How to unblock someone on Instagram? (on mobile and computer!)

How to unblock someone on Instagram? (on mobile and computer!)

How do I unblock someone on instagram? How to unblock a friend on instagram? Learn how to unblock an Instagram contact on mobile and PC.

It can be very easy to get upset with someone and resent them so much that you block that person on Instagram. Has this happened to you and you have remorse? Don’t panic, we’ll fix this and see together how to unblock someone on instagram in just a few taps . This argument will be behind you in 3 minutes .

Quick response: How to unblock someone on Instagram

  • On your Instagram profile, tap the menu button in the top right corner (three lines)
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Under “Privacy and security”, select “Blocked accounts”.
  • Click on the account you want to unblock and select “Unblock”.

Although this is not yet feasible from the Instaboss automation tool. It’s easy to block someone on Instagram without big consequences. The blocked person won’t receive Instagram notifications that you’ve blocked them and they probably have no idea what happened. Do you suspect someone has blocked you? Read this article to find out if someone has blocked you.

When you block someone, Instagram automatically prevents you from following yourself. The blocked person is no longer one of your subscribers and they no longer follow you. So after you unlock it, you will have to follow it again . And that will send him a notification. Which sort of reveals that you’ve blocked it.

TIP: Make sure you have a nice Instagram feed to facilitate the inevitable reconciliation by perfecting your Instagram grid!

REMINDER: It is not possible to unblock an Instagram account that has blocked us. The instagram app only unblocks people that YOU have blocked.

How to unblock someone on Instagram on mobile

Now let’s see together step by step how to unblock someone on Instagram. We will also see later, how to unblock someone on instagram via desktop , in case your phone is down.

This is the most common way to unblock someone on instagram. Fortunately, it is without difficulty!

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1. Go to your Instagram profile

When you open the Instagram app, click on the profile icon at the bottom right of your screen. This will bring you to your profile.

acceder profil instagram

2. Press the menu button

Once on your profile, select the button in the upper right corner that looks like three horizontal lines (and may or may not have a notification that you ignored for a while).

instagram burger menu

3. Select “Settings” from the side menu bar

In the sidebar that appears on the right, select “Settings”. It can be easy not to see the bottom of the sidebar.

parametre menu instagram

4. Select “Blocked accounts”.

Scroll down to the “Privacy” section in your settings. Select “Blocked Accounts”.

paremtres instagram comptes bloques

5. Choose the account you want to unblock

For this example, I blocked Blake Lively’s account. So I will now select his profile.

instagram voir comptes bloques

6. Press “Unblock”.

Clicking on his name will take you to his profile page. You will notice the big blue button that says “Unlock”. Click on it!

instagram debloquer compte

7. Click on “Resend”.

A pop-up window will appear telling you that you can block your friend again whenever you want. Click on “Ignore” to exit this window.

instagram accepter debloquer compte

You are now back on your friend’s Instagram profile. You will notice that the blue button now says “Follow” and that if your friend has a private Instagram account, you cannot see any of their photos.

This is when you need to click “Follow” to log in again with your friend’s Instagram profile.

Now let’s see how to unblock a person on instagram via computer.

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How to unblock someone on Instagram on a computer

If you can’t access Instagram on your phone, don’t worry, you can do it through Instagram’s website on a computer. However, this is quite a different process than cell phone.

PS. If you’d rather use your PC rather than your phone, here’s how to post to Instagram from PC.

1. Access the profile of the blocked user

The desktop version does not have the same menu button that is available on your profile. You need to search for the user’s profile name in the search bar to access their profile page.

Note: In some cases Instagram won’t let you find the profile you blocked and the account doesn’t appear in any of the searches.

If this happens to you, find a photo or comment in which the person you blocked is mentioned and click on the tag, to be brought back to their profile.

2. Click on “Unblock”.

Once you find the blocked person’s profile, you will see the blue “Unblock” button. Click on this button.

instagram ordi debloquer compte

3. Click on “Reject”.

In the window that tells you that you can block this account again at any time, click “Ignore”. You are now back on the user’s profile, and you can choose to follow them again if you wish!

You managed to unblock someone on Instagram!

Remember that by unblocking someone, you are not letting them know that you unblocked them. However, following her again when he thought you were already a subscriber may be a clue.

To learn more about Instagram, read all you need to know about privacy, how to change your Instagram password, and the best tips for getting more Instagram followers.

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