How to set up a fan page on Facebook?

How to set up a fan page on Facebook?

You will probably hear more than once that Facebook is in retreat and without a promotional budget it makes no sense to be on it with your brand. However, starting and running a Facebook page gives your business a few benefits. Also, if you are a blogger, you should not ignore the fan page, because it will be an important source of traffic for you.

Before we go step by step on how to set up a fan page, I would like to prove to you why you need to do this.

Fan page for brand and business

Your Facebook page is your first social media foothold. Even if you want to work mainly on Instagram. You have to remember that many features (e.g. product tagging), including advertising, work best if you have linked your Facebook account to your Instagram account. It is an absolute “must have”.

Remember that your fan page (and thus your business or brand), if it is well described with keywords, can be found by users through the Facebook search engine. Many users prefer to search for these items via Facebook rather than websites to check the menu, opening hours or specific events.

I also mentioned events. They are a great way to promote your business. They are perfect for organizing various types of open days, tastings, shows, etc. Additionally, if you run a stationary shop or a gastronomic point, you can pay to promote yourself to people who live or stay in its vicinity.

You have probably also met your friends’ posts on your newsfeed with the question for recommendations: do you know a good Italian restaurant? Where can you buy good shoes? In the answers, the fan page of recommended places is most often marked. It would be a shame if someone who would recommend you could not do this because you don’t have a Facebook page. You must also remember that, according to many studies, this type of referral has a much greater impact on purchasing decisions than paid advertising.

Fan page for blog and media

In 2018, Facebook drastically limited its reach organic fan pages – both for business and for media and blogs. At the same time, the posts in the link format have been degraded by reducing the importance of clicking on the link as a signal.

Find out more: SEO on Facebook

From March to December in In my newsfeed, there were practically no media fan pages. Both large Polish and foreign publishers (Onet, Newsweek, Independent) and bloggers. In mid-December, the situation slightly changed and I see 3 to 5 posts a day while browsing Facebook. These are content that has achieved high engagement on a given day. This may mean that the website has updated its content display algorithm, seeing a greater benefit in terms of engaging users in showing content from the media (vs. content from friends).

You must also remember that Facebook focuses on building smaller, more focused communities. Indeed, the reach and traffic to the website in the case of large publishers with fan pages over 100,000. fans is quite meager. The smaller your fan page is, the greater the organic reach (percentage of the post’s organic reach to the number of fans) and engagement rates. This is because your fans are much more alike both in terms of demographics and interests. Facebook pages of large publishers and companies do not have this similarity.

The fan page “Why so social” has less than 9,000. fans. I posted a link to the entry “Netflix with Black Mirror begins a new era of advertising and entertainment”. The organic reach is 6,500, or more than 70 percent of the reach (post’s organic reach / number of fans * 100%). In addition, he generated over 250 clicks on the link, which is not such a bad result. And it’s not the most popular December entry! A few links pointing to other industry websites (Virtual Media, New Marketing, i.e. tailored to my audience) were able to collect 500-800 clicks on the link. I think that no blogger will despise such results, especially those writing on specific topics.

post na Facebooku

I hope I convinced you to start a website on Facebook. Now a few tips on how to do it.

How to set up a page on Facebook?

After entering the website, select the “Create” option from the top menu. A panel will open with several options to choose from: page (we are interested in this), group, event, advertisement, collection, marketplace announcement.

jak założyć fan page na Facebooku

Then we have to decide if we want to create a fan page for Brand / company or Community / public institution.

You choose a brand / company when:

  • you sell your services or products
  • you run a catering point, online or stationary shop

You choose the community / institutions when:

  • you work in an NGO
  • you run a blog

The name is the next choice pages and category.

IMPORTANT: before choosing the name of the page, check if the page on Facebook doesn’t exist anymore. It is also worth checking out similar names, variants, etc.

The categories have to be entered “by finger” and then choose what the wizard tells you.

If you have already gone through through the above steps, you are waiting for you to complete the newly created fan page with descriptions and graphics.

How to complete the fan page on Facebook?

First you should set up a profile picture. The file format is 1: 1, which is square and png (of course jpg is also accepted).

IMPORTANT: remember that there are no small elements in the profile picture, because its thumbnail will be displayed on posts or comments. Your logo will look best on a one-color background.

The second graphic you need to upload is a cover photo with a size of 828x315px. You can also upload an engaging video in the 820x312px, mpeg4 format, time from 20 to 90 seconds, instead of a photo. This is an eye-catching element for people who will visit your fan page.

Free programs that have templates for social networking will help you create both graphics. Read my post on this topic: Free Graphics Creator Programs

Then it’s time to fill in the description of the Facebook page, enter the opening hours, address, contact details.

IMPORTANT: the page description consists of 155 characters and should contain key phrases. It is very important in the process of using the Facebook search engine.

What else should you know?

If you are interested in this topic more (and you want to develop your knowledge of Facebook and Instagram), I recommend you Facebook Blueprint courses available at the link below.

You can take advantage of over 75 interactive lessons (in English) for free. Including an extensive version dedicated to the topic of setting up a Facebook page.

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