How to set up ads on Instagram

How to set up ads on Instagram

The Instagram social network is a great opportunity to establish communication with followers and competently build a brand image. According to Statista, the Instagram audience worldwide has over 1 billion active users, and about 2 million companies use the app as an advertising platform, which allows them to expand their client base, attract subscribers and increase coverage.

In today’s article, you will learn how to quickly and without unnecessary hassle set up ads on Instagram.

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Instagram ad formats

At the moment, Instagram offers 7 posting formats (3 of them are for Stories, the rest are for feed):

  • An image or video in a story. According to technical requirements, you can upload a photo or video up to 15 seconds long. Stories disappear in a day, so this format is ideal for advertising short-term offers – promotions, bonuses, etc. To create a memorable story that grabs the attention of users, use all kinds of tools: masks, filters, marks, gifs.
  • Ring Gallery Ads for Stories . This feature is not yet available to all users. Now advertising in Stories supports up to 3 media files at once. Photos will be displayed for 5 seconds, videos – 15.
  • One image per feed. This format implies one photo in the feed, which fits into the general visual of the profile and, with a competent approach, looks like native advertising.
  • One video in the feed . Videos are a cool tool in the fight for likes, reposts and saves. Do you want to create a creative ad that will “catch”? Then opt for this format. The duration of the video is up to 60 seconds.
  • Image carousel in the feed . You can place up to 10 images in one ad (and assign each a separate link).
  • Canvas . The new format looks more like an app than an advertisement. A full-screen canvas can contain video that starts playing automatically, slideshows, panoramic photos, and text and links. You can customize the canvas yourself, or you can use templates (depending on the goals of the campaign).

Инстаграм формат

Who is suitable for Instagram ads

Instagram is a social network for visuals, so it is the best place to promote a business whose products and services can be presented using attractive content:

  • restaurants, bars, coffee houses, hotels;
  • toys, clothing stores;
  • hand-made;
  • tour operator services;
  • sports services;
  • home decor, bijouterie;
  • beauty industry;
  • cosmetics;
  • furniture stores.

When users want to buy something through Instagram, emotional impulses are triggered first of all, and not rational arguments, and the average purchase check often does not exceed 10,000 rubles.

On Instagram, goods and services costing up to 4,000 rubles are selling well. Therefore, if the price tag is higher and the purchase cycle takes more than a week, you should not expect that a stream of customers will immediately rush to you. In this case, the social network works to create an image, but not to sell.

How to set up ads on Instagram

Via Instagram interface

A simple algorithm that will help launch ads directly through Instagram:

  • publish the post and click on the “Promote” button next to it (or select any post in the “Promotions” section);
  • if you want to promote a story, then open the one you need and click on “…” (in the lower right corner). In the window that opens, select “Promote”.
  • Продвигать

Important! You cannot promote archived stories and those that use additional touch-enabled elements (stickers, polls, widgets).

Select target action

What the user should do after they see your ad:

  • go to profile;
  • write a message to Direct;
  • go to the site.

Select audience

Instagram can do this for you, but we recommend that you strain a little and set your own parameters. For example, you want to advertise a salon located in Krasnoyarsk, but residents of Moscow will also see your ad. Yes, the audience is interested, but the geo is a mistake. You will pay the money, but you will not get the expected result.

Therefore, select the item “Create audience” – indicate the location of potential customers, their interests, age and gender. Instagram itself offers options for interests, but not all are displayed on the screen – use the search.

Enter your budget and campaign duration

The minimum budget for normal coverage, recommended by Instagram, starts at 200 rubles. Also, the developers of the social network advise to spin the ad for at least 3 days (during this period they will be able to fully study the audience).


Done! All you have to do is choose a payment method and click “Create Promotion”.

Your ad will be broadcasted in the feed, stories and the “Interesting” section. True, this method also has a significant disadvantage – advertising launched through the Intagram interface is not very effective.


  • audience settings are too limited;
  • feed and story are different formats, but you can’t choose one;
  • you cannot test different formats of one ad, as all of them will have to be displayed in the feed.

Next, we’ll take a look at how to reach the right audience using Facebook Ads Manager and Ad Center.

Via Facebook Ads Center

Ad Center has the advantage of a simple interface (when compared to Facebook Ads), since all the basic settings are located on the home page. Among the downsides is the lack of some promotion goals and targeting options.

But in the future, if you want to expand your skills and move to a new level, you will still have to master the intricacies of the Ads Manager interface.

So, to get to the Advertising Center, click the “+” in your profile and select “Advertise”.

Next, you will be prompted to select a promotion target :

  • Promote Post . You need to select any post published on your Facebook business account.
  • Promote posting on Instagram . Select a post from your business Instagram account.
  • Increase the number of leads . An ad with a lead form (an application form that the user can fill out directly on the social network). Simply put, you don’t have to take the client to the site to collect their contact information.
  • Get more messages . An ad with a “Send message” button, which takes the client straight to the messenger.
  • Promote your app . The format is suitable for those whose target action is to say the application in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Promote the page. To increase the number of followers.
  • Promote the company locally . Ads will be shown only to those users who are within the specified radius.
  • Drive visitors to the site . The target action in this case is to go to the site.

