinctive feature was the fact that in order to get to the Clubhouse registration page, it is mandatory to receive an invitation from someone who is already a member of it and has managed to prove himself on the positive side. Such people have the opportunity to invite a strictly limited number of friends, therefore, at the beginning of the development of the network, invites, or invitations, even tried to sell on various sites. However, this approach was not welcomed by the organizers, which is why the information field was also fueled by the news about the blocking of the profile created with the help of such a purchase.

Now the situation has changed somewhat, and it has become much easier to receive invitations. To understand whether it makes sense to register at the Clubhouse and how to do it, you need to understand the intricacies of the platform.

What is the sensational Clubhouse

преимущества сети КлабхаусOne of the distinguishing features is that this social network can only be used with the help of mobile gadgets, and only through the official application. The web version is not provided, and according to the developers, there is no point in creating it, since everyone can afford a smartphone that matches the characteristics.

The Clubhouse has a distinctive feature that makes it completely different from other similar projects. It only works with audio chats, and does not support classic communication formats. This is done so that each user does not try to change something in his thinking, because in the process of translating information into text form, it is presented in a completely different way from what the author thinks.

Voice communication, according to the developers, allows you to erase some barriers and start communicating more relaxed. Everything is built in the form of voice conferences, each of which can be attended either by a certain circle of people, or by everyone, depending on what parameters were set by the organizer.

There are special thematic rooms in which you can both play the role of a simple listener, trying to get the most interesting information, and directly participate in the conversation. The second option is preferable, since it allows you not only to gain knowledge, but also to share your own experience with others, as well as ask questions on topics of interest.

Since the main format of communication is voice messages, there is no opportunity to write comments or mark records as liked, which also sharply distinguishes Clubhouse from other social networks that have these characteristics and copy ideas from each other.

How to get into the Clubhouse social network

Как попасть в социальную сеть Клабхаус The registration process is the most worrying for those wishing to join the innovative social network. To create an account, it is not enough just to install the application and fill out a questionnaire. Verification will not be possible without an invitation from a friend who already has an authorized account, which means that the user will not have access to all basic functions.

The program should be installed in advance in order to be able to immediately use the received invite. Any mobile devices running both Android and iOS are suitable for installation. On tablets with the “apple” logo, some difficulties may arise, since the program interface is not displayed quite correctly. The developers promise to fix this problem in the next patches. By the way, updates for the program are released quite often, so in the future, users expect the addition of new functions that expand its capabilities, but for now they are watching the disappearance of various problems that are always encountered with a recently released product on the market.

In the installed application, you can immediately specify the following parameters:

  1. The name that will be displayed on the personal profile.
  2. Nickname, which can be any combination of characters.
  3. A photograph that will serve as an avatar in the future.

However, you will not be able to go through the settings page further without an invitation. A newly registered user can only invite two people, after which he will have to wait a long time before invitations are available again.

An invite is sent in the form of an authorization link or a special code. Only a combination of the correct characters allows you to authorize the account, after which it can be used to access all the internal options of the social network. In order not to lose access and continue using your account, you should immediately read the rules. Otherwise, you can accidentally commit a violation that will lead to the blocking of an account, which cannot be recreated without a second invitation.

How a social network works

как пользоваться клабхаусом Having successfully registered, each user is faced with a choice of what to do next. To get comfortable, many recommend walking around the rooms as a listener and just watching the discussions from the sidelines.

No additional permissions are required to access public rooms. There are no restrictions on the time spent in the discussions. Anyone can create their own rooms to bring up topics not yet discussed by other Clubhouse members.

If you want to chat with friends in a private setting, you can create a closed room, which only invited people will have access to. Such places are usually used for private conversations or for holding any kind of business conferences in which there is information that is not intended for outsiders.

