How to swipe on Instagram

How to swipe on Instagram

Stories can be safely called one of the most powerful Instagram tools. According to statistics, over 500 million users use stories every day, and this figure is inexorably creeping up.

In today’s article, we will tell you what a swipe on Instagram is, and also list the categories of users who can add an active link directly to a story.

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Who can swipe on Instagram

Attaching a link to a story is a very effective feature with great potential. True, not everyone can do this. Previously, Instagram allowed only verified users to share links to extraneous resources.

And the fears of the administration are quite justified, because if everyone who is not lazy will drive traffic, then soon scammers will appear on the Internet, stealing passwords, wallets and bank card details.

Not so long ago, the reins were lowered a little. Now even business accounts with 10,000 subscribers can enjoy swipe gifts. What is noteworthy is that if you issue redirects specifically to IGTV, then you may not have such a huge number of followers. But then the material will be available exclusively for the target audience, which will not bear such tangible results.

Business benefits

Story swipe is of interest for commercial accounts, because it is one of the simplest marketing methods. Thus, you not only overtake traffic from Instagram, but also create a prepared audience.

Swipe is a kind of mini-sales funnel that transfers the client to full-fledged selling scripts located on the main store resource.

Using links you can also:

  • promote everything that creates a brand;
  • share useful information with followers;
  • directly or indirectly manage sales;
  • draw attention to a particular product;
  • notify the audience about discounts or promo codes.

Types of links in Stories

First, let’s go over the theory. All links in Stories can be roughly divided into two types – external and internal .

  • External links redirect followers outside the platform. For example, to the website of an online store, YouTube channel or blog. This format is available only to those users who have gained 10,000 subscribers. External links can also be used when launching ads.
  • Internal leads to objects that are posted on Instagram. This could be an IGTV video, another person’s profile, or a post. They can be added both as mentions and reposts, and as external links.

How to swipe to Instagram Stories

With the help of active links in stories, you can increase the number of subscribers, increase sales and drive traffic from Instagram to the main resource.

Just don’t trust people who claim that this option is available only to the lucky ones with 10K. They are lying to you!

In the following sections, we’ll unveil the most effective ways to swipe on Instagram.

If you have 10K subscribers

If you have 10,000 followers, then this feature is available by default.

Copy the address of the external resource and go to Instagram. Click on the “+” icon to create a story. Take a photo or add an existing one, then click on the paperclip icon located at the top of the screen.

In the menu that opens, select “Link to site”, then paste it and click “Finish”.

Prompt subscribers to swipe up. To do this, use animated stickers and gifs.

10 тысяч фолловеров

If there are no 10K subscribers

Little spoiler : yes, you can add a link without a huge number of subscribers. What do I need to do? Read on.


Suitable for people who want to tag another person or brand page . To do this, create a story and click on the emoji icon (located in the top bar). Then select Mention.


Start typing your username. Select the required one from the offered profiles that will be displayed under the line. You will see a plate with an active link to your account. You can change its color and move it to any corner of the screen.

в сторис

Link to post

If you want to share a cool post with your subscribers (even if not your own), you do not need to make screenshots or write detailed instructions on how to go to the profile in order to get acquainted with this creation. Just add a link to your post to your story by clicking on the airplane icon and selecting “Add post to story”.

ссылка на пост

Link to Story

You can post a story on which you have been tagged, and it will have an active link to go to the source.

When someone mentions a user in their story, they will receive a message. By opening it, the user can add a photo or video to himself.

Next, you can change the filter, add stickers and text, and increase the size of the image.

ссылка на сторис

Link as text

You can copy the link from any external source and paste it into the story, but we warn you right away that it will not be clickable. This option will only work if the address is short and easy to remember.

The scheme is as follows: create a story, click “Aa” and paste the link into the text input field. Then you can change the color, font and add a border.

ссылка в виде текста

Link to IGTV

Want to increase the number of views on your video? Then add your IGTV link directly to your story.

Select the video you like (it can be posted on someone else’s channel), open it and click the airplane icon. Then click on “Add video to your story”.

ссылка на видео

Design your story and add other elements as you see fit.

Link to mask

Masks on Instagram are an effective tool for promoting quick account promotion.

Go to Stories and select “Normal Mode”. Then scroll to the end of the standard masks and click on the magnifying glass icon with stars. This will take you to the effects gallery. After that click on Instagram. If you use your own mask, just select it from the list of suggested filters.

ссылка на маски

A link to the mask will appear in the upper left corner under your name.

маски в инстаграм

Facebook Ads

This method is the most time consuming, but effective. If you use an ad account on Facebook, then you have the opportunity to add a link to your ad through it.

