How to send Instagram Direct messages from PC and Mac, the new feature arrives on desktop

How to send Instagram Direct messages from PC and Mac, the new feature arrives on desktop

For several months, Instagram users have been clamoring for the possibility of being able to send Direct even from the desktop version of the famous social network.

At the beginning of the year there was an official announcement of the implementation of the private messaging service also on the desktop version of Instagram , now, Direct on pc is official.

Before seeing how to send and read Instagram Direct directly from PC and Mac in an official way, let’s find out what they are and what possibilities they offer to users.

What are Direct?

Direct Instagram is the private messaging function of the social network, this term refers to private messages between users sent in chat.

In the chat you can share various types of messages with one or more people at the same time, specifically you can send simple text messages , photos and videos from your personal library, voice notes, Instagram posts, photos , video or carousel, Instagram Stories.

Although Instagram was launched in 2010, you should know that the implementation of the Direct function only arrived in 2013, until then, to contact a user you have to leave a comment under a photo of him or tag him in your own.

What is Direct for?

Instagram Direct are designed to allow private communication between users registered on the social network, its use is similar to that of other platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

The Direct can be sent by anyone, both from profiles that you follow and from other users registered on Instagram, but with one difference: messages received from people you are not following will appear as ” request ”in the Inbox and you will need to approve them to read them.

After approving the request, future messages from a given contact will always be visible without further approval.

You can respond to Directs you receive as you would any application. The function of private messages is very simple.

When you receive a message, the app shows a notification, an icon in the shape of a paper airplane is visible on the homepage of the profile at the bottom, clicking on it goes to the “inbox”, that is, the mailbox in arrival.

The application shows notifications when private messages or replies to already open conversations are received. notifications appear on the phone screen as pop up notifications. Otherwise, you have to tap on the airplane-shaped icon which shows the number of incoming messages.

A window opens showing the list of all the people with whom you have had or are in conversation in private or group chat.

How to tell if a person has seen a message

After sending a Direct it is possible to understand if a person has read the message simply by noting if below the status Visualizzato.


Other apps, such as WhatsApp have accustomed us to the blue ticks, while Instagram is a bit more direct, it directly shows whether the user has viewed or not, with a clear writing.

When the status of Viewed appears, therefore, it means that the user has seen the message, photo, video or story we shared.

How to read and send Direct from PC and MAC

Now that we understand what Direct are, how they are used and what they are for , we come to the new function that allows you to use them also from PC and MAC.

In fact, Direct, since their implementation on Instagram have always been a service available only on mobile applications, starting from April, the Facebook platform announced the launch of the private messaging system on the web version.

Starting from April 10th, even in Italy it is possible to chat with Instagram friends even without the application , but by connecting directly to the social network website.

A function long requested by Instagram users, especially by Influencers, social media managers and all those who work with social media, in this way, communicating comfortably on the platform is even easier.

The Instagram Direct resume the same operation as those of the mobile version we talked about in the previous paragraphs. You can attach photos, images and use emoticons. There is no support for voice messages which remain exclusively on the application.

The decision to integrate Direct also on the web version of Instagram is due to Zuckerberg’s intentions to facilitate communication between users. The long-term project is to create an ecosystem in which users of various social and messaging apps can communicate with each other, regardless of the platform used.


Using Direct on the web version of Instagram is very simple, first you need to connect to the official page and then log in by entering your account details.

On the main page, you will find the airplane icon at the top available at the top right, by clicking on it you can see all chats in progress and messages received and reply to them, all similar to the version web.

Also, if you want to send a Direct to a person on Instagram , you can go to his profile and click on Send message, the chat will open in which to write the message to send.

All notifications of messages received will appear directly on the airplane icon, with the number of active conversations.

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