How to upload videos to IGTV from phone and computer

How to upload videos to IGTV from phone and computer

TV on Instagram? No, we are not crazy! The management of the social network heard the requests of SMMs and increased the duration of the videos using its own video hosting, IGTV. Now the videos, lasting only a minute, are in the distant past. Get creative and generate cool content.

Today we will help you understand the intricacies of a useful tool: how to upload a video to IGTV and what privileges the application will give your account.

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IGTV video format

Instagram has introduced 8 simple rules for using video hosting:

  • Minimum time. The main requirement is that the video should not be less than a minute long. Social media against too short videos on IGTV, because there is a story for this.
  • Duration. The length of the video depends on which device you download it from. The maximum length of a video downloaded from a phone is 15 minutes, from a computer – an hour.
  • Video file type. The video format is MP4.
  • Video format. You can upload not only vertical videos, but also horizontal ones. It is important to consider the initial parameters. For horizontal videos, the aspect ratio should be 16: 9, and for vertical ones – 9:16.
  • Frame rate. Minimum 30 frames per second.
  • Size. If the video is 15 minutes long, then its maximum size should not exceed 650 MB (up to 1 hour – 3.6 MB).
  • Cover. Cover size for video – 420 x 654, format – jpg.
  • Norms. Instagram mercilessly bans videos containing scenes of violence, recordings of fights, content with shocking images, and so on. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow the rules of the social network to avoid unpleasant incidents.


How to post an IGTV video from your phone

To download a video from a smartphone, you need to adhere to the following algorithm :

  • go to Instagram or IGTV app;
  • click “+” and select “IGTV Video”;
  • allow access to your videos to open Camera Roll and click Continue;
  • cover for the video can be selected either from the video itself, or downloaded from the Gallery by clicking on “Add from Film”. Then click “Next” again;
  • enter a title for the video and add a description;
  • customize the settings (you can share the video on Facebook, edit the cover, or add a preview);
  • the only thing left to do is publish it.

с телефона

How to upload IGTV to feed

In the feed, the preview looks like a post with the beginning of the video and the button “Watch full IGTV video”. You can publish an IGTV preview in the Instagram feed right after posting a video, you just need to enable the “Publish Preview” function.

Even if you remove the preview from your profile, the video will still be viewable in the IGTV tab.

в ленту

How to upload IGTV to Stories

To share a video from IGTV to Stories, you need to click on the airplane icon under the video and select “Share to Stories”. In this case, followers will see only a preview of the video. The full version will only be available in the app.

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How to upload horizontal video to IGTV

Instagram is a vertical content platform, but what about those looking to post a horizontal video? There are several loopholes for this:

  • You can change the video format in the Instagram settings. To do this, you need to open your profile, go to IGTV, select a video (it must be shot horizontally) and change the upload format.
  • запостить формат

  • Videshop . The service will help you adjust the video to the desired playback format for any social network.
  • онлайн-приложение

  • InShot . Go to the application, select the “Create a new video” item, find the video in your gallery and click on the “Rotate” button in the lower toolbar. This video clip can be inserted into IGTV.
  • иншот

How to add video to IGTV from computer

You can also download the video through your PC browser:

  • go to the page on Instagram;
  • click on the TV icon (IGTV) in your profile;
  • click on the “Download” button;
  • drag and drop a video file or click on the “+” to upload a video from your computer;
  • set the cover (choose a JPG or PNG file);
  • fill in the video information (title, short description);
  • if you want, you can set up a video preview, as well as duplicate a video on Facebook;
  • click Publish (or Save Draft).

с компьютера


IGTV video statistics

Statistics are available for all uploaded videos (number of likes, views, comments). It is seen not only by you, but also by followers. However, only the owner of the account can familiarize himself with the item “Average percentage of audience retention”.

To view IGTV statistics:

  • open the video (below you will see the number of views and comments);
  • click on the “…” located at the bottom of the screen;
  • select “View Statistics”.

выставить видео

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Notifications about likes and comments will come in the usual format.

How to add links to IGTV in the profile header

Do you want to post a link to a new video in your profile header so that as many people as possible can see it? Then stick to a simple algorithm:

  • open the IGTV section;
  • find the video you want and run it;
  • click on the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen;
  • select “Copy Link” from the menu;
  • go to edit your profile and paste the link into the “Site” column;
  • save your changes by clicking “Finish”.

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Ideas for IGTV Content

The main question that worries users of the social network: what to post on IGTV? If everything is very clear with the technical requirements, then you will have to sweat over the content. Boring and monotonous videos will quickly tire your followers, so we’ve made a selection of cool ideas that will definitely hit.


People love to learn something new, so tutorials are a win-win option for those who have just started to delve into the intricacies of video hosting. These can be either complex instructions with step-by-step implementation, or simple videos where you explain to followers, for example, the device of a technique.

A good example is the L’Etoile brand, which decided to move away from its main theme and filmed a fitness lesson. The subscribers liked the video so much that it collected over 10,000 views.

с телефона2


Users are curious about the emotions of other people, so you can interview not only experts but also clients. Have them share their shopping experience or share some cool brand-related story.

It will be interesting if the company asks its audience some interesting questions, allowing them to answer honestly and without censorship.

с телефона3

Funny Videos

What kind of content will followers definitely like? Of course, entertaining videos! It can be anything: sketches, pranks, pranks, polls. In short, your main task is to give positive emotions to your subscribers.

If you sell juice, post a video of your blindfolded customers trying different product variations and trying to guess the taste.

с телефона4

Unique content

Come up with a unique category related to your business or personal blog. Mini-series, behind-the-scenes work, history of product creation – a lot of options. It is important that the content is really high-quality and interesting, and also indirectly reflects the philosophy of the brand, its ideas and core values.

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Working with IGTV is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main rule is to comply with the requirement of the social network and post only high-quality content. Experiment with videos and see how your followers react. This is the advantage of IGTV as an Instagram tool. Create rubrics, try different forms, look for a unique style and you will definitely succeed!

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