How to remove bots on Instagram

How to remove bots on Instagram

It’s worth starting with the sad news: over 40% of your Instagram followers are not real people looking forward to new posts, but just bots. If earlier SMM specialists considered this phenomenon to be absolutely harmless, now everything has changed radically. Bots are capable of causing irreparable damage to your statistics and negating the financial investments thrown into account promotion.

This is due to the fact that in recent years, Instagram has radically changed the vector of its policy. Now it is not the number of followers that is valued, but their quality. Blank profiles that show no activity “drown” important indicators and reduce the blogger’s authority in the eyes of potential advertisers. In this article, we will figure out why cheating is evil, and also tell you how to remove annoying Instagram bots on your own.

What is the harm from bots on Instagram?

Let’s reveal a terrible secret : if new followers have subscribed to the profile and have not been active for some time, then your content simply disappears from the feed of “live” users.

Truncated coverage is a problem that occurs after giveaways and markups. For some reason, all influencers forget about the main rule – it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the audience.

“Dead” profiles a priori cannot interact with your posts, which means that statistics will drop inexorably.

There are several reasons for the influx of “dead souls”:

  • some enterprising merchant decided to show his brilliant cheating skills and “rewarded” your profile with bots in order to then try to sell the service on a more global scale;
  • In a week, a message will come in which a self-taught blackmailer will briefly tell you that by paying an N-th amount to an ill-wisher, you will save yourself from the influx of bots that mercilessly kill account statistics;
  • competitors in such a cunning way want to pull you to the bottom;
  • someone, using a cheat service for the first time, noticed that your profile is worthy of becoming his experimental mouse in checking the reality of a free program.

If you are still in doubt as to why you should remove subscribers, here’s what can happen to your account if you have dummy profiles:

  • Engagement is significantly reduced. ER – the level of audience engagement, which is calculated as a percentage of actions to reach. In short, no activity – no good statistics.
  • Loss of trust. Potential advertisers are very reluctant to give their hard-earned influencers, whose page is crammed with dubious followers. Why do brands need to drain their budget?
  • Downgrade. Instagram algorithms are a tricky thing. They do not like profiles with an abundance of bots, so they “bury” their posts in the bowels of the feed.
  • Low cost of advertising. If you are a blogger who lives off your Instagram brainchild, then a “dead” audience will obviously not bring you big advertising contracts and golden mountains.

Bots are ruthless killers of statistics and your prospects, so we recommend that you deal with them in order to increase coverage and gain a good reputation.

много ботов

If you are the same advertiser who plans to use the services of influencers on an ongoing basis, then it is rational to use the special service trendHERO . By registering on the platform, you will receive over 90 metrics for profile analytics and free access to a database of 45 million accounts.


How to remove bots on Instagram

There are several proven methods in total. And we will describe each of them in detail in the following paragraphs.

Checking your account

Main feature, issuing bots – the absence of any identifying marks. Does the follower have neither an avatar, nor a description, nor a distinct name? In this case, feel free to discount it.

While it is easy to find detractors and commercial accounts, the situation with inactive users is much more difficult.

In order to declassify idle users, see who is subscribed to your profile, and then examine your own content. Find out the attitude of subscribers towards him. If you see that you are being followed by people whose interests are in no way related to the topic of the account, send them to the block.

пустой аккаунт

Removing bots manually

So how do you remove a person without blocking it? Good question. To do this, you need to go to the application and monitor the accounts of your followers. Suspicious persons and profiles of ill-wishers who leave angry comments under the posts, immediately send them to the ban.

Do not act so bloodthirsty with the rest:

  • go to your followers list and find a suspicious character;
  • click on the “Delete” button next to his profile.
  • praise yourself as you got rid of the bot yourself.

Important! This method is not suitable for all influencers. If you have over 500 followers, don’t waste your time and use a special service.

удаление ботов вручную

Uninstall via service

Want to check your account for bots? trendHERO is a service that allows for in-depth analysis of the page. The site also has a large database with 45 million bloggers, where you can sort opinion leaders by subscribers, demographics, activity and engagement.


