How to Turn of Comments on Instagram

How to Turn of Comments on Instagram

The social network Instagram is hugely popular and has millions of registered users around the world. Like any social network, Instagram allows people to communicate with each other by exchanging comments under their photos. A serious problem with the service is a large amount of SPAM in comments to photos, and often the user just wants to disable the ability to leave messages under their photos. In this article, we will look at how to disable comments under photos on Instagram, as well as how to get rid of advertising messages under posts.

How to Turn Off Comments under Posts and Live Videos

Live streams on Instagram have appeared relatively recently. Thanks to this, the user can perform live broadcasts and receive feedback from their subscribers. In this case, you cannot turn off comments. But the account owner can make the profile private by excluding random viewers.

turn off comments on Instagram

If you try to find information in search engines on how to turn off the ability to comment on photos on Instagram, most often the advice comes down to the fact that it is proposed to turn off push notifications about comments in your account settings. However, this does not solve the problem with posting messages from other users under your photos. Therefore, we are going to show you how to disable comments under published posts.

  •         You need to launch Instagram on a mobile device – a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android;
  •         Next, open your photo, under which you would like to disable comments;
  •         There will be three dots near it in the upper right corner. Click on them;
  •         A list of actions will open, including the “Disable comments” item. By clicking on it, you turn off the ability to comment on this photo.


 How to turn off Instagram comments when creating a new post

  1.   Create a message, edit it or add filters, click “Next”;
  2.   Before clicking on the “Share” button, open the “Advanced settings” item at the bottom of the application screen;
  3.   In the settings, activate the option “Disable comments”;
  4.   Return to the previous screen and click on the Share button.


How to turn off advertisements on Instagram

turn off comments IG

If your Instagram account has some popularity, over time, more SPAM will start appearing in comments to photos. Bots will leave advertising offers, quick money options, and users will offer each other mutual likes and subscriptions. Removing every single comment in such a situation is quite difficult, but there is a way to minimize the likelihood of such comments appearing under your photos. Follow these steps:

  •         Launch the official Instagram application on a mobile device running iOS or Android;
  •         Next, at the bottom, click on the icon with a man to switch to your profile;
  •         There are three dots in the upper right corner of your profile – click on them to enter your account settings;
  •         Scroll through the list of available settings to the “Comments” item, which is located in the “Settings” section. Choose it;
  •         In Comments, turn on the Hide inappropriate comments switch to hide comments from frequently reported users. If necessary, adjust the permission and blocking of comments from selected users, and also enable a filter that will automatically hide potentially offensive comments.

Thus, it is possible to get rid of SPAM bots. We also recommend that you enter the words or phrases of the most common unwanted messages in the “Your keywords” column below. It can be mate or phrases like “mutual subscription”, “subscribe to me”, “quick money” and so on. Comments with words entered in the “stop list” will not be displayed.


Now you know how to turn off comments on Instagram. Now all that remains is to make decisions and carry out the indicated actions. Of course, comments are a good tool for promoting posts, but sometimes disabling them is simply necessary. Moreover, you can make them available again at any time.

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