How to set up welcome messages on Instagram (+ examples)

How to set up welcome messages on Instagram (+ examples)

Looking to boost sales, build relationships with your audience, and tap into the full commercial potential of Instagram? Then you just need a welcome message on Instagram, which will be sent automatically to all your new subscribers. We will describe in detail and with examples in this article about the features of their selection and configuration.

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Why do you need an autodirect on Instagram

For executives, an SMM manager is the person who drinks the most coffee, flips through social networks endlessly and likes something. But we know how difficult it is to attract subscribers to your profile and organize sales. You need to painstakingly draw up a content plan, post by timing, and promptly respond to all comments.

Subscribers are simply confident that you have to be online day and night. It happens that you log into your account early in the morning and see a question in Yandex.Direct left at night. You answer it as quickly as possible and welcome, and the client no longer needs it – he got upset, changed his mind, found something better, cheaper, closer. The situation is not pleasant, but it can be avoided by setting up automatic welcome messages on Instagram.

Welcome messages are predefined greetings that are automatically sent to each new subscriber immediately after subscribing.

There are at least four reasons why you should definitely enable this function:

  • Pay attention to everyone. As a rule, after a regular subscription, users go into the silent monitoring stage. At the same time, a simple greeting, gratitude for the subscription and an acquaintance will help you easily set up a subscriber to contact, after which he will be more willing to interact with your account.
  • Opportunity to tell the most important. Newcomers will be able to learn the most important and relevant about your brand, promotions, news.
  • Active links. Through Direct, you can also send users active links. The second clickable link can only be placed in the business profile description. Introduce users to your site, share your product catalog, your company history, or even additional contacts.
  • Work 24/7. Physically, a person cannot monitor what is happening in the account around the clock and respond to each new subscription. Auto messages will help to make users understand that their subscription did not go unnoticed, you value them and are ready to make contact.

Basic rules for selecting messages

Инстаграм директ значок

Welcome email is the first message a user will receive after subscribing. It is able to create the first impression of the page owner, can motivate interaction, convey the most important information. Naturally, for all of this to really work, it is not enough just to write “Thanks for the subscription!”.

In order not to scare off a new customer, but rather to attract his attention, you need to carefully select a welcome message. It should:

  • clearly express the profile’s topic;
  • be as laconic as possible, without sacrificing understanding;
  • attract attention and stand out from the rest (the effect can be achieved with the help of humor, irony, wordplay and other linguistic techniques).

When choosing a message, it is very important to take into account the psychological portrait of the client. You must clearly understand who your target audience is, how they speak, what interests them first and how best to influence them in order to push them to sign up.

It is recommended to include in the welcome message as much information as possible for users, but to avoid intrusion of goods. Respectful communication, honesty, openness and understanding of the wishes of our customers are the key to success in this case.

How to set up welcome messages in Instaplus

With Instaplus, you can set up the automatic sending of welcome emails in Direct. A welcome email will be sent within 6-12 minutes after the user subscribes to the profile.

In order to set up auto messages, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register or log in to the service and go to the “Create a task” section.
  2. Enter the required Instagram account and select the “Auto-Direct” function.
    Настроить автодирект в Инстаплюс
  3. Next, you will see the “Auto-Direct” message list box, where you need to list the welcome messages. It is recommended to add about 20 different posts to make them individual for users.
    Приветственные сообщения в Инстаплюс
  4. The next step is to configure the filter criteria to whom messages will be sent.
  5. To complete the settings, click the “Save” button.

Done! Now all that remains is to track the statistics of mailing, and the service shows both the total number of letters sent and data for the last 24 hours.

How to create unique posts

To prevent welcome messages from being perceived by Instagram subscribers and algorithms as spam, we recommend having several dozen unique messages ready. They can be compiled both manually and using special randomizers. For example,

To create unique messages, you need to divide the text into several parts and come up with several synonyms for each of them. Example, “Greetings!” can be replaced with “Glad to see”, “Good day!”. Likewise, synonyms need to be matched to phrases with gratitude for the subscription, parts of the message that tell you what the subscription will bring, notifications about important events, or that you are always ready to help.

As a result of various combinations of selected synonyms, you get an extensive list of completely different messages, and each user will be able to receive their own unique greeting.

Sample messages for autoresponder

Hello сноска

Each brand needs to create their own ideal welcome email that takes into account the needs and wishes of their customers. We will only give a few well-coordinated examples that can inspire or serve as a basis for further modernization.

“Team ___ thanks you for subscribing. Now you can be the first to know about new offers and additions to the collection. We give you a 10% discount on your first order. It is profitable and stylish with us. ”

“We’re so glad you found us! Welcome to the world of music / travel / beauty and so on. Stay tuned and get all the latest information about ___ first. ”

“Thank you for subscribing to ___. Glad you want to know more about ___. We have prepared only the best ___ for you. “

“Good day! Thank you for subscribing. In honor of the fact that you are now with us, we offer a 20% discount on the entire range of products on the first order. We are always in touch. Write to Direct. ”

Other automated mailing methods

Welcome emails are not the only form of automated email marketing. Autodirect can be used for various marketing purposes. For example:

  • Mass mailing of letters. Helps to interact with subscribers and notify them of the latest news. The downside is low conversion and sometimes negative user reaction.
  • Notifying customers about promotions and important events.
  • Automatic mailing with offers of cooperation.

Restrictions or how to avoid being banned

In everything, including automatic mailing, you need to know when to stop. Otherwise, instead of increasing sales and brand loyalty, you can only get annoyed and banned.

For those who have just turned on the answering machine in direct, it is recommended to send no more than 50 messages per day. This value can be gradually increased up to 200 messages. For anything more, you can get a ban.

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Direct welcome message is by far one of the best ways to initially communicate with subscribers. It allows newbies to immediately learn a little more about your brand and set them up to communicate.

In addition, it is a powerful marketing tool that, with the right approach, can take user interaction to a new level and significantly increase customer response and sales.

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