The following categories of Clubhouse users are present in each room:

  1. Listeners. Cannot speak, can only be present, as in a podcast. If desired, any listener can get a promotion if he submits an application using the interface. In this case, he will receive privileges and will be able to take part in the discussion, on an equal basis with others present.
  2. Speakers. The next ranked category of users, which can not only observe the course of the conversation, but also take an active part in it, contributing to the discussion. If the speaker starts to speak incorrect information, he may be demoted to the listener or even kicked out of the room by the moderator.
  3. Moderators. The most privileged category of users in the room. They have the right to raise and lower other participants, as a result of which the discussion is controlled within the same room. Usually the creator of the conference is the moderator. In addition, he can assign other users to the role of moderators so that they can help him filter content.

Scheduling Discussions and Participation

clubhouse регистрация In order not to lose sight of the rooms in which discussions of topics of interest should take place, there is a special calendar. All conferences are held strictly at the scheduled time, so they can be added to the event lists. As a result, the application will send notifications with the help of which a system of reminders is organized so that no one can miss an interesting conversation.

If you managed to find a room in which a lively discussion of topics of interest to friends is being conducted, you can call them using a special provided button. Using the notification, they will immediately be taken to the same room as the participant who called them, and will be able to join an active discussion with the permission of the moderator.

You can find rooms of interest with the help of so-called interest clubs. They are a kind of similarity to groups that exist in other social networks, but they also act on the principle of voice chats.

In order for other members to help newcomers, a special icon is located near their avatar, indicating that the account was registered only a week ago. After this time has elapsed, the icon will disappear on its own. In case of difficulties, you can try to ask for help from any participant who does not have such a mark. Most users are friendly and will try to help.

Is it possible to record conversations in the Clubhouse

как общаться в клабхаус According to the current rules of this social network, it is impossible to officially record conversations. In some cases, this is allowed, but only upon receipt of permission from all participants in the room and having the status of speakers.

The application itself performs a kind of recording, but it is purely technical in nature and is intended for the correct operation of the room during the conference. After the conversation ends or the user logs out of the Clubhouse app, this entry is permanently deleted from the temporary storage.

If you record without official permission and try to distribute it, your profile may be blocked if the source of the leak is found. In this case, you will need to register a new profile with a new invitation. Moreover, the one who invited this participant may lose the right to invite new users for quite a long time. Therefore, it is better not to break the Clubhouse rules to avoid losing your account, which is being created with such difficulty.

How to register at the Clubhouse on Android

Как зарегистрироваться в Клабхаус на Андроид At the moment there is no official application for smartphones and tablets running on this platform. Any programs in the app store are clones and perform completely different functions. However, a group of enthusiasts has already been able to release software that allows you not to purchase smartphones from Apple just to be able to use the new social network.

They cannot officially place their development in the store, since this would violate the rights of the Clubhouse developers themselves. However, anyone can download it using the GitHub repository, where you can also familiarize yourself with the source code and make sure it is free of viruses.

This project is called Houseclub. It received a positive response from many users, which indicates the imminent release of the official application, since the developers will not be able to ignore such a large number of potential users of their social network for a long time.

What to do if your account is blocked for violating the rules

аккаунт Клабхаус заблокировали The most difficult thing is if the profile was lost due to the fact that the user intentionally or unintentionally committed violations that did not allow the owners of the Clubhouse to keep his account active. If you try to register right away, there is a chance to get an instant re-block, even if you have a new invitation.

In the case of Android smartphones, it is quite easy to bypass the limitation. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Open your mobile device settings.
  2. Find the section that contains all installed applications.
  3. Find in their list the program installed to gain access to the Clubhouse.
  4. Perform a full cleanup of all data, including temporary files, accounts and cache.
  5. Clean your smartphone using the built-in system for removing unnecessary and obsolete files.

After completing the operations, according to this algorithm, the application will start as if it were being used for the first time. It will not save identifiers that allow you to link the old and new profiles. Therefore, the new account will not be blocked unless this violation occurs again.

Clubhouse is a fairly advanced software solution that could make a splash in the social media market. It can be used for both personal communication and educational purposes. Many are already saying that they have begun to study foreign languages, since it became possible to communicate directly with their native speakers, which greatly simplifies the process. Therefore, if there is a desire to develop in any area, Clubhouse can be an excellent help in solving this problem. All that remains is to find a friend or acquaintance who already has his own profile and is ready to send an invite.

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