How to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook through Creator Studio

How to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook through Creator Studio

Creator Studio is one of the official tools for business pages from Facebook. It was submitted by the developers at the end of August 2018. The main task of this tool is to combine all the platform functionality required by page administrators to work with content. In fact, Creator Studio is the official “competitor” from Facebook for all delayed posting services.

Initially, the service worked only with Facebook content. And since July 2019, the ability to schedule posts for Instagram has also been added. In this article, I’ll walk you through the basic features of Creator Studio and show you how to schedule an Instagram post. If you are already familiar with this tool, but you are interested in how to schedule posts on Instagram, then skip directly to the desired item.

Why use Creator Studio?

In fact, the main advantage of this tool is that it is official and free compared to third-party deferred posting services. Scheduling posts and looking at statistics on them directly on the Facebook page has never been a problem. But after the launch of Creator Studio, life became easier for page admins. The tool allows them to have “at hand” everything they need: full functionality of deferred posting for an unlimited number of pages + analytics in one bottle, so to speak. And it’s all completely free. When Instagram was connected to the Creator Studio, all the emissaries were delighted. Facebook, of course, did not “invent the bicycle for the people”, because many have long learned to publish posts directly from their computers to Instagram. By the way, here’s a step-by-step instruction of this process. But made life easier for administrators.

I repeat once again that through the Creator Studio service you can work with both Facebook and Instagram. Let’s take a look at all the capabilities of the tool for each social. networks separately.

Creator Studio for working with Facebook pages

  • content management
  • content performance tracking
  • communicating with users through messages in Direct
  • (potentially for CIS countries) post monetization
  • copyright protection
  • free music and sounds download
  • content planning (photo / video / cross-posting)

Creator Studio for working with Instagram accounts

  • content management (posts, IGTV videos)
  • content statistics tracking

I hope I convinced you to try this service. Now let’s take a closer look at its functions.

How to access Facebook Creator Studio?

There are two options for entering Creator Studio. You can simply follow the link from your computer or on your business Facebook page click on the section “Publishing Tools” ⇒Creator Studio (on the left in the menu).

How to access Creator Studio

The service is available only for Facebook and Instagram business pages. If for some reason you do not have it or it is limited in functions, then there are 2 explanations for this. Your page does not meet the requirements for using such features or you are not an admin to see all the functionality. With Instagram, everything is much simpler: it works only with a business profile or an author’s account. If you succeed in entering, then you immediately get to the first tab of the tool menu – “Main”. You can switch accounts between Facebook and Instagram by simply clicking on the corresponding icons in the top panel.

Welcome to Creator Studio!

Creative Studio core functionality for Facebook

On the left side of the Creative Studio for Facebook menu, you see different tabs: Home, Content Library, Statistics, Inbox, Monetization, Copyright, Sound Collection, and Settings. Let’s skim through each so that you understand how it works.

Content Library ⇒ publications cross-posting playlists ⇒ publications chronicle

This is an overview of all your video posts, photo posts, linked posts, and text posts from selected Facebook Pages. Also, here you can view statistics and take actions in relation to individual publications, for example, edit, promote or delete them. Use filters to restrict your search to certain post types only (video, photo, link, or text). By checking the box to the left of the posts you need, you can perform certain actions with your posts: edit, view statistics, promote, view the post in the feed, or change the date.

Crossposting is a video that you can use in multiple posts on different pages without re-uploading or reposting. In the “Playlists” section, you can create your own playlists. Something similar to Youtube Playlist. By viewing your videos in the list, users will watch them in the order you specify. Chronicle of publications allows you to quickly find the desired post.

Statistics ⇒ performance ⇒ loyalty ⇒ audience ⇒ profit

As the name suggests, this tab contains various metrics. Performance – here are collected metrics for your videos on the page, videos that you shared and for which you cross-posted on all your Facebook pages. In the “Loyalty” section, you will see the number of new subscribers, the frequency of views and the number of returning viewers. You can study your audience in detail in the “Audience” section. And in “Profit” you can see statistics on the income from your videos with ad breaks.


Manage posts and comments posted to your posts on Facebook and Instagram.


Your page can generate income if you fulfill the “Terms of monetization for partners”. For example, taking viewer breaks in your videos will generate revenue for you.


This section helps to track the observance of copyright for content on Facebook and Instagram. The control files you downloaded and the terms and conditions you specified are used to find matches. To use Rights Manager, you must apply and be approved.

Sound collection

Free, legal music and sound effects for Facebook videos. You can select genre, duration, vocals.

So I have superficially examined the functionality of Creative Studio for Facebook. Regarding the functionality for Instagram, it consists of two tabs: “Content Library” and “Statistics”. If you understand the essence of tabs on Facebook, then you can easily figure out tabs for Instagram. The essence of their work is the same. Therefore, I will not describe how they work. But I will focus on the process of publishing a post on Instagram through Creative Studio.

How to publish a post on Instagram via Creative Studio?

Previously, it was possible to publish content on Instagram only through an application on the phone, third-party services (paid or free) and through a computer, having certain skills. Now you can publish content to Instagram and IGTV with just one Creator Studio tool on your computer. With Creator Studio, you can publish all types of content on Instagram, except Stories. This means that third-party services still have an advantage.

Step-by-step instructions for posting to Instagram feed:

  • Click to open the Instagram section. And then “Create Post”. создать-публикацию-creator-studio
  • Click on Instagram Feed. If you have multiple accounts, select the option you want.
  • Add description (up to 2,200 characters, 30 mentions and 30 hashtags) and location (optional).
  • Click Add Content to select a photo or video. You can upload new content or the one you have already shared on Facebook.
  • Click Publish or Schedule.


Step-by-step instructions for publishing to IGTV:

  1. Click to open the Instagram section. And then Create Post and IGTV.
  2. If you have several Instagram accounts connected, select the one you need.
  3. Upload a new video or select an existing one from the content on the page. You can view the video download requirements here.
  4. Add title and description. Upload your own thumbnail or choose one of the suggested images.
  5. Click Publish.

Some Instagram posting features, such as effects, filters and stickers, may not yet be available in Creator Studio.


The Creator Studio service is a great tool for business page administrators. The only drawback is the inability to publish Stories and there are no previews for pre-planned posts on Instagram with the example of the SMM planner service. And so, “good boots – we must take.” Successful promotion.

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