Now that you’ve decided on the bots, it’s time to move on to mass removal . There are not so many services that allow you to perform this procedure with high quality. A faithful assistant in this difficult matter is a tool Spam Guard , which will help you quickly and efficiently put order on the page.

First, register on the platform and add your account. Next, set up a list to clear and block profiles. You can easily figure out how to remove fake subscribers, bots or other “garbage”, since the audience will be divided into the following groups:

  • bots;
  • commercial profiles;
  • inactive accounts;
  • non-reciprocal subscriptions.

Select the desired category and start the page cleaning process, upon completion of which you will receive a notification in your mail.


Another great service for quick cleansing of “dead souls” is Instaplus . To get started, the user must go through a simple registration procedure and add a link to his Instagram profile.

инстаплюс скрин

The next step is to click on the “Add Terms of Reference” tab and set its parameters. To do this, select the action “Unsubscribe” and the item “Block by list” , and then list all the followers you want to send to the block.

Do not forget to set the parameter that determines the number of users to block. The number of unsubscriptions per day should not exceed the limits of the social network. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting into a “shadow ban”.

More detailed instructions can be found at the link .


Who is to be removed and who is not?

Do not regret to delete commercial pages, online stores and Saratov marigolds. Also, do not forget to clear your profile from fake accounts, spammers and bots that only litter your statistics and drag your reach to the bottom.

The more you neutralize inactive followers, the better, but you shouldn’t go to extremes and delete everyone indiscriminately.

The following are subject to immediate deletion:

  • bots;
  • advertising accounts;
  • commercial profiles;
  • faceless pages without photos and any markings;
  • profiles with stop words in their description;
  • accounts with a huge number of subscriptions.

Now let’s talk about the categories that you need to leave . Here are some life hacks:

  • Appreciate Arabs. It is worth recognizing that Arabs are a very active audience. An endless stream of comments, likes and persistent responses to Stories – all this increases engagement significantly.
  • Filter commercial accounts. You will noticeably reduce your coverage if you delete all commercial profiles without trial and investigation. Behind such essays are real people who can periodically respond to your publications.
  • Do not give up on inactive users. If followers do not admire your photos, this does not mean that they are not interested in the topic of your account. Many users follow the life of opinion leaders exclusively in the view only mode, without interacting in any way with posts and without leaving comments under the publications. There are various reasons for this – from busyness to banal laziness.

чистка ботов

Tips and tricks

Alas, the rapid “sweep” of followers is guaranteed to entail a sharp drop in coverage and lead to artificial restrictions. Therefore, catch a list of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced users and novice SMM specialists, and useful tips for their elimination:

  • Don’t delete everyone at once. Remember the golden rule: if you don’t want to go straight to the ban, block no more than 1,000 bots per day.
  • Track engagement. The normal rate is 5-10%, but not the fact that the problem lies solely in bots. Before starting a massive purge of subscribers, study the target audience so that in a rush of emotions you do not catch loyal users.
  • Avoid dubious services. Avoid the tenth expensive sites that offer superficial customization without deep study of the target audience. So you risk getting rid of your active followers.
  • Increase your activity. In order not to be left with anything in the end, we recommend that you engage in active involvement during cleaning. Run a contest, start a live broadcast, arrange a mini-quiz in Stories. In short, take any action to keep the statistics at the same level.

Influencers mercilessly remove followers in hopes of maximizing engagement, but bots aren’t always the reason for low user engagement. If you have cleaned up your followers, but haven’t received the desired feedback, work on textual content and visuals in order to attract the attention of the target audience.


Bots are enemies of statistics, so they need to be eradicated in time. Remember the main rule : it is not the number of followers that matters, but their attitude to the content. A dead audience will only cut your reach and reduce your credibility in the eyes of advertisers. Do you want to partner with famous brands and get good money for your posts? Then clear the page of unwanted fakes, spammers and annoying bots.

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