How to use a bot to promote Instagram

How to use a bot to promote Instagram

Instagram promotion is very troublesome. You need to spend a lot of time and energy to research the audience and develop a competent strategy. In addition, the algorithms of the social network are far from perfect, which is why SMM specialists have to deal with a number of pitfalls.

Modern problems require modern solutions, so special services come to the aid of marketers and influencers that carefully monitor account statistics, filter followers and block “dead souls” that affect reach. In this article, we will tell you how to use a bot to promote Instagram, as well as sort out the benefits of the innovative Jesica program on the shelves.

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What is a bot for Instagram promotion

Bot for Instagram promotion is a convenient online service that contributes to the automatic promotion of personal pages, commercial accounts and business profiles.

Bots are designed to save you the hassle and time. They help you quickly develop high-quality content, parse the audience, analyze statistics, like and subscribe.


Jesica Bot is a great example. The application was developed by the Instaplus service for safe promotion. The program allows you not only to gain followers, but also to get an interested audience by attracting attention.

An indisputable plus of the bot is that you can independently configure the promotion source:

  • geolocation – for example, like only those users who visit certain coffee shops or beauty salons;
  • hashtags – search for potential target audience for the given #;
  • user – all you need to do is specify a competitor’s login, and the service will automatically start working with his followers;
  • list of users – compose yourself by entering into the program @ those who should be affected by the application.


As a result, you get a finely tuned task that fulfills specific tasks for promotion on Instagram, without deviating from the course.

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What bots are there

Interest in promotion is growing inexorably every day, so on the Internet there are many bots for fast promotion of accounts. Most of them are based in Telegram. The main mission of such services is to make your life easier.

What bots are there? Here are just a few of the basic programs that are indispensable helpers in the difficult craft of SMMs and influencers:

  • bots for creative photo editing;
  • programs for saving files from Instagram;
  • bots for formatting text and decoding a set of letters (for those who post in English);
  • applications that allow you to watch Stories and live broadcasts anonymously;
  • services for profile promotion through mutual subscription;
  • bots for parsing and uploading comments;
  • to select a winner based on likes and comments;
  • to generate hashtags by photo and keywords;
  • bots for collecting a base of followers;
  • programs for creating links to download files.

This list can be continued forever, but the fact remains: bots are excellent helpers in solving everyday tasks and a magic wand for those who are actively promoting a profile.


Jesica – Instagram promotion bot

Instagram has long infringed on services that help users to like and wind up comments. The administration of the social network instantly calculates sly followers and sends them to the “shadow ban” without regret, and sometimes even blocks profiles.

But do not panic, because the problem is not in the programs, but in the inability to use them. Yes, yes, users often neglect the established limits, which is why Instagram falls out of favor.

Today we will tell you about an innovative and completely safe bot – Jesica . This is an application that you install on your phone and watch how the program likes the people you need on its own. The plus of the service is that it completely imitates a person’s actions: opens Instagram, logs into a follower account and performs a given set of actions (for example, comments on a post).

So that you can clearly see the undeniable advantages of Jesica , the bot developers offer to test the program absolutely free of charge within 5 days after registration .

джесика бот

How to use the bot

Jesica is a modern online promotion service developed by Instaplus .

How the program works :

  • In Instaplus, compile a list of profiles to click.
  • Install Jesica on your phone (while the service only supports Android) or computer.
  • Launch a promotion.

After starting, Jesica gets logins from Instaplus and automatically likes (subscribes or subscribes to pages), repeating the real actions of the user.

What will you get as a result of using the application:

  • increase your reach and profile views;
  • likes and followers;
  • more clicks per page.

джесика бот

How to install the bot

Now let’s figure out the steps for installing Jesica :

  • Download the application on your PC or Android phone (you can do this in the Instaplus account by going to the “Jesica” section and opening the “Accounts available in Jesica” tab).
  • Start the program by clicking on the “Open” button.
  • Allow the bot to work with the phone.
  • Turn on (if necessary) the lock screen, pop-ups, persistent notifications.
  • Synchronize Instaplus and Jesica .
  • Add the account you plan to promote.
  • Add lists of profiles that the service will like, subscribe or unsubscribe to.
  • Start promotion.

