How to remove Instagram temporarily or permanently: complete step-by-step instructions

How to remove Instagram temporarily or permanently: complete step-by-step instructions
Как удалить Инстаграм временно или навсегда

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In this article, you will learn how you can delete your Instagram account from your phone or computer. This can be done permanently or temporarily recoverable. When you might need it:

  • you’ve created a new page and turned your attention to promoting it.
  • temporary or permanent business closure.
  • you do not like the new user agreement, according to which the management of the social network has the right to use any content for commercial purposes.
  • Your statistics on your account leaves much to be desired and you want to start from scratch, because you think that it will not be revived, but before deleting your account for this reason, check if everything is really that bad. Use InstaHero to check how many live audiences you have and how many bots. By removing bots on your account, you can revive your profile.
  • just as unnecessary.
  • there can be absolutely any reason that seems rational to you.

Important! After deleting the account, you will not be able to register again with the same username or use it for a new page. Moreover, you will not be able to bind the email specified for registering the remote page.

Step-by-step instructions for deleting an account from a phone / smartphone (Android / iOS)

In the Instagram menu itself on a phone, be it iOS or Android, you will not see the option to delete a profile. But there is such an opportunity when you connect the Help Center. To do this, you need to have your Instagram username and password at hand.

Below, step by step instructions on how to delete your account using the official Instagram application and your phone:

Step 1. Open Settings on your phone and select the Help section. Next, select “Help Center”.

Как удалить Инстаграм на телефоне - настройки
Go to Instagram Application Settings

Step 2. In the window that opens, click on the second section from the top “Account Management”. In the menu of the “Account Management” section, select the “Delete account” function.

Step 3. Every time Instagram will offer you options to choose from. Something like “If you go to the right – you will temporarily block your account”, “in the center – you will permanently delete”, “to the left – you will get access to all your data”. In our case, you need to select “How do I delete my account?” At this stage, do not be afraid “oh, I pressed something wrong.” Before you press the red button when everything disappears, Instagram will give you complete information about your actions and what he thinks about it. At the same time, asking you several times: “Do you really want to delete your account?” You might suddenly change your mind in the process.

Step 4. If your decision is firm and flexible, then follow the link “Account deletion”. (You may need to additionally log in through the browser on your phone. Just open the browser with the address Log in using your username and password). Answer the question “Why are you deleting your account?” Just choose one of the suggested options. Among the funny options there are even “I want to delete something” and “I can’t find someone to subscribe to.”
Select the option you want.


Step 5. Now you can start deleting your account. Important! If you have multiple pages, pay attention to the greeting. It should read “Hello, your account name !”.

Step 6. Enter your account password to confirm the right to the profile. Click on the red button “Permanently delete my account”. Confirm by clicking on the “OK” button. Your page and content have been removed!

If you don’t understand something in the instructions above, you can watch a video showing the entire process of deleting an inst account from your phone.

How to delete Instagram permanently on your computer?

The action plan is similar. You only need to open 2 tabs in your browser: to log into your account. And the Instagram service center tab: Further steps are similar to the process described above.

How to temporarily block a page on Instagram?

The process of removing an account from temporary blocking is distinguished by the possibility of recovery. In the first case, it simply is not, in the second, it is. Therefore, if you are not sure about your decision, then it is best to temporarily block your account. Temporary deactivation is a convenient and useful alternative to complete deactivation. It is available once a week for anyone looking for a temporary break from social media.

You cannot temporarily block your account through the application on your phone. But you can do it using a computer.

Step-by-step instructions for temporarily blocking an account from a computer:

  1. Log into your Instagram account from your computer.
  2. In the profile header, click on the “Edit profile” button.
  3. Scroll down to the “Temporarily Block My Account” feature in the lower right corner.
  4. Choose an option from the drop-down menu next to the “Why did you choose to block your account?” and re-enter your password. Temporary blocking will only become available after selecting a reason from the menu.
  5. Tap or click Temporarily Suspend Account.
Как удалить Инстаграм на телефоне - настройки0

Please note! Archived messages, when temporarily deleted, appear in Google search for several more weeks. To unlock your account, just log into the social network again through the application using your username and password. Click on the three dots and then “Unlock Profile”.


You don’t have to permanently delete the page or even temporarily deactivate your account. But if you are fond of SMM and are promoting your own page, then you should know that there are such functions. And you can always use them if necessary. Happy promotion!

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