Цель рекламы

Let’s take a look at the ad setup using the example of driving traffic to the site:

  • Create ad creatives . Add a description, title, links, button title and upload a photo.
  • Select Audience . You can create it using the “New” button (specify gender, age, place of residence, interests, purchasing behavior).
  • Аудитория

  • Choose a campaign duration and daily budget.

Final part:

  • Placements . The default ad will be broadcast on three platforms: Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Please be aware that you cannot turn off Facebook placement.
  • Facebook Pixel . Be sure to install it on the site, as the pixel will record the actions of people who have switched to the resource from the advertisement.
  • Payment method . Attach the card from which the funds will be withdrawn.

Via Facebook Ads Manager

Log in to Ads Manager through the profile that is linked to the company’s Facebook page.

The hierarchy in the advertising office is structured as follows:

  • campaign (your ad target is followers, reach, clicks, and so on);
  • ad group (the audience to which we will serve ads);
  • ads (several types of offers).

Example: campaign: Traffic -> group: Women 18-35 Moscow -> announcement: 50% discount.

Select a campaign objective

What is the goal you are pursuing by running ads:

  • reach (the goal is to get as many views as possible);
  • recognition (suitable for those who are introducing a new product or brand to the market);
  • traffic (targeted conversions to the site);
  • engagement (advertising aimed at collecting likes, comments, subscriptions, etc.);
  • app installation;
  • video views;
  • lead generation (a form is being promoted that the user can fill out without going to other sites);
  • messages (your ads will be seen by users who are more likely to send you a message in Direct);
  • conversions (the user must take a specific action);
  • catalog sales;
  • point attendance (for those who have an offline business linked to a specific geolocation).


Fill in billing

Is this your first ad campaign? Then enter the basic information about your account: country of residence, currency, time zone – all this is important for further reports.

Customize your audience

Important: do not interfere with several target audiences in one ad group.

This will make it much more difficult to track exactly which audience your advertising message has “entered”. For example, if you sell massagers and you need to offer them to office workers, therapists, and professional athletes, split up the groups, not rake them together.

Fill in basic audience data:

  • region of residence;
  • age and gender;
  • demographic interests (education, marital status, work, etc.);
  • the language your audience speaks.


If you click on “Show advanced parameters”, the “Links” block will open. Here you will see a list of people who interacted with you on Facebook: like the page, commented, wrote messages, attended events.


Pay attention to the “Audience size” block on the right. If the arrow is in the green zone, the parameters are filled in correctly, if in the red one, you need to get rid of some conditions, otherwise you risk getting small coverage.

Next, click “Save audience” (to use the specified parameters in the future).

Select Placements

There are really a lot of them in Ads Manager, so we recommend that you remove unnecessary advertising platforms right away. This can be done by selecting the “Edit placements” section and unchecking all items except Instagram.

And the system will automatically check the boxes in the required checkboxes:

By clicking on the line “Show advanced options”, you can select the types of devices to display, operating systems and even specific smartphone models.


Set budget and schedule for ad impressions

You can specify either a daily budget or a budget for the entire duration of the advertising campaign. We advise you to choose the second option (it is easier to control the cost and you will not have any surprises in the form of a huge invoice at the end of the term due to the fact that you simply forgot to turn off the ad).

In the advanced settings, you can choose the exact time for displaying ads.


Create your ad

You can select a post that is already in the feed, or create a new one.

There are three options for Instagram:

  • One image or video . Upload an image, fill in your ad text, select a call to action. If you want to take people away from ads to your site, do not forget to add UTM tags to the link (to determine the number of clicks).
  • Ring Gallery. You can upload up to 10 photos, videos or slideshows. At the same time, it is impossible to separately configure the ad for the feed and stories here, only one variant is created. In the ring gallery there is an important checkbox “Automatically show the highest performing cards first” (the system will automatically mix the loaded materials and show the most effective cards first). If the order of the images is important to you, first uncheck this box.
  • Selection . Allows users to view products and place an order directly in the application. Clicking on the ad opens the Instant Experience canvas with a description.

Продвигать 0

Add a payment method

Link the card from which the funds will be debited (preferably, get an electronic wallet or a separate card for this purpose).

After that, the ad will be sent for moderation. If approved, you will receive a notification.

Tips and tricks

Here are some tips to help you set up your ads faster and figure out which format is right for you:

  • Setting up ads on the Instagram interface is not the best option for those who want to reach a narrow audience. If you’re looking to get good feedback, it’s best to place your ad through the Facebook Ads Manager (advanced functionality and finer customization options will do the trick).
  • Feed and Stories are different formats, so it makes sense to create separate campaigns for them.
  • For greater efficiency, separate the audience and customize your ad for each target audience.
  • Using targeting, you can exclude a specific segment of your audience. For example, don’t show ads to existing customers (why spend a budget on them?).
  • Do not attach your main payment card to your ad account. This will avoid unexpected expenses.
  • To track campaign results, place UTM tags on links (they will help you understand who went to the resource after viewing the ad).

We also advise you to carefully consider the rules of advertising on the site and observe the limits in order to avoid a ban. Good luck!

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