To do this, follow the simple algorithm :

  • Decide on the purpose of advertising . There are 6 goals available for links in Stories, among them – “Traffic”, “Conversions” and “Application installation”. Choose the one that most closely matches the format of your business profile.
  • Select a campaign goal. There are two options here – clicks or views. Simply put, you will pay either for clicks on the link, or for visiting the platform (in the event that the user waits for the page to fully load).
  • Set up your account. If this is your first ad, you will be prompted to set your time zone and country, and select your cabinet currency.
  • Select audience options . To get started, choose the place where the link leads – to the YouTube channel, blog, online store or messenger. Next, configure the target audience parameters: gender, age, location, and so on.
  • Decide on where to advertise . By default, ads will be broadcasted on 3 sites, but if you only need stories, click on “Edit placements” and leave a tick only on the items “Instagram”, “Stories”.
  • рекламный бюджет

  • Set your ad budget . You can set either a daily limit or an amount for the entire advertising campaign, and the system itself will evenly distribute the budget. Then choose a betting strategy. Facebook will offer you the lowest price, but you can manually change it. The rule applies here: the less money you are willing to give, the less chances that your ad will be shown at all.
  • Advertising message format . You can select one image or one video. In terms of efficiency, it’s better to bet on video. Despite the fact that according to the rules of Instagram, the video lasts only 15 seconds, this time will be enough to convey the key information to the followers.

упоминаение 0

After filling in all the required fields, you will be able to preview the advertisement. From this page you can upload images or videos, add call to action, or change the URL.

Promotion from Instaplus

Still don’t have 10,000 followers? No problem! Instaplus is one of the best automated services for Instagram promotion. The program independently opens the social network on your device, puts likes, subscribes and thus attracts the target audience.

упоминаение 1

Also, the Instaplus team has developed an innovative method of promotion using the Jesica bot. Due to the high speed of execution of actions (within the established limits) efficiency is increased, that is, you are guaranteed to receive traffic to your account. And the service is absolutely safe, since Jesica does not ask for a password from the profile.

упоминаение 2

Examples of effective swipe usage

Here are some ideas on how to effectively use active links in Stories:

  • YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube channel, we recommend that you notify your Instagram subscribers using a swipe. Take a small preview and invite your followers to watch the full version by clicking on the link.
  • упоминаение 3

  • Shopping Overview . Has the brand sent you its products so that you can make a detailed overview in the story and clearly show how to use it? Then don’t forget to add a link to the company page. This will help the audience learn more information about the advertised product.
  • Competition . Everyone loves gifts, so if you’re running a cool Instagram contest, Stories are the best place to promote it.
  • упоминаение 4

  • Advertising of a new collection. A new collection or line of products needs active advertising, so we recommend filming a series of intriguing and striking stories, providing them with a link to the collection’s landing page so that buyers can see it in its entirety on the site. As a result, followers will not only be able to look at new things, but also add them to their wishlist.
  • упоминаение 5

  • Playlist. Swiping is good for promoting music. You can redirect users to a multi-link with active buttons for different steam services.
  • упоминаение 6

  • Booking page . Using a swipe, you can invite your audience to place an order or book a hotel room. This tactic helps to increase the number of subscribers and potential customers.
  • Newsletter subscription page. An atmospheric video with an active link to subscribe to the newsletter will help attract new customers. Try to briefly explain to users how they will benefit from this.
  • Sale . Organized a holiday sale? Then tell your subscribers about it. People may not buy the product right now, but it will allow them to get to know the brand better, which is also good.

упоминаение 7

Problems and solutions

Most likely, you may have problems while posting the link. Just don’t panic and pull your hair out. Forewarned is forearmed, which is why we have compiled a guide to the most common errors :

  • The paperclip icon is missing . You have 10 thousand subscribers, but the paperclip icon has not appeared? This can happen in two cases: either you forgot to switch to a business profile, or you actively used cheat services.
  • Swipe Up Problems . Perhaps you did not attach the link or there was a technical error. Check the settings or wait a little, because even Instagram sometimes slows down.
  • You cannot follow the link from your profile. Test the link only from an external account.
  • No airplane symbol. In this case, we recommend updating the application, as developers often make adjustments to the social network interface.


Too many links in a story can get annoying followers. This is an additional action, and users are not used to “going outside the scope” of the social network. What to do in this case? Here are some rules to help you avoid annoying your audience:

  • Balance entertainment and sales content . If you publish 10 links a day, then users will not only stop clicking on them, but also massively begin to unsubscribe from you. The standard rule applies here: everything should be in moderation, so 1 active link per day is enough.
  • Show what your follower gets by clicking on the link . Make cool announcements so that the user does not doubt the value of the offered content, otherwise he simply will not follow the link. We do not recommend going deep into the jungle of clickbait, but nevertheless try to use the appeals from the category: “here you will learn how to save 60% of the budget on products” or “this guide will reveal the secrets of losing weight without harm”. It all depends on your imagination.
  • Intrigue . This is the best way to whet the interest of your followers. If they see that you are offering something unique, they probably will not be able to pass by. For example, promise to announce the results of the competition only by link, or entice users with a teaser for a private webinar.


In this article, we figured out how to add a link to a story, and now it’s time to summarize the above:

  • Instagram swipe is an additional way to monetize your account;
  • only business profiles with 10K subscribers can add a link to an external resource;
  • if you have few followers so far and you do not plan to launch advertising through your account, you can share links to publications and videos from Instagram, using the standard editor for the design.

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