How to start a Facebook campaign

How to start a Facebook campaign

Social platforms offer advertisers many possibilities in their work. Advertising campaigns on Facebook allow you to create a goal, train a target audience based on various parameters, and choose the format. Beginners may not immediately understand all the details of this system, as it is quite complicated.


  1. What is ADS manager
  2. Features of ADS manager
  3. How to create an advertising campaign
  4. First step – choose your goal
  5. Proposal and creative dynamic
  6. Choose your audience and distribute your advertising
  7. Selection of betting strategies
  8. Conclusion

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Comment lancer une campagne Facebook

What is ADS manager

ADS manager is an advertising firm, with which it is possible to open examples of Facebook ads as well as to modify them. This app is available on both mobile and desktop devices, although smartphone functionality is limited.

To open ADS manager, simply click on the drop-down tab at the top right of the main page, press the button in question to create an account and choose the type of advertisement on Facebook.

Features of ADS manager

By creating a personal cabinet on ADS manager, users have the ability to change the size of an image on a Facebook ad, track the results and analyze them.

If you plan to create more than one advertising campaign, it is possible by using a set of filters to concretely configure your data: geography, audience gender, and others.

In addition, the features of the ADS manager application offer users the following possibilities:

  1. Active ad campaign reviews – a user can change, duplicate, or send ad campaigns by scheduling results based on parameters.
  2. Business Account Reviews – Facebook allows full management of amount reporting while creating ads over specific time periods. It is possible to limit your expenses.
  3. Ad Campaign Filters – this tab allows you to serve ad campaigns by selecting the desired settings.
  4. Detailed Reports – you can download reports in Excel or CSV format and share them for colleagues or clients you work with.
  5. Date settings – define date ranges, it is possible to see statistics according to a chosen time period. You can choose 3 days or multiple months, there are no restrictions.

How to create an advertising campaign

In the main menu of ADS manager, you can start creating your new campaign by simply clicking on the “create” button.

In the “” company level “category you can choose the name, set a budget and orient the purpose of your advertisement.

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First step – choose your goal

Your goal should be stated in accordance with the tasks defined by the advertiser. In many situations, choosing this setting correctly allows for the efficient execution of the advertising campaign.

Goals can be in different formats: traffic, coverage, increased brand recognition, conversion, point of sale visit, product sale, and more. During the advertising campaign, the list of goals can be viewed and modified via the personal cabinet.

Depending on the chosen objective, the bot selects the audience best suited to the parameters. For example it is necessary to choose “traffic” if you want to increase the clickability of your site (CTR). “Engagement” selects the users most likely to post likes, leave comments, and share.

Once you have chosen your goal, it is necessary to establish a budget. This represents the amount of money you are willing to spend on your advertising. By entering the amount on the line in question, the application automatically calculates the expenses for all campaign groups. If the bot’s settings aren’t right for you, you can change them manually.

Comment lancer une campagne Facebook

Proposal and creative dynamic

The creative dynamic is represented by all the images, videos, banners and the like that you can upload and that the bot will automatically combine based on the audience.

On Facebook, you can invite Internet users to take part in an action or to obtain a link encouraging them to buy products or services.

Interested parties can save the post to their favorites so that Facebook sends them regular reminders.

Choose your audience and distribute your advertising

The next point concerns the parameters of advertising campaigns allowing you to choose your target audience. To select a targeted audience, choose the list of users for automatic targeting, or remove them. You can also choose parameters based on demographic targeting; sex; age, geolocation, and language.

In the “detailed targeting” tab, you can select your audience based on their interests, habits and behavior on the social network.

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Ad optimization points control how your ad will appear to users. In addition, it is necessary that the system understands how to present your advertising message. For example, by choosing the point “conversion”, the bot will then select the audience with the best chance of increasing the conversion on the website.

It is possible to set the time at which the advertisement will be visible 1 to 4 times per day. This setting is available in the “delivery type” tab.

The social platform offers you to choose a few variations of advertisements. This can be for example an image, a presentation, a video content. You can choose 6 types of ads at the same time. Before launching the campaign, you can press the “preview” button.

Once the fields, title, site link and text have been completed, the ad is sent for moderation. To attract your targeted audience, basically work on the tasks mentioned above.

Selection of betting strategies

Betting strategies are an important part of the parameters of an advertising campaign. In order for your targeted audience to see your post, you need to win against your competition and other advertisers. On Facebook, the ad with the highest total value wins.

This value is determined by 3 factors: the quality, relevance of the ad and the bid (the amount you are willing to spend), as well as the frequency of the ad.


The simple features of Ads Manager allow even beginners to create effective ad campaigns on Facebook. During the process, you can understand how to optimize your settings according to your situation in order to obtain maximum results from communicating with your audience.

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