More detailed instructions can be found here.

Who to like

The most important thing in successful promotion is to correctly define the target audience. You can customize lists by the number of followers, the presence of a photo, and even by the date of the last post. This will help you select exactly those users who are likely to be interested in the topics of your profile, as well as exclude fake accounts and commercial pages.

Priority positions should be occupied by users who are subscribed to a maximum of 2,000 profiles. The recommended date for the last publication is 7 days. These selection criteria will help you figure out your active followers. A large number of subscriptions only indicates that you have stumbled upon a business page, which itself is not averse to using the services for massliking and mass following.

You can like both your subscribers (this will help increase loyalty) and followers of direct competitors.

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How to list

Jesica works according to the principle of regular mass promotion, therefore, it puts likes based on a predetermined list. A completely logical question is brewing: how to make this list?

It’s very easy: start data collection in Instaplus and click on the button “Export result to Jesica” .

Please note that the list should include only those logins with which the application will interact, not sources.

The bot collects data on geolocation, blogger’s audience and hashtags.

Jesica Bot Advantages

Jesica is a truly impressive development from Instaplus that has a number of important advantages :

  • No blocking. Ban is the fear of any blogger, but Jesica carefully protects users from possible harassment from the social network. The thing is that the bot puts likes right in the Instagram interface, completely repeating the user’s actions, which means that the chance of getting a block is minimal.
  • You do not need to enter a password. Jesica does not ask for passwords, so there is no reason to worry about the safety of your account.
  • Increased limits. You can put at least 1000 likes per day, as the program significantly surpasses its direct competitors in terms of the speed of action (within the established limits, of course).

преимущества бота


The basic principle of Jesica is that the bot pretends to be you, creating the appearance of manual mass-liking and mass-following . But even with such the safest method, it is important to know when to stop and not to forget about the recommended limits, so as not to incur the wrath of Instagram admins.

Likes restrictions:

  • the first 3 days you need to put 300 likes;
  • from 4-6 to 400;
  • from day 7 – 600 likes each;
  • from day 10 – launch 1000 likes.

Subscription restrictions:

  • the first 3 days after launching the bot – a maximum of 50 subscriptions;
  • from 4-6 to 75;
  • from day 7 to 100;
  • from day 10 – 300 subscriptions.

Please note that these high limits are only available in the Jesica app. Other services cut the numbers significantly.


Usage examples

Here are some ways to use the Jesica bot:

  • Another phone. If you manage multiple accounts, get a second phone and install the app on it.
  • Set on time. You can also start the service while performing other tasks in parallel. For example, while you are driving for business or drinking coffee, Jesica will like it, increasing audience engagement.
  • Set at night. The bot can function even at night. Just remember to put your phone on charge, as the program always keeps the screen on.

We also decided to visually demonstrate the benefits of using Jesica by creating a zero account with no signs of activity. This is necessary so that you can clearly trace the positive dynamics that we have been able to achieve by launching the promotion through an innovative service.

The test page has no regular content, no replies to comments, no stories, so the statistics leave much to be desired. We started with 200 likes, and after a few days we increased their number to 500.

The result was not long in coming. Jesica mass-liked active subscribers of one marketing guru gave the page 250 views and 5 subscribers daily.

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Bots are indispensable helpers of SMMs and opinion leaders who strive to increase reach and attract new audiences. The main thing in this business is to know when to stop and not to chase the quantity, like everyone in a row. So you run the risk of quickly getting banned and disappearing from the radar of followers who will no longer see your posts.

For quality promotion, you need to adhere to a simple scheme: create only “tasty” content, correctly identify your target audience and focus exclusively